What Makes Prescription Glasses So Expensive

Glasses + medication

Co-payment for medication

Prescription drugs can be expensive
A prescription is usually given after the doctor's visit. With it you go to the pharmacy and receive a drug that alleviates the symptoms and helps you get well again as quickly as possible. But for some drugs, this step is more expensive than expected, because the statutory health insurance only pays part of it. Security against high expenses for medication can only be offered by private health insurance, but this must also be affordable.

One way out of this dilemma is through the employer: With a company health insurance the co-payments for medication are significantly higher than for statutory health insurance; some providers even reimburse drug costs in full.

Statutory health insurance companies cut their benefits
The costs for medical services of all kinds are increasing. At the same time, the reimbursements by the statutory health insurance companies are falling. This is due to the population development in Germany. Much more elderly people from the high-birth cohorts of the last century live here today than young people from the time around the turn of the millennium. Naturally, older people are unfortunately more often ill and therefore need medication more often.

In order to fulfill its legal mandate, the medical one primary care to ensure for all German citizens, the statutory health insurance companies are therefore forced to reduce the benefits that go beyond the basic provision.

Among other things, everyone who is legally insured now has to pay their own share for each drug. And this share can be up to ten euros per drug.

Comprehensive health protection through company health insurance.
A very special advantage of the company health insuranceis that the entry conditions contain almost no entry barriers. Depending on the tariff, the contract is concluded with 5 or more employees in the company, without a health check being necessary beforehand. Even existing previous illnesses of individual members have no effect. Family members can also be included in the group insurance for employees of a company.