Who invented rich against poor

Poor versus rich - do we live in an unjust country? What is the greatest injustice for you?

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The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer - according to current studies, the social gap in Germany is growing. The ARD political magazine REPORT MAINZ takes up the topic on June 28th at 9.45 pm in the first with a "special" broadcast. We want to know from you: What do you think is the greatest injustice in Germany?

The gap in Germany between rich and poor is widening. This is the result of a new study by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW). Over the past decade, both the poor and the rich have increased in numbers while the middle class has shrunk. Experts criticize that this worrying trend is being exacerbated by the federal government, which with its austerity package is sparing high incomes and burdening low ones. People with lower incomes would have less and less in their pockets anyway.

The ARD political magazine REPORT MAINZ is dedicating a 30-minute "special" program to the current discussion about social justice in Germany on June 28th at 9.45 pm on the first entitled: "Poor versus rich - are we living in an unjust country?" Therefore we would like to know your opinion:

What do you think is the greatest injustice in Germany?

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Dear Sir or Madam, you only approved my communication pensions vs. pensions after considerably shortening the text. This is wrong. They should allow more text. Monitor can do this too. In the example of the increase in pensions in ten years, it was also reported that BTAs did not have to accept any losses due to the increase in the cost of living. With them it was 100%, with the civil servants about 90% increase, so no loss.

Rolf-Stefan Denig

In feudal rule there were only empires who lived at the expense of farmers and artisans. But that doesn't last too long. Until the (precariat) started to think and wondered why that is? The revolution was proclaimed in France. The rich and princes came to the Giutiene. That must not be. But the introduction of the nobility is still missing in the FRG. Then the old system would be back, feudal rule again. The Focus was already awarded before a fratricidal war.

Georg H. Syskowski

The greatest injustice exists in "Hartz-IV" and in the constant propaganda against the people who are affected by it. Mfg Helmut F. Luge, Mainz

Helmut F. Luge

Dear Sir or Madam, Good legal insurance is now essential for survival in Germany. More and more people, like me, get caught up in the lack of justice through informers, and so people are more and more relieved of their money. So, I too have lost faith in righteousness. And maybe I'll end up innocent in jail one day. And my opinion is, leave the country while you can. With best regards


By far the greatest injustice is suffered by non-human animals in food production! Male pigs are castrated without anesthesia (also at all organic farms), their tails and teeth are shortened in mass farming, male chicks (also at all organic farms) are shredded or gassed for the breeding of egg-laying chickens (sometimes several attempts are necessary) and The beaks are burned off in the mass farming, cattle (except for Demeter) dehorned without anesthesia and robbed of their calves with separation screams. Everyone knows about the ubiquitous (often extreme and only with a few exceptions) lack of space. After all, they are killed after a short life (weeks to a few years), which often does not go according to plan and thus also leads to agony. The dimension of the cruel exploitation of our fellow creatures is therefore not even remotely comparable with any other injustice in our society!

Matthias Ebner

Dear Sir or Madam, I cannot sleep well at the moment and today I woke up much too early again. While pondering about this and that as well as comparing and anticipating (past, present and future) the greatest injustice occurred to me: The greatest injustice is that people are divided into valuable and worthless by people and treated accordingly! Norbert Blüm from the CDU once called that the "market value" of a person. It reminds me of the vow of freedom that is rung in every Sunday at 11:59 am and at the turn of the year by the sounding freedom bell in the Schöneberg town hall in Berlin: "I believe in inviolability and in the dignity of every human being. I believe that all human beings have been given equal rights to freedom by God. I promise to resist any attack on freedom and tyranny, wherever they may occur. "As well as paragraph 4 of Article 20 in the Basic Law: "Against anyone who undertakes to eliminate this order, all Germans have the right to resist if other remedial measures are not possible." With best regards and good morning!

Gerda Fürch

Dear Sir or Madam, Briefly about the contribution Pensioners in Mallorca: He may have earned well, was voluntarily 45 years in the pension insurance, has life insurance and other reserves and the wife may have worked. They portray it in such a way that everything only comes from a pension. This arouses envy and unnecessarily misunderstandings. If I have paid in more than forty years, I expect corresponding pension payments. Single mothers each have a father for their children and are a little bit responsible for their own fate. I would like more informed investigations and more precise reports. There is a lot to report here about our Federal President and other politicians. Otherwise I am waiting for your next shipment. Sincerely, Rudolf Seyffarth

Rudolf Seyffarth

we always just look at others and forget that we actually waste a lot of time and energy with it. How about if we finally start to ask and discuss how we want to live and how we can live? How do we find ways of life where many people are doing well, instead of always complaining or lamenting the old and bad? why don't we learn from good ways of life, such as in namibia, where the unconditional basic income has already been introduced? why don't we look to stuttgard, where the breuniger foundation would like to test this? why don't we look at ourselves first, what we are ready to give or do? where are the big protests, where we read or hear about them all the time? good demos are badly done so that nobody gets the idea to demonstrate. active people are kicked out of committees so that peace returns, that is real life. let's finally look for the life forms that we many want. these debates of envy bring violence and aggressiveness, as we feel it every day. powerlessness and resignation, we all don't want that, do we?

Kerstin Weidner

Cheapest populism - this show had nothing to do with journalism. The rich celebrate on Sylt and the poor shoulder the national debt with taxes that they don't even pay. Sounds like from the party program of the left. What was new to me, however, was that medium-sized businesses in Germany can no longer live on 3,600 euros, drink tap water and get their furniture from bulky waste. I'm sorry, but this is where it just gets silly. It is also interesting to find out that every wealthy person in this country has black money. How he came to this has unfortunately never been explained, in any case I have not yet succeeded. The finding that there are companies in Switzerland that help with tax avoidance has something of a Wallraff research - it happens what is logical and everyone knew. Could you please name a country in this world where the social benefits are as high as here and the wage gap between simple and demanding jobs is so negligible.

Thomas Maurer

For me, the greatest injustice in Germany is that social class is so decisive for the future of children! How can children who grow up in a weak social milieu ever get out of this system without outside help !? Another great injustice is how we deal with those who caused the economic crisis. You have the feeling that they can continue to switch and exercise as before - and even now earn a lot from the recovery. The common worker, who has to a very large extent absorbed the worst through short-time work and taxes, is suffering. I am surprised that so few people in Germany say "Enough! Now the polluters are asked to pay for their contribution." So far this cannot be expected from politics (half-hearted attempts have failed terribly), but from every single person who prevented the "super disaster" with his contribution!

K. Simon

Very good shipment, please keep it up. The shipment should take 45 minutes.


Dear Sir or Madam, I saw your report in Report of June 28, 2010. What I am missing from this report is the question of WHY? - Why is someone a single parent, - Why, according to your statement, are 99% women (where are the fathers that you need to establish a single parenting) - Why, according to your statement, do so many fathers not pay their maintenance? And how do they represent those who pay their maintenance. - How many women are there who steal their spouse's support in court by lying? - How many fathers are there who are not allowed to see their children because the mothers do not want it (PAS syndrome) -Why do the children not stay with their fathers when the women want to say goodbye to the marital union. -Why are there women who are awarded spousal support by a court even though they live in a new marriage-like community (proof after 2-3 years) immediately after the separation. . . . . . Please also report on this topic. Greetings from a father who would like to have his children.

