Why are Lenovo ThinkPads expensive

Theme: Why are Thinkpads so expensive?

Moin Moin Tim:

In theory, I agree with you.
BUT ...

In my case (as a freelancer) I have to rely on a working device. If it does not work or if it fails for a long time, this is not only annoying, but can also lead to an economic loss.
The most expensive notebook I have ever used was an HP Omnibook many years ago. With a corresponding memory expansion, almost 8,000 DM had to be paid at that time. HP, in my opinion at the time, stands for quality and durability, just as I was used to from laser printers, plotters or HP workstations. And then came the disillusionment: Hinges that showed cracks after a good six months, a keyboard, the change of which meant a service appointment, a flickering display due to poor graphics card / display contacts (the display is of course constantly opened and closed during mobile project assignments) , not optimal driver supply.
After this experience a change to a TP 600x. And there were worlds in between (although the 600x in the equipment with approx. 6000, - DM was not a bargain, but in the truest sense of the word "inexpensive").
The topics "longevity" and "reliability" were, at least for me (I know that colleagues here in the forum do not necessarily share my opinion), defined here as I expected (the 600x was still being used until last year used by my father-in-law as a "typewriter" ... a device from 1998!).
Sure, there are competitors on the market who offer great machines, devices that sometimes have great features that Thinkpads don't offer either. But then I always ask myself what I want to do with the device. Do I want a machine that should occasionally come into mobile project use and otherwise work in a more stationary ("undemanding") environment, or do I want a machine that does exactly what it was designed for, namely to offer mobile computing power . And for that I don't need a spectacular "Schischi", but solid and reliable technology.
And then costs are relativized relatively quickly, so that even a high-priced device can very quickly bear the attribute "inexpensive".

Greetings (currently also from the north),

P.S .: My current Thinkpads: Z61m, X1 (first model), X1C (1st generation).