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You're aconscientious typewho likes to delve into detail. But what doesn’t prevent you from communicating andopenApproaching people, listening and understanding their questions. You are consistently looking for solutions - and that in theteambecause you know that the knowledge of others will help you to become even better. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then this training is made for you.

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Online application: "Training for social security clerks", beginning August 1, 2022

Training - facts

Training "Social Security Clerk "or" Social Security Clerk "starts on August 1st and lasts for three years. It is divided into onepractical Part in our head office in Speyer and one school part at the vocational school in Speyer and in our head office.

Thepay: Already during your apprenticeship you will receive in the first yearmonthly gross around 1,018 euros, in the secondaround 1,068 eurosand in the thirdaround 1,114 euros.

The exams?After the first year of training there is an intermediate examination, at the end of the training you will take your final examination with a written and an oral part. Then you can be proud of your qualification as a social security clerk.Whether we will continue to work together after the apprenticeship depends on your performance and our personnel requirements. With us, too, the following applies: the better the services, the better the chances of being taken on permanently.

And after the training?

The salary is based on the collective bargaining agreement of the German Pension Insurance Association ( Yourstaskscan youin the futurein our teamprocessingwhen making decisions on insurance, pension and rehabilitation issues. For example, you determine insurance periods, process applications for regular old-age pensions, settle payments with other parties involved or take care of medical and professional rehabilitation services.

Training information in detail

Theory - creating the basics

Your theoretical training will take place in Speyer. Here you are in blocks for a total of 39 weeks at the Speyer vocational school. In addition, there will be home lessons in our head office in 15 weeks. In the second year of training you will write an intermediate examination and at the end of the three years you will have to take the written and oral final examination.

Vocational school

Subjects in the vocational school are:

  • Economics
  • Social security specialist
  • Legal theory
  • Accounting
  • Word processing
  • German / communication
  • Social studies
  • religion
  • Sports

Lessons usually last until 1 p.m. In the afternoon you can study.

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Home schooling

You will learn the special law of statutory pension insurance at our head office. Subjects are:

  • Public service labor law and vocational training
  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • privacy
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Participation benefits
  • Learning and working techniques
  • Organizational / personnel development
  • Pension law
  • Social security in Germany / State-sponsored old-age provision
  • Social security in Germany / basic security
  • social insurance
  • Insurance and contribution law

Practice in real use

You will work on real cases right from the start. For example, you process applications for medical rehabilitation, take care of pension applications or answer questions from insured persons on the phone. Of course, your trainers are always at your side.

You take the first steps in the in-house training area. From the second year onwards, you will be supporting the colleagues in the relevant teams.

At the end of your training, you will go on a final trip to one of our four rehabilitation clinics with the other trainees and the trainers.

And what else should you know?

As a public service employee, you are compulsorily insured in health, long-term care, unemployment and statutory pension insurance. In order to provide additional provisions for old age, we insure you from the age of 17 through the Federal and State Pension Fund (VBL).

Before you start with us, you must also present a certificate of good conduct to be presented to the authorities. You can get this from the registration office in your place of residence. You also have to undergo a health check by your family doctor or our company doctor.

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