Paul Josef Eberle

The medium-sized companies selected in your show are in my opinion not suitable to show the topic of "impoverishment of medium-sized companies". If a family with 3 children, a net income of € 3,600 + child benefit, i.e. approx. € 4,000 per month, has nothing left at the end of the month, then I wonder what we (my wife and I) did wrong. We brought up two children with less net, both went to college and we also paid off our own home. All of this without complaining. Well, on vacation we went to the farm. I think the family shown shouldn't complain, but think carefully about what is wrong on the expenditure side. The same applies to the other family shown. Sincerely

Willi Reber

Who actually pays health insurance, employees and buildings? I hope it is not the cash patient who pays his contributions for it. I would be happy if the topic is properly cleared up or if it is not allowed to be talked about

Susanne Reppel

Hello dear readers! We citizens have been doing something wrong for many years, that we always fall for the promises of the politicians before each election and afterwards have to put up with all the harassment, etc., up to and including prescribed poverty and the like! Wouldn't it be appropriate to initiate a general strike over the unions? Even this possibility seems to be limited, who likes to lose his driver's license when it comes to Busemann! Isn't the mandate laid down in the Basic Law and the Constitution and anchored that the legislative policy must act for the good of the people in order to avert all damage? Best regards !

Werner Kulka

If your broadcast of 06/28/10 was intended as satire, then well, if it should depict the real world, then this broadcast can be dismissed under "populism".

Rolf Kruger

It is also unfair that many in this country receive indirect support in the form of subsidies without having to submit an application, but too many receive direct support in the form of Hartz4 only on application to be expected to submit an application to Hartz4 if the remuneration for work done is not sufficient for a living.

Uwe Heinemann

dear report mainz team, i followed your contributions in today's broadcast carefully. I would like to share my opinion on the contribution, relieve the middle class, or get rid of it. You introduce two families with a net wage of 2800 and 3600 euros who have little or nothing left at the end of the month. then I ask what do my parents do differently? my parents have 1900 to 2000 euros net available per month, have a house, a car (to drive to work) and two children. You are debt-free and have a good disposition that you have available if you want (which you don't do). in short, you have money in the bank. my mother has been with the company for over 30 years (net 1200 euros) my father approx. 700 euros disability pension (stroke). my question, why does it work for my parents and not for the families in your contribution? I am of the opinion that the state (government) is put in the pillory to recognize its mistakes and injustice. We are surprised about new indebtedness and an increase in the tax burden, but private banks and countries (greece) save and the euro is becoming weaker rather than stronger. what is going on in the mind of the government? I think now very stupid. capitalism also means egoism. why is the money not invested in jobs, kindergartens and medium-sized companies? GDR was then or are we in the same situation today ?????


It is shocking how naturally one discriminates HartzIV recipients and portrays them as lazy, stupid idlers. And this is increasingly done by intellectual people and too often and probably above all by those whose business practices have brought local jobs and taxes abroad. We already had this kind of general hostility 80 years ago in Germany. It frightens me that apparently in some circles the demand for compulsory work is being heard again. There should be a program that integrates the parallel society of truffle and champagne consumers back into normal German society. And opens their eyes to what the immense difference and the lack of balance will mean for this society in the future ... perhaps so that they become aware that the already smoldering aggression will not stop at their fences ... Because while with them the old saying "First the food - then the moral." even to a long list before the "then" has mutated, our one at the end of the month sometimes does not even "eat". Under these circumstances, how much longer will we maintain morale? And has someone calculated how many properly paid jobs could have been created with the evaded tax sums discovered so far? Not to mention the production facilities that were moved abroad with the help of government subsidies ... I am happy to have something like an exchange between them To organize worlds - e.g. as a challenge or outdoor event for managers or bored millionaire wives. I would like to explicitly invite the gentleman who would like to have his pool cleaned by a HartzIV recipient in the article to get an idea of ​​my life. He can accompany me when I visit the job center and get an idea of ​​the "many opportunities" that we have. Let's see what it means to cope with the budget of 345 € / month. On a return visit to his world, I would like to have him explain to me what he thinks I should do to get out of my situation. You are welcome to send him my e-mail address - although I do not think that he is interested in a realistic picture of our common German society, but rather in an enemy image, about which he and his golf friends can be disgusted when evading taxes together.

C. Wandke

Today I (55 years old) as a bus driver found out that after 40 years of work I could become a social case. So it's not those who don't feel like working. Since Christmas 2009 I have been unable to work with back problems and it doesn't look like I will ever be able to drive the bus again. There are probably different experts in the different authorities. The appraiser of the pension insurance says that on the general job market - so not as a bus driver, which I have been doing for the last 32 years - for another 3 hours. could work. The Federal Employment Agency then determines with its expert that I can no longer be placed.So I don't get any unemployment benefits and immediately fall into Hartz4. In my 40 years of work, I paid € 182,000 (employer and employee) into the pension fund and will now become a social security claim.

H. Deist

Hello Report, I regret the situation of the Weigang family so much that I would like to take your place. My financial situation is estimated at € 1000 less per month, which is better. I neither have an apartment for € 1,000 rent (property for less than € 700 p. M. is also possible), nor do I pay installments for a car (save and pay in cash also works). My children (2) did not suffer any hardship, and I was happy like a king about 500.- additional payments from the tax office and I did not complain. P.S. I don't want to take the place of the Weigang family. Then I would miss the reality. And by the way, the middle class can not only be defined by income. And parts of our society that are worse off should not be sorted out through the wallet. Sincerely, Andreas Berkel Gelsenkirchen !!!

Andreas Berkel

Dear Sir or Madam, According to the Basic Law, everyone is equal. No one may be prejudiced or disadvantaged because of his skin color, his ailments, his religion. How can our state make laws that scream to heaven. If someone was once in a private health insurance, he cannot get into any statutory health insurance, although he receives basic security from the state. I would consider that to be a Schyzofrenes mindset of our politicians. I am convinced that this law would not last in Karlsruhe. But since the little one in our country has no lobby and no money, he can only dream of the justice that he will probably only experience after his death, because then everyone is really equal. I would be happy to get an answer.

TIM blotzki

In the time of feudal rule, subjects were forbidden to leave the land and clod as a penalty; In modern social democracy, anyone who brings his wealth abroad is ostracized. How do you see the difference?

Wolfgang Weber

Dear Mr. Frey, a statement has to be varied. Single mothers only receive advance maintenance payments up to the age of 12 of their child. After that there won't be a cent more - if the father doesn't pay. In my opinion, that's the main reason single mothers are so badly off. And if the father refuses any payment, this mother cannot do anything. It is not the state that pays the mother any more.

