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Australian superlatives

Yes, it almost looks like Australia stands for extremes, there are plenty of examples:
  • The most remote city in the world is the capital of Western Australia Perth. The nearest major city to Adelaide is 2,845 km and to Darwin 4,175 km.
  • As already mentioned, the city lies with the highest beer consumption worldwide per inhabitant in Australia. With 230 liters per inhabitant per year, Darwin clearly tops the list.

  • The most poisonous snake of the world is inland taipan, which is native to Australia. It is generally only aggressive when the outside temperature is high. The third most poisonous land snake, the coastal taipan, on the other hand, is very fast and aggressive, which is why it is generally classified as the most dangerous snake in the world, and it is only found in Australia.

    The most venomous snakes in the world, all native to Australia, also include the King Brown Snake, Mainland & Eastern Tiger Snake, Tiger Snake, Black Tiger Snake, Death Adder and Western Brown Snake. Overall, the continent is home to more venomous than non-venomous snakes!
  • The largest coral reef The earth is located on the Australian east coast and deserves the name "Great Barrier Reef".
  • The worldwide most attended club championship event is the Grand Final of the Australian Football League (AFL). 97,431 spectators watch the final, which takes place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, every year. Another 3.3 million sit in front of the television.
  • Also the world's longest gondola lift is located in Australia. The "Skyrail Rainforest Cableway" starts 15 minutes north of Cairns and ends in Kuranda. The 7.5 km long route leads over rainforests and waterfalls. The area has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

So one is not surprised at the news that a pig from Australia, according to its owner, secured a place in the Guinness Book of Records in August 2006 with a 3.30 meter jump. "The animal jumped from a five-meter-high platform into a water-filled basin at the Royal Darwin Show in northern Australia." Miss Piggy "was sure to win the record because she was the only competitor."


The "insider tips"

To speak of insider tips is perhaps a bit of an understatement, because among Australia connoisseurs these are highlights that are often overshadowed by other attractions internationally.

Sydney is certainly rightly considered one of the world's most beautiful cities. But its "main competitor", 875 km further south Melbourne has the edge in some disciplines:

  • In 2002, 2004 and 2005 the city was voted one of the "World's Most Livable Cities" by "The Economist".
  • Due to numerous major sporting events, it can certainly be called the "sports capital" of Australia. After all, the first Summer Olympics on Australian soil took place here in 1956 and the Commonwealth Games were held in 2006. The "Australian Open" and the Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as the AFL Grand Final are also internationally known.
  • Melbourne also has a lot to offer culturally: the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has been held annually in April since 1987 and is now the third largest comedy festival in the world after Edinburgh and Montreal. With over 170,000 viewers and a large program, the Melbourne International Film Festival is the largest of its kind on Australian soil. It has been taking place since 1951, making it one of the oldest film festivals.

The Great Barrier Reef is certainly the world's largest coral reef, but it has a "competitor" on the west coast. The Ningaloo Reef is a more than 250 km long coral reef that stretches along the "Coral Coast". It has the great advantage that on many beaches it is barely 100 m from the mainland, so that it is a popular water sports area not only for divers, but also for swimmers and snorkelers. It is approximately 1,200 km north of Perth.

Australia's smallest state Tasmania is about 240 km south of the Australian mainland, 2,000 km further south is only the Antarctic. About a quarter of the island is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 45% of the island is made up of national parks. In the oldest, the Freycinet National Park, is the "Wineglass Bay", whose beach was voted one of the ten most beautiful by international travel magazines. The 80 km long Overland Track, which leads from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair - the deepest lake in Australia - is one of the most popular long-distance hiking trails in Australia. Over 8,000 hikers cover this route every year.

Tasmania gained notoriety, especially in Europe, in May 2004 at the latest, when the Danish Crown Prince Frederik Mary Donaldson, who comes from the capital Hobart, married. Then who cares that Hobart has the second deepest port in the world after Rio de Janeiro?


Australia from A to Z

Finally, a few tips for a better understanding of Australian English as well as a few words that you may need to know before departure:

A.ussies:Friendly description of the people of Australia
B.ondi Beach:One of the most famous beaches is in the Sydney district of the same name
C.rocodile D.undee: The 1986 film with Paul Hogan shaped the image of the "typical" Australian around the world. The film won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar.
E.chidna:Name for the Echidna, which only occurs in Australia
F.ooty:Abbreviation for Australian Football. Most of the words are abbreviated by Aussies, because the shorter the mouth is open when talking, the fewer mosquitoes can fly in! Also important words: breaky = breakfast, barbie = barbecue or mozzie = mosquito.

Great Ocean Road:One of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world that goes from Geelong to Warrnambool.
Harbor Bridge:The bridge, which opened in 1932, is one of Sydney's landmarks alongside the opera.
I.ndian Pacific:Rail link running from Sydney to Perth. The train takes around 65 hours to cover the 4,352 km route. In addition, "The Ghan" from Adelaide via Alice Springs to Darwin and "The Overland" from Melbourne to Adelaide belong to the "Great Southern Railways".
Joey:Name of the offspring of the kangaroos
Kylie Minogue:Her big breakthrough came in 1986 with the TV soap "Neighbors". Her first international single, "I Should Be So Lucky", became a worldwide hit in 1988.

L.ifesaver:"Surf lifesaving" was written in Sydney in 1907. Today there are over 300 clubs that collectively guard over 400 beaches. Since it is believed that they have saved over 520,000 lives so far, they are considered true folk heroes.
M.ate:This is understood to be a real friend, but unknown passers-by are also addressed in this way.
Neighbors:The soap opera has been on Australian television since March 1985. Today it is watched by just under a million Aussies and around 3 million Britons.
Oz:This is what Australians, who tend to abbreviate, call their continent.
Possum:Marsupial found in Australia and offshore islands. It was introduced in New Zealand, where it poses a threat to native wildlife, particularly flightless birds such as the kiwi.

Qantas:Today it is the largest Australian airline with its home base "Kingsford Smith InternationalAirport" in Sydney. The name originally meant "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services".
R.oad train:This long truck combination ensures the supply of remote regions in the Australian outback. The very low traffic density allows for extraordinary train lengths. Operation is not permitted in metropolitan areas. Outside the larger cities, the roadtrains are split into "normal" transport units and then enter the metropolitan areas as shorter trains.
S.tubby:usually a 375 ml beer bottle. The Darwin Stubby contains 2 liters!
Tin the Tam:Australia's most popular chocolate biscuit, which is now available in 9 varieties. Around 35 million packs of almost 400 million biscuits are sold every year. The name comes from a horse that won the "Kentucky Derby" in 1958.
Uluru:one of the most photographed subjects and sacred place of the Aborigines.

V.B: Abbreviation for the most popular beer in Australia. Despite its name, the Victoria Bitter is a lager.
W.compulsory:It rules in Australia. The first time you stay away, you have to pay about $ 250, if you stay away again, you will be jailed.
INXS:The Australian rock band was formed in the late 1970s. In the 80s and early 90s she was one of the defining forces of the Australian rock scene and achieved international success. A career highlight was the concert on July 13, 1991 in London's Wembley Stadium in front of 72,000 spectators. In 1997 the charismatic lead singer Michael Hutchence died.
Yagunna avashowah?Of course, this means "Are you going to have a shower?"
ZIg Zag Railway:The first railway over the mountains, built in the 1860s, ran on steam until 1994, after which old diesel engines were used.

- Australia: more than just Sydney and kangaroos? + G'Day
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