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Now that I have already taken on a number of fee-based emergency medical services for various operators, the question that interests me is: How do you get paid for your fee-based emergency medical services?

I pursue several NA locations in my sphere of activity that pay 30 € / h. These services, especially on weekends, are hardly ever taken online.
Are 30 € gross for an activity that requires a university degree and special further education and also entails a high degree of responsibility legitimate? And who takes on such services?

At the locations where I work, there is an additional fee of 30-55 €. So either you lay off for 30 € / h or you toil and earn good money. I think that's so ok.

For a location where the world isn’t going, € 30 is quite OK, in the VKA you get less in the BD level I-II, the idle times are practically priced in.

At locations with a high number of operations, this is of course rather scarce, but since going to the emergency doctor there will always be a dash of idealism, personal commitment and, in some cases, years of friendship to the respective location, such services are usually (still) quite well available.

I am not an emergency doctor, but I find 30 € / h poor when I consider that as a rescue sani I had 15 € net per hour with an in-hospital rescue service and 20 € net at night. Yes, of course it was a € 450 base and therefore no taxes, but I earned € 160 net in 8 hours and practically did nothing for it (probably drove 2-3 patients per night, pushed a bed from time to time).

30 € is not enough. I only drive for this if I am interested in the event or if I have some other friendly relationship with the guard.
You have to remember that you have to pay ALL of it - taxes, contribution to the pension scheme, travel expenses, clothes, mostly liability.

Wherever I go, € 35 is standard, often over, especially when it comes to short-term occupations. The load ranges from 1-10 deployments in 24 hours (average of the respective guards). And there is nothing extra for the stakes.

It is very little compared to what is paid in the hospital for fee doctors, but the work is usually much more relaxed.

Incidentally, the WE services are so popular because most of them have some other permanent job and unless they are working in shifts somewhere, they only have time on the WE.
Holiday services are even worse - there are also holiday refugees and usually there is more fee.

The Sleeping Beauty Wakes are nice for earning money - they should give colleagues who run their stock market trades or write appraisals on the side. If you rarely drive anyway and see it as a counterbalance to the normal JOb, you are sometimes happy when something is going on.

For me, 35 euros is also the standard for guards, which are usually not that busy. I know that occasionally only 30 euros are paid. I am always amazed that such guards also manage to occupy their services. But for the most part they make it for the 30 euros, and for the services they don't make it with, they go a little higher.

I wouldn't want to drive for less than 35 euros at all, except maybe from time to time under very special circumstances (guard around the corner, nice team, somehow many other nice conditions). I still find the 35 euros too little and mostly only accept services for which there are at least 40 euros.

But that also varies from region to region. I've heard of guards from Rhineland-Palatinate and parts of Baden-Württemberg who pay well under 30 euros. I think that would be unthinkable in northern Germany.

I totally agree with Plum. The standard rate is currently, at least in the emergency doctor exchange, at 35 euros. Personally, I only go up from 35 euros. If you are flexible in terms of location and can plan well, it is not uncommon to find 40 euros / h.
I recently drove on Ascension Day in Saxony-Anhalt, the hourly rate was 50 euros / h. I only had 2 missions in 24 hours.

My motto is: If I have several assignments, I don't mind because I do it voluntarily and with pleasure. If I don't have any missions, I don't mind because I like to earn money lying down and chilling :)
In addition, the change from everyday work is simply more relaxed, you always get to know new people and, as WackenDoc said, you can usually do something on the side.

The locations that pay 30 € / h and that I know add a flat-rate fee and have rather few stakes.

The locations that pay 30 € / h and that I know add a flat-rate fee and have rather few stakes.

Find the mistake...

Since I drive in Bavaria, it is actually the same for all locations. 20 € / h standby flat rate, 56 € per patient (GKV), surcharges for long / weekend / night assignments. And private patients are billed themselves. Makes the whole thing more complicated, but at my location with 3-6 deployments in 24 hours, I usually get 35-40 € / h. In addition, there is a security surcharge of 112 € at my location during the day on working days from the district. I'm quite satisfied with it, it's a nice change from the clinic and working much more relaxed.

Thank you for all of your feedback.
As with many of you, I enjoy the services, which provide a good change from everyday life in the clinic, and the workload is usually lower.

If you could only organize yourself and no one would accept services at 30 € / h, a good hourly wage would also be possible with the same fun.

Organizing yourself is definitely a good idea! We did this at several locations in North-Württemberg and were able to negotiate € 35 / h plus € 40 per use across several districts, so you can actually guarantee an average of over € 40 per hour in 24 hours. Nevertheless, the emergency doctors are not enough. If someone is still bored, they can write to me at info (@), services can be found ...

How did you solve the problem with bogus self-employment and the Working Hours Act?

to a large extent, of course, about the changes to the social security code last year. Otherwise, the organization offers itself as a cooperative. This makes it easier to meet the criteria for non-dependent employment

In Upper Austria, the recommended tariff (which is usually adhered to) is 80.00 per hour or 100/120 for Saturday / Sunday for real NA things. For ambulance activities, transports and lectures 120, - each for the first 6 hours, then 100 each. Everything is gross.

I hope by the hour or in total?

I hope by the hour or in total?

Exactly, per hour, thanks for the hint, has been added.

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