Ernst-Albert Ratajczak

Young mother states: father unknown. The state takes over the alimony! The young woman has now lived for 8 years with the father of the second child, who is fully employed. The consortium is not allowed to continue to check whether there is a working community or to clarify paternity. I can understand that young people try to build a secure existence; but more and more young people are arranging their living conditions as the laws allow, or how can the most of it be extracted. The state as a surrogate father with over € 850 million is no small thing, is it?

Heinrich Glitz

Of course there is too much to just describe it in an email, but why actually, is not a tax exemption per person granted by Hartz 4 recipients who depends on the working person and is not able to work, that would Extremely relieve the desolate financial situation of many single parents, and especially the start of work would be worthwhile! Currently it is the case that an exemption of € 100 is not taken into account only for the working person, no problem for a single person or a couple, 2 people work in mini-jobs ergo € 200 over hardz 4. For single parents, let's assume 2 Children: Workers are not credited with € 100, i.e. € 33 per person. The more children you have, the more difficult it is to work, to find a job. It gets grotesque if you have more than 3 children, then with 4 children it is only 20 € per nose, after all, daycare costs and travel costs of these 100 € have to be paid, since the single parent pays in the end to work !

Sonja Schmeil

The state pays around 442 million euros for church salaries. Partly in the amount of MPs' salaries. The church does not need to prove any income and expenses to the tax office. The church has blocks of shares, wineries, breweries, and various companies. The church is therefore also to be treated as a company. It is also represented in the banking industry. Does the church know taxes? Besides the church tax as a good source of money? Land has to be taxed, but not with the church. If I make profits, I have to pay taxes on them. Why does Ms. Merkel not dare to approach the poor church? No, prefer the middle class and the Harz 4 with family. They are supposed to save the poor state. Great politics Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Westerwelle .... I'd rather give poor Mr. Dirk Jens Nonnenmacher a few million for doing nothing at HSHnordbank. Of course from the Harz 4 people. Is this supposed to be social justice? I'm already looking forward to the next election in Germany.


Quite a few citizens resident in Switzerland do more than just weekend shopping in the German border area. For the goods that can be proven to have been brought to Switzerland, they receive the German VAT back (capped per capita). Do we who live in Germany have the same tax privileges in Switzerland? Will we be given the Swiss motorway vignette at least to compensate us at some point? Are changes being considered here in the German tax authorities or are we so rich that non-residents will continue to receive gifts? If everything stays the same: Politicians, please do not come up with the universal "deadly argument" that our Swiss neighbors would create or maintain jobs in Germany with tax-free purchases.

Karl Rösch

Another example: Is it fair that despite technical and academic training in your mid-30s, after over 100 applications, you are not even invited to a single interview? And then be able to hear from some ingenuity that you shouldn't rest in the social hammock? Is it fair that one can "earn" more money with finance capital than with one's own hands / intellectual work? Is it fair that we here in Germany consume things that are only so cheap because they are made by children and under exploitative conditions? (How about fair trade chocolate, there is no blood on it either!) Is it fair that we burden millions of animals with torture every year for our cheap steak that we even did not wish our worst enemy to do? Is it fair that billions of animals must perish miserably for our cheap gasoline? (The current disaster in golf is only one - especially big and therefore sensational - of many, every day!) There are many things that are unjust and as long as we all play well and are not ready to rewrite the rules of the game, there will be many Give injustices all over the world! Everyone can do something! Everyone can live differently - touch your own nose when it comes to justice - even on a small scale! And then get up and do something for more justice! Get involved in relevant organizations, ask the super-rich to make a contribution - write a nice email to the Aldi brothers! Boycott companies that exploit their employees! Demands decent wages, but always tries to pay as fair as possible yourself! Be better than the poor in spirit!

Nadine Schomburg

Dear Sir or Madam, The dishonesty of the government is made clear by the fact that a tax estimate should be awaited months ago in the discussion before a tax cut, but that there was hectic action for the money thrown out of the window to support the euro. - Are you okay?

Borrmann, Walter

There are innumerable examples of a redistribution that has been going on for decades, favoring the rich owners of capital and disadvantaging the poor. It is characterized by mostly very large tax gifts to the clientele of the Union parties and the FDP with simultaneous deletions and financial losses for both unemployed and (still) employed. This redistribution has increased more and more mercilessness in recent years and has been tearing the gap between poor and rich people extremely wide recently! The summit of injustices (and outrage) is undoubtedly the new "austerity package", because its effects will change this republic forever! "Poor versus rich" ?? No - it turns into a shoe the other way around. It should read "rich versus poor!"

Wieland von Hodenberg

Unfortunately, apart from the well-known catchphrases, I missed a differentiated discussion of the subject of wealth, poverty and income distribution in your article. Where are the facts about how extremely few members of the well-educated middle class of German descent are ever forced to apply for Hartz IV? As a member of the middle class, I am very well aware that the costs of educating my 3 children are by no means covered by my taxes, let alone the costs of other necessary government expenses. With this knowledge, I like to pay my few taxes. Holidays are only possible with us if we go camping cheaply, but we still enjoy it. With our net income of around 2,800.00 plus child benefit for 2 adults, 2 children and the partial maintenance obligation for one student, we can cope with the usual expenses of the middle class such as music lessons etc. and don't forget about the really poor to think outside of Germany. I am surprised by the diverse demands and so-called self-evidentness of the middle-class respondents who you let have a say in your program. For example, what is wrong with buying used furniture or paying attention to the prices when shopping? - In any case, our family is always happy about a bargain. As self-employed people with a small and not very profitable company with many dry spells, we know very well that a life at Hartz IV level is rather difficult, whereby we feel responsible for our own income and have never applied for a single euro for support. My conclusion: I find life in Germany to be quite fair compared to most European countries and of course to almost all non-European countries. We can always turn the screws. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the situation should get involved politically and civically.

Michael Triebswetter

my friend is a single parent and has been working for almost a year in a 1-euro job at the kiga - since the beginning she has tried at two offices to get her son's lunchtime care - 16 euros a month - paid for by the office. she drives to work in her brother's car because she cannot afford a car and has to drive a total of 6 km every day. since her daughter will start school from september, she will have to pay 16 euros twice. the payment was refused. she then called the employment office and informed the employee responsible for her whether something could be done there, because she would then almost pay more! answer: if she had a real job, then the school fees would be paid -but that's just a job integration and if she can't get it all under one roof, then she just has to stop working!

ute cellar

The broadcast yesterday was once again a contribution to the deception of the population: to call citizens or families as middle class, although they do not have a medium purchasing power, but like 95% of the population are de facto impoverished, is whitewash. Clarify the facts to people and tell them how much money there is in Germany and how much of it everyone should actually have - at least if they wanted to belong to the "middle class"!

Dr. Harald Wozniewski

Dear Sir or Madam, The situation of single parents, who take on a very important task for our society, is undoubtedly shameful for a welfare state like Germany would like it to be. There is money for gambling banks, but not for people who secure our future. It is similarly shameful that divorced fathers all have "financial" obligations, but are asked to pay like a single for tax purposes. Given this situation, we shouldn't really be surprised by the low birth rate. Sincerely, Konrad Burner

Konrad Burner

Dear Mr. Frey, to conclude with the program "Female - Divorced - Poor", you promised that you would continue to follow the topic critically in the future. Good, but I wonder, after consuming Ms. Anthes' contribution and your interview with the authors, in which direction your criticism will probably go, with such one-sided reporting? Fathers, who live as a livelihood depressor and let the mother of their children sit down without any sense of responsibility, as a majority and therefore appropriately denounced? With an appeal to the whole of society, ask fathers to make better people in addition to allegations of violence and sexual offenses also with allegations of greed will only fail in the long term. How about changing the viewing angle? Ms. Schwab herself said that it was easier when she was married. Applicable! She had the time for household and children alone. And? How did the separation come about? What does the father say about it? How is his income doing? What kind of support could / would he have taken on? What did who let him out of it? Did he have a choice and if so what? How do the legal letters addressed to him read (reproach rhetoric, as in your report?)? Mr. Frey, your reporting merely follows another, society-dividing, flat demagogy. Do you need that? Please also take a look at the other side, at Väteraufbruch für Kinder eV (vafk.de), at MannDat eV (manndat.de), AGENS for realizing gender democracy (mannifest.eu) or on various websites such as pappa.com , trenntfaq.de, vatersein.de or wgvdl.com With best regards, Ralph Steinfeldt

Ralph Steinfeldt

For me, it is unfair that despite years of work after a year of unemployment you get the same Hartz 4 as someone who has never worked. That's unfair. It is just as unjust for fathers to evade their maintenance obligations.


In your contribution you said that the state pays for children whose fathers or mothers do not pay maintenance. However, this is only the case up to the age of 11. Do children no longer cost money afterwards? Why not force maintenance payers to pay? Why do single parents impoverish? But only because the divorced never pay or only pay very little. That can't be fair.


I really enjoy watching your broadcasts. Yesterday the request, why did you not list how much money the single mother with 4 daughters as Hartz IV recipient gets from the taxpayer, plus housing benefit plus utilities, child benefit and other things. Kind regards


Thank you for this extremely informative contribution. So we learn that a middle-class family with 3,000 EUR net has to drink tap water and collect furniture from the bulky waste and an entrepreneur who has paid taxes for decades without ever benefiting from social security after he sold his company and spends his old age in Spain . Probably the article should give us the hint that instead of being in Spain, the entrepreneur would be in e.g. E.g. Bottrop live the middle class family could buy lemonade again. Journalistically very demanding. Perhaps when you visit those who you are high earners (who really has money don't meet on a cold and windy island in the North Sea), you should also mention that the state should also mention that when high earners are taxed when buying a champagne bottle for 1,800 EUR does not go completely empty because 1,800 EUR available presupposes that there were approx. 3,600 EUR taxable income. We don't even need to talk about VAT, etc. In a country where every assembly line worker at Porsche has to earn at least 5,000 EUR, but no one should actually afford such a car, something can be wrong. The phrase “The unemployed are bleeding for the crimes of the banks” cannot be surpassed in terms of ridiculousness. What is that supposed to be? I've been living in Luxembourg for 2 years (don't worry, I still pay more than enough taxes in Germany) and I'm glad that I only have to look at this unrealistic nonsense from a certain distance. In no other country in the world is simple work paid as well as in Germany. In no other country is the wage gap between skilled and unskilled work so small. It would do you good to orient yourself by facts and not just work for quick applause. Finally, a note on your funny presentation on the subject of Switzerland. 1. Question, how do I get black money? I haven't succeeded yet, but you don't have to ask yourself that, it's just there (the rich have that). 2.Why should I avoid tax proceedings just because I am giving the money to an AG, insurance company or something similar in Switzerland? So far, you've been able to do that - and has it been of any use? Greetings from a free country!


Dear Report Team, Your broadcast was more than strange to me in some places. Basically, the "rich" pay cr. 70% to 80% of the total tax revenue with us! They fund the benefits that are being distributed, it is true, for the most part very unfairly. For example, if I have more assets, I get higher interest rates, can live from the interest and the capital grows (by itself) and of course I get richer and richer. Your example yesterday with the family with the 3 children shows how unobjective some things were presented. With an income of € 2,600.00 plus child benefit, high child allowances, free statutory health insurance for the children, does this family belong to the poor? As I understood it, is the father in the public service? Then he does not need a study and it is quite right if he cannot deduct this from tax! The father's complaint about higher taxes, insurance contributions, etc. - these things hit everyone, and yet very hard, e.g. many pensioners at 700 , 00 € and even less pension. I do not belong to the rich, on the contrary - but how can a state save on the rich who finance this state and who do not incur any costs for this state? Out of a feeling for justice, I am also in favor of burdening the rich more, because a few percent definitely don't hurt them (and many of them want to do that too.) But a country can only save where it can save too much Spends - and the rich do not cost this country anything, but the country is financed by them and politics wants to keep these people in the country, because they could emigrate and pay their taxes in other countries - and then? And didn't the BGH just ruled last year that no more than 50% of their earnings could be taken away from citizens for taxes and duties? I think the demands of many people on the state are too high, because first and foremost everyone is responsible for themselves. I know people who complain because the "state" - after all, it is the taxpayer - does not pay them the rent, Giving them no clothes money, not letting them travel free on public transport, paying the TV fees, etc. I could add at least 10 more points, but I'd rather leave it. The Club of Rome already said in the 70s: If we want to have a uniform standard of living in Europe, we cannot wait a hundred years for the poorer countries to adapt to the standard of the rich countries, but we can only do that the rich countries adjust their standards downwards to the poorer countries. Unfortunately we are experiencing this to a frightening extent - and faster and faster. Again: I am not rich either, I can just "make ends meet", I would have wished for a much fairer "austerity package", but it would still not solve any of our problems if the "rich" had to pay more taxes, because the politicians would certainly not save the money and thus pay off debts, but instead spend everything again pointlessly. They all have one thing in common: They cannot handle our money. What is it called? We are the state - and fewer and fewer people finance it. It is unfair - but it does not help if you only tell people half the truth, because you can see from the reactions how undifferentiated people sometimes react. Sincerely, Renate Barghop

Renate Barghop

Why does nobody remember a term that still caused great excitement in parliament at the time of the Kohl government: "socially acceptable death". In the time of Mr. Schröder and Schwarz-Rot it was called "Reform". Now we have black and yellow again. So what do we expect?

Rolf Damm

for the broadcast from 28.6. For it is unfair that Mr. Koehler, although he threw the chunks down, gets his honorary salary of 200,000 @ and the other benefits until the end of his life and beyond, also the wife. For me it is unfair that Mr. Rüttgers will continue to receive his company car plus driver, plus office and staff for five years. For me it is unfair that a state parliament president (Stuttgart) wants to swap his Mercedes 500 for a large Porsche. Greetings from Greece and the austerity package is only there for the poor, or how do I see it? There is constant and regular talk about saving, but who then obeys these rules?

Erwin Nasarzewski

Once again it became clear that behind the scenes politics is being carried out over the heads of the poor. When is a middle class still middle class? Could it be that appearances surpass being in order to pave the way for lobbyists for further "messes"? But as long as the people keep quiet and like to be ripped off, to be lulled by relevant commercial broadcasters, politics can take action. Just ask the lobbyists to what extent they would be prepared to create socially acceptable jobs. Let's ask the well-known politicians whether they want to continue riding this wave and whether they know the Basic Law from the bottom up. There is a lot of FAILURE here. But how did Reinhard Mey sing about society? The ship of fools - sets course for the reef. Kind regards, Anne Jeziorski

Anne Jeziorski

In yesterday's broadcast you thought it was unfair that the state had to pay some of the child support. I consider the family law of the FRG to be the greatest injustice. First, the fathers are "disposed of" by the mothers to maximize maintenance and then, when the fathers can no longer pay because the maintenance claims made them ALG II recipients and the pain of losing their own child (ren) has ended in depression, the mother gets a mother-child cure because everyday life is so difficult to cope with. All fathers who want to take care of themselves are left out and wither away into unstable "Harzers" who have no right to care for their child except to pay for their child. Just to correct it, children cost money, if a father does not want to (or cannot) look after himself, he has to pay. If fathers want to take care of themselves and can do so, then tax money need not be wasted on unwilling mothers. Sincerely disposed of father

Andreas Schnur

Dear employees, where is there a government if it cannot create justice? Law and statutes in this country seem to have nothing to do with justice. If the gap between rich and poor widens, it will not go well in the long run. Wasn't that the case in all great cultures? They died of too great a difference. It's a shame about Germany. I am glad that I no longer have to live in the GDR.

Christtraut Handke

Good day. Single mothers with 4 to an infinite number of children were once again selected for your report. I am sure: Nobody in Germany, regardless of which class they belong to, would be against paying this group of people such a high Hartz IV salary that they no longer have to work at all. Families with 3 or more children support the economy enough and finance the "unemployed" livelihood of tomorrow, especially for those who undermine our welfare state. You denounce a grievance that nobody really questions! With in the A ... peksen the Lord certainly meant all the hundreds of thousands of idlers who do have time to work. Single people without children. Family fathers whose wives work as full-time housewives with 12-14 hour days and the men have lying around at home. Young people around 20 who have never worked, not because there is no work, but because the state has spoiled them from the start, because it has already made it possible for their parents to live without work. One thing is clear to me: In no country in the world is it so easy to get through life without work. Your rulers: Reduce Hartz IV to a minimum of cash benefits and a maximum of benefits in kind for people who have time to work. Pays the tickets and quotes them daily at 8 on key points at which day jobs are awarded. If the unemployed were to get 50% of this income into their own pocket, the rest to the employment office, the only real reason to work would come in addition to social duty and motivation: EARNING MONEY. If there are no job offers, let's clean up the cities and the country. Many of those who are forced to get up every day will say to themselves: If I have to get up anyway, then I can also take on a job. There is work to be done. Just not ala carte. However, I guarantee everyone who accepts a job that is not well paid, whatever, and who holds it out for months, perhaps many months, will run into open doors at companies that advertise positions with one of their next applications. The best recommendation for an applicant is work, no matter what. He shows that he can and will. We have lost many simple jobs in the state because production can no longer take place here due to a lack of workers. Single parents should be cared for through another fund that portrays them as heroes in society. Likewise, we should triple the child benefit. For everyone, regardless of income. Not least to encourage the middle and upper classes to have more children. Financed by the many idlers who are either forced to work or no longer receive benefits due to a lack of willingness to work. For your information: I am a single father with 3 children! that's why I allow myself to have a say.

Wilfried Hillen

I wonder how much more do you have to put up with? The fact is: there is no longer any justice. Democracy and capitalism no longer fit. The fact is: Nobody has any more responsibility towards themselves and the state. Even the one who cheats the tax "in small" is no better than the "big" cheater. Fraud remains fraud. Theft remains theft. As long as everyone just looks at themselves, nothing will ever change, just talk about it, but not do anything. Unfortunately, not everyone is equal before the law. Theory and practice are like night and day. As former Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt rightly said, there is a lack of responsibility for everyone. We live in one of the richest industrial countries, social security at a high level, etc., yes we are better off than 75% of all other countries on earth. But: it is the same with us as with all other industrial nations: poor-poor, rich-richer, greedy. Waste at the expense of the poor, banks get billions in guarantees, small business owners get bailiffs on their doorstep. Social means those who have more than they need give something to those who have less. After 20 years of work, after 12 months without work, you are at the end of it. As a reward you are still to blame and are told that you are a social parasite, but what exactly are those who commit tax evasion and do not take responsibility. Fortunately, there are still people like the Trigema entrepreneur. If you ask someone who the austerity measures don't take, they will say, of course, save. Do you ask why you need more than 600 MPs when it is not quantity that counts, but quality? With best regards

Stefan Elbel

And there is something else I would like to get rid of: It's good that there is still such good journalism like ARD / ZDF and not the reports of some private television stations that are designed for sensationalism and catching ratings. The bad thing is that many still believe this nonsense that is often shown there. You just have to show it often enough, then it has to be right. Just show the very few (of course there are) who get a lot of Hartz4 money or who really don't want to work. Then show someone who has work and of course then says that he is now also doing Hartz4, life is good there. The envy factor also plays a role here. On the few who get the money from the state without really working, our state does not go bankrupt, rather on the billions in guarantees and credits and waste on nonsensical things etc. Of course, it is always easier to step on the one who is under you than on the one who stands above you.

Stefan Elbel

Just repeating how little money Hartz IV - recipients and single parents get, is now boring. It is the same for very many families with one earner. It would be interesting to report how these people spend their money and what for. Why don't older young people contribute to the family's livelihood as much as they can? The law has just been revised. I fondly remember my school days in the 50s and 60s. A family without a father was not given a bag of fruit or vegetables from the farmer. It had to be worked hard. In any case, you didn't feel like a beggar or a parasite, but were proud of what you had earned yourself and that was good for your self-esteem. Where are these people supposed to get that from today? These are aspects that should be considered more closely. The financial plight is well known. Bye.

Rudolf Jung

It is unfair for a Federal President to be able to quit his job without incurring any disadvantages; every normal employee is punished for this by the employment agency. It is unfair that he is now provided by the state with 200,000 euros a year. Many employees, through no fault of their own, have to beg for Hartz4 after just 1 year, even though they have paid social security funds for decades. It is unfair after 30 or more years of work at Hartz4 to be treated in the same way as all those who have never or little worked. It is unfair that there are still subsidies for companies that are modernizing and destroying jobs. It is unjust that Hartz4 only punished the SPD in elections, and the Greens are also complicit.

Uwe Heinemann

Dear Sir or Madam, If you want to become a gardener, you shouldn't be surprised. We in the East were ripped off before the fall of the Wall, nothing has changed about that! In the east the "social market economy" was not even introduced, in the west it is being disposed of more and more. If you are lucky (or relationships) you can be on the sunny side. If you are a civil servant anyway. With certain employers: public radio / television you need money For employee remuneration simply driven in via GEZ adjustment. That could be managed like that ... For many years people were of the opinion that if you are hardworking, unemployment cannot harm you. Unfortunately, they now have to find out: to err is human. Agenda 2010 was invented or supported by the CDU / CSU SPD and the Greens! Keep choosing those puppets of the business and finance lobby. The minimum wage would be a fair start, because of whom it is known to fail. The distinction between East and West must finally stop!

Gerhard Albrecht

Dear editors of Report Mainz, I am particularly annoyed that in the public discussion and also in your contribution from June 28, 2010, single parents are always seen as victims of the welfare state, from my own experience I can say that many single parents know their fate themselves have chosen. I am of the opinion that this group of people is finally responsible for their decisions and is not always treated as the victim of the welfare state, bad husbands and fathers. Why are the reports on the financial situation not asking about the alimony to be paid for the ex-spouses? As always, there are certainly single parents who are forced to this fate through no fault of their own, but this part is clearly the minority for me. Hasn't you chosen your former partner yourself, are many children a fate or are they deliberately wanted? Nobody speaks in public about the people who support the so-called "poor single parents" who regularly take maintenance and care of the children seriously. Nobody speaks of the fathers who, despite tax class 1, still support their former family. I expressly emphasized that I am not concerned with the children of single parents, but with the vast majority of mothers and rarely fathers who freely choose this path without a spouse .

Helmut Röther

It is outrageous to portray all Hartz 4 recipients as state parasites. After 32 years of bankruptcy, I became unemployed and I am celebrating the 100th rejection of my applications today. When you're 48 years old, the job market is dead. Only dubious offers, dumping wages, poorly paid temporary work - that's how I fall into AL II this month, despite all my efforts! And the great thing is that I don't get any Hartz 4 money because my husband still has his job (until the end of the year, then the contract, which is still limited after 3 years, will also expire). So you quickly fall from the good middle class into total sideline. 12 months before you still have 2000 euros net, 12 months later then nothing more! Now the question is whether, in addition to our existence, we will also lose our condominium. Then everything that we worked for a lifetime is gone. But we're not the only ones.This also applies to about 4,000 former colleagues who have also not got a job and are now falling from the great middle class into poverty. Is our government not able to create jobs where one can live off? Old-age poverty preprogrammed? of our state! High social injustice, seems to be on the flag of our government. In my opinion, everyone has to go away, it's all about cheating and how best to fill your pockets and get them back from the taxpayer. Will Time for the German lamb to finally fight back and tell our voice of the people clearly what the people really want, and by that I don't mean what the rich want. The banks are shoving billions up their asses, now everyone carries on like this, as before and even partly with the same line-up! Do they think all citizens are stupid? It seems like that!


The middle class has been looted for years. Ges. KV, RV, wage tax, etc. That's so nice and convenient. You don't have to mess with lobbyists. You can just choose. And then it is simply debited.

Thomas Reinert

Hello REPORTer, I was happy about your broadcast, because it made it clear that this government is making us all poor - so that a few people can talk about things they have no clue about. It has annoyed me for a long time that men can go testifying through our country - without having to pay a tired mark (cent). A man has two children in Hamburg, a woman is in the women's shelter with a third child of his and the new girlfriend is already pregnant - he doesn't care, the general public pays for these children. His Hartz IV is paid out to him in full and since he has nothing else to do, he always earns something "on the side". HIS income, HIS accounts are not checked as regularly as the women's. That alone is completely abnormal - after all, the woman is the creditor and he is the debtor! If every man had to contribute 50 euros a month for each child he conceived, that would not improve the social security either - but it would increase the propensity for some men to use condoms! I would also like to see raising children finally see them as work. Statements like "she only has one (two) children - she can go to work" push my blood pressure up. The women who raise our children for all of us WORK! And while I'm at it, here's another request: Please differentiate (also) between the words "earn" and "get". Our bankers still have bonuses paid out, but they don't deserve them - even if they get them - if they got what they deserve, they'd be in jail (and I would be in Mallorca)! I'm looking forward to the next show!

Brigitte Ulbrich

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you very much for your report today. Like the protagonist in the report, I, too, can no longer hear it when the social system is mentioned. We too belong to the so-called middle class and can barely get by. We have 3 children. Our oldest is studying, the second will start her studies next year. And the youngest has to suffer from it. Because now both my husband and I have to work full-time so that we can finance all of this. Our youngest is only 13 years old and alone all day - no childcare option -. We hadn't imagined it that way, but it is getting tighter for us and that, with a family income of 4000 euros per month. We are burdened more and more - that is not fair.

Gätjens Margrete

Dear Sir or Madam, I have just seen your post on the "married middle class". Not completely, I have to admit! But there is something about your contribution that annoys me very much. You too - an investigative magazine - likes to stick with the "traditional". The family! If you report about single parents, it is usually about women / men with children who have to live in the lower wage and salary range. Then where do I belong? I ask myself. As an example: I am permanently employed in the public service, with 38.5 hours a week, earn around € 2,100 including child benefit for two children. And receive no maintenance, neither for me nor for my children. Am i poor Do I belong to the middle class? Where? Lower? Upper? After deducting all my costs, my children and I have around € 700 to live. Is that enough? No, usually not. At least not to live "well". After all, your contributions are about families in which women usually only work part-time. I have always been there full-time. For me it meanwhile means: If I want to live well, I still need a part-time job. Then you can also take a vacation one day, the driver's license for my daughter? Maybe! Go out to eat once? Perhaps! Movie theater? Let's see! With a part-time job, I'm at home even less often. Thinking cynically, I would soon have to show my identity card so that my children can still recognize me! In your contribution, a family man mentioned a repayment from the tax office of around € 1000, which he should "only" get this year. I usually get € 100 to € 180! What is the relationship between that? I would be very happy if you would just think a little further and make a contribution about "us".

Antje Kretschmann

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you very much for your report today. Like the protagonist in the report, I, too, can no longer hear it when the social system is mentioned. We too belong to the so-called middle class and can barely get by. We have 3 children. Our oldest is studying, the second will start her studies next year. And the youngest has to suffer from it. Because now both my husband and I have to work full-time so that we can finance all of this. Our youngest is only 13 years old and alone all day - no childcare option -. We hadn't imagined it that way, but it is getting tighter for us and that, with a family income of 4000 euros per month. We are burdened more and more - that is not fair.

Gätjens Margrete

I find it outrageous how the yellow and black government shamelessly invokes justice, even though it is so obvious that this is in no way true. How stupid do these politicians think we are, especially Ms. Merkel, who has sworn an oath to be there for the whole people and not just for the rich. However, we are probably really: stupid! Because when you see how many people can be found on the fan mile. If this crowd were ready to move in front of the government building in Berlin, and there are young people who have to fear for their future, they might be able to stir up these thick-skinned politicians. Many of the poor retirees are too tired, sick and disillusioned, resigned to the barricades. I am surprised that a Westerwelle, Merkel and supporters can still look in the mirror with a clear conscience.

Edeltraud CHRISTOF

vom PensionnerJürgen A happy hello to the savings men and women of our government in Germany Dear Sir or Madam, the consideration of abolishing the parental allowance for those who are already obliged by law to feel like slaves and useless is not a wise decision, the point is For a long time, parental allowance is intended as a bonus for Germans who, despite poor economic and other wrong decisions by the legislature in relation to family policy here in Germany, have still given you economic puppets children. But that will probably end immediately because where there is nothing anyway, taking away something leads to the fact that no more children come and thus the national wealth after the "e function" becomes smaller and smaller until the complete financial collapse is a fact. Vigilant greetings from the pensioner Jürgen

Jürgen Kuczwalska

Where did the upper class wealth come from? Because these people are exploiting the working people more and more. For years we have seen an increasing redistribution from the bottom to the top. Despite this knowledge, nothing is changed. On the contrary, the greed of the "upper" is getting stronger! Quite clearly also when it comes to diets and salaries of our "elected representatives", for example. There is always money available and increases are made without much discussion. It is different if, for example, the public service demands an increase again. There is nothing there, there is immediate threat of job cuts. Unfortunately, this is what everyday life in Germany looks like, you can only say "Poor Germany".

R. Krause

For me there are some injustices - it is bad when you have worked all your life and then lose your participation in life through Hartz IV - there are few opportunities, especially in the cultural field, to still feel a part of you - theater, concert and book prizes, I find it even worse - young people are outsourced and superfluous. Education is not available for everyone - and if there is still a good school education, the job search often becomes a disaster. Along the same lines, the inability of the state to promote and promote everyone To plunge single parents into serious crises. Let's hope that a new Federal President will create a spirit of optimism in the country and that there will be more solidarity. With best regards, Mechthild Schweitzer

Mechthild Schweitzer

I emailed the following thoughts to the Federal Ministry of Finance on 06/11/10, so far no response: To the Federal Ministry of Finance Z.H. Mr. * Federal Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and employees * Wilhelmstrasse 97 10117 Berlin Re: savings proposals Dear Sir * Federal Minister, dear ladies and gentlemen, a quote from Mr Seehofer prompts me to submit my proposals, which I have had for a long time. Mr. Seehofer said about Mr. Lammert that he could do without one of his two salaries for reasons of economy. I think: why only Mr. Lammert? Wouldn't it be possible to save a lot if every active Polotist only receives one salary? If you tell a Hartz4 customer how much a delegate gets (including tax-free expense allowance packages), he thinks: that should actually be enough for life. It goes without saying that the ladies and gentlemen should be well paid so that they are free and dedicate all their labor to the state and their tasks. So, just like with a Hartz4 recipient, the benefit is reduced if he earns something on the side, the ladies and gentlemen politicians should also explain their additional income and their salaries should be reduced accordingly. In any case, it should be banned that politicians sit on the executive boards and supervisory boards of large companies in order to be neutral and against lobbying. In order to improve the currently somewhat damaged image of the elected representatives, they could also set a good example and say of their own accord that we are foregoing a (small) part of our earnings instead of reducing even more from the socially weakest. Nobody would starve to death. Perhaps you should all start a self-experiment and live for one (or more) month (s) with the amount of a Hartz4 rate. (And use the money saved to reduce debt.) Here are a few more sentences about myself: I am 51 years old, married, 4 children between ten and eighteen years old and all of them at school, truck driver by profession, € 1800, - gross (1430 net), my wife is not employed (50%), child allowance applied for (2007), rejected because she did not reach the minimum income limit (!), then applied for Hartz4, rejected because our house is a few square meters too big (costs were no matter for the authorities), we are funded by the district administration with € 310, - burden compensation. For me, very questionable laws have recently emerged: the scrapping bonus (absolutely uninteresting for me as a consumer because I couldn't afford a new car even with the bonus), the tax gift for hoteliers, the child benefit increase (no Hartz4 recipient has anything Counter-proposal from me: pay out child benefit based on income (e.g. from € 100,000 annual income), health insurance contributions are deductible (meaningless for me, as I hardly pay taxes). Mr Westerwelle once said that work has to be worthwhile again. I think so too, shouldn't politicians try to ensure that workers pay plenty of wage tax? In addition, a good salary also fills the ailing social coffers. How can it be that an employer says I pay so little, you can get the rest from the authorities? One final thought on the topic of financial transaction tax: In real estate trading, the legislator has introduced the real estate transfer tax so that the real estate is not resold quickly, speculatively and profitably. Why is it so difficult to set up a levy when billine values ​​are pushed around the globe in fractions of a second these days. I can't imagine that this would hurt the dealers very much. I can imagine that I am not alone with these lines of thought. * I am available at any time for any questions (welcome). Thank you very much for your interest! Sincerely, Armin Czernek, citizen of this country

Armin Czernek

Why are the diet increases no longer denounced? No pensioners. If the content of the report of the Federal Court of Auditors were implemented, the budget could be well sarnished.

M. Poeter

Hello dear report team It always means poor children, the children are not poor but the parents. 2. You show a German housewife with 4 children, they are not meant by Hartz 4, but it is Kreuzberg as an example that suck out the state etc. which are meant by the working citizens.

Udo Rockel

Justice? -What's this? I have been working since I was 17 years old. Unfortunately, I am ill in my job as a nurse and for various reasons I can no longer do it. In order not to be unemployed, I switched to the church sector. I only have a 50% job there, but with my handicap and my chronic illnesses I can't do more. You can hardly live on 800 € if the fixed costs are deducted. Despite saving, it is not enough. And I dread the future when I'm supposed to pay even more in the health system. It is a shame for our country that we have poverty at all. It would not be necessary if the money were distributed sensibly by our politicians. But the basis is far away. The middle class on the brink. Poor Germany. Thanks.

Sabine Hauswirth

Good evening, what I also find incredible is that rich companies such as McDonald`s pay so little wages that the employees also have to get Harz IV even though they have a 160 hour month. That's unbelievable. In plain English, such rich companies are indirectly subsidized. You have to be able to do something about it. that annoys me incredibly. With best regards

Andreas Weber

Hello, You only get rich if you let others work for little money. If the companies paid the workers appropriately, see Jakobs, Siemens, Krupp and others, the coffee pickers could also send their children to school. Market economy means who best cheats whom. The labor is used and society pays for the sick and their carers. One has only become rich by deceiving others.

Anspach. Friedrich

Dear Sir or Madam, The greatest injustice in Germany is the statutory pension insurance system, which only provides pension benefits according to the gross wage principle. But humans live on net income. The quality of social insurance is also determined by the principle of wage replacement. With our statutory pension insurance, the high earner receives a higher proportion of his previous net wage as a pension than a low earner with the same length of insurance period. The system of wage replacement is being turned upside down, despite a federal subsidy of around 80 billion at the expense not only of large groups of pensioners but also at the expense of the municipalities, which increasingly have to provide basic security benefits.

Franz Gebhart

... is also that the rich and super-rich can ALWAYS slip out of responsibility. I would like to refer you to the Basic Law Article 14, Paragraph 2 (property obliges ...). I would like to refresh the ongoing discussion about wealth and poverty with a brief comparison: Germany has total private assets of 6.4 trillion euros (sources: DIW and Hans-Böckler Foundation) - the state has a total debt of 1.28 trillion euros. If everyone were to give up a fifth of their wealth once, then the state would be restructured ....

Frank-Paul Menningen

Dear Report Mainz editors, that you do not get prosperous as a divorced woman in Germany is wanted by our politicians according to the new divorce law. Even if you've been married for 20 years and have left your job, you can no longer gain a foothold and have to work in the low-wage sector, where you earn between € 650 and € 800 net (full-time and unskilled). You are forced to take such jobs, first by the divorce court and then by the Arge, regardless of whether you can make a living from it or not. Altera poverty is inevitable, but the main thing is that the ex-husband can start a new family again and have a good time. The ex-wife and the children don't count anymore.

Christiane Paul

Is that a contradiction? Predator - Capitalism without Rules? Exploitation down to the last shirt. An industrial society - which inhumanly produces slaves all over the world! Bravo HartzIV! Bravo for G8 and G20 summits! Peoples and nations are sold for stupid with artificial terms, false words and mendaciousness. What is the point of the question of justice? Erich Fromm 1976 / HABEN und SEIN has already thought about and seen all of this in advance. Unfortunately he is right. If people are ever to become free - that is, to escape the compulsion to keep the industry going through pathologically excessive consumption, then a radical change in the economic system is necessary: ​​then we have to put an end to the current situation in which a healthy economy (?) - is only possible at the cost of sick people (physically / mentally). (G.Wallraf) Our job is to create a healthy economy for healthy people !!! Erich Fromm 1976 / HABEN und BEIN


The greatest injustice is that in our country everything is calculated in percent. Percentage wage increases are always a redistribution from the bottom up. And has been for 60 years. Expressing inflation rates in percent is also a scandal. The prices rise namely in euros and cents and have a different percentage rate based on income for everyone. With small incomes in the 2-digit percentage range and with high incomes hardly measurable. When the prices of dairy products went up x years ago, a well-known SPD politician said that this can be neglected because people only spend 10% of their income on food. In plain language: Mr Ackermann 1 million and the small pensioner 50 euros. It is scandalous that such nonsense can be spread in the public media without comment. Unfortunately, the causes of "rich" are getting richer and "poor" are getting poorer and poorer in any media. Also not the causes of so-called economic and financial crises. Probably because our lawmakers, social partners, journalists, etc. live well with this system and nobody saws off the branch they are sitting on.

Helmut Kaufmann

Please remember that in front of every "money" there is an achievement that it represents. The service provider simply loses the desire to do something if too much is taken away from him. A minority already bears the main tax burden. Only employers organize value creation processes, nobody else. All public law institutions - including the public law media - want to "bite off" like everyone else. But it is only a service / added value that turns into money. It is unfair to support the parasites of society and to transfer money / services to those who do nothing or who are just gossipers who are already a strong political group in terms of demographics and of course have no intention of changing their status.

Dr Winrich Hoseit

a couple of financial jugglers can set off an economic turmoil in the world through insatiable greed. At the beginning of the crisis, politicians try to hold the guilty to account. What then lapses 1 year later and is sealed off by threadbare apologies. Entire countries are facing bankruptcy, Greece is just the beginning, billions of tax dollars are lent or given away to secure these countries. the poorest of the poor should then save what the insatiable power-hungry caps. Tax evaders can buy their way out, the representatives of the people increase their diets, they are probably too thin, contract workers get too low wages or. profit slaves of the nations. When will our representatives finally represent the people and not sell them, change the law so it really does justice. But they are probably involved in the whole thing and so nothing will change. The best example is the oil crisis in the USA where oil multinationals unpunished can destroy and watch politk powerless.

Divine Gerhard

In my opinion, hartz 4 is generally unjust and violates human dignity in its current form. In Germany, thousands of small companies are currently dying - why does the Chancellor not help them - but only the banks? and the hotels? small companies need short-term risk loans and inexpensive marketing measures where from? The Chancellor must stimulate the internal market. Warning sign Germany: Foreign citizens are increasingly selling in the IHK Börse next change Are foreign citizens leaving us with money? mfg M Czajner PS the Chancellor has the duty to create jobs - no matter how and at any cost unemployed people over 45 are sorted out - this is unacceptable


Dear editors, I believe that a great injustice will fall upon us. There are quite a few politicians who see badly paid work and € 400 jobs as indispensable. Is it also clear to these politicians that people will only have the smallest claims from the pension fund and will automatically end up at the social welfare office? The subject I raised is likely to become a topic for a great many people. Dear editors, I believe that a great injustice will still fall upon us. There are quite a few politicians who see badly paid work and € 400 jobs as indispensable. Is it also clear to these politicians that people will only have the smallest claims from the pension fund and will automatically end up at the social welfare office? The subject I have raised is likely to become an issue for a great many people by the time you reach retirement age. Who should pay their rents and subsistence level? Where should the funding come from? (Old-age poverty and care?)

Michael Winkelmann

- the assessment ceiling - depreciation options for the self-employed - fixed rates in jurisprudence regardless of income / financial power (except criminal law: daily rate)

Christian Pfeiffer

Despite the following qualifications: gardening apprenticeship, training as a paramedic in the armed forces (2 years), educator training with subject-related technical college entrance qualification, basic study of social work with subject-related university entrance qualification, study of psychology with a minor in criminology - degree: Dipl. Psychologist. The following additional qualifications through the Federal Employment Agency: Training as a systemic family therapist (2 years / training costs 24,000 DM), training as a manager for non-profit organizations (1 year - training costs 14,000 DM). There are also various computer training courses and innumerable application training courses. Still without any prospects since 1992. I find it unjust that we are first qualified for expensive money and then mercilessly deported into the impoverishment of Hartz IV with subsequent poverty in old age. Systematically to justify any orgy of cuts we are allowed to let politicians and the media insult us again and again as social parasites, slackers and idlers. The question arises for me as well, why my qualifications do not use me for socially important tasks and instead treat me like a piece of dirt. This is guaranteed to create enemies of the system and not members of a democratic society. That's why I don't participate in any more elections. I just don't feel like a member of this Federal Republic any more. I can no longer hear the saying: "Achievement should be worthwhile in this society." Incidentally, my case was presented to the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, and the State Chancellery of Rhineland - Palatinate in Mainz (Kurt Beck: Shave and wash your hair). It was always the same game: My request was forwarded to the responsible employment office in Hamburg and then I kept sitting in front of a helpless employment agency. All of this can be read on my own homepage: Hölderlin.blog.de. I don't have to have any of that anymore.

Michael Lange