Why do guys really mean that

Text messaging: That guys really mean it!

You can write this to your crush if you don't know what to answer

Bye, long stare at the display.

Yay! Your crush finally gave you their cell phone number. And now there was even the first WhatsApp message. But what answer so as not to appear boring or conceited?We have suggestions that will win you over immediately.

1. He writes: "Hey, how are you? What are you doing these days? "

If he writes that, he'll be interested in you. However, he does not want to commit to the point in time - because it could be that you do not have time - and that would be embarrassing for him. Now you can definitely do a dance of joy in front of your mobile phone. However, you should stay cool with him.Say you have something planned for the next few days, but let me know as soon as you have some air. After all, boys want girls they can't have easily.

2. He writes: "What are you doing on the weekend?"

He wants to check the situation with it. Do you already have an appointment with your friends? Then ask him if he wants to come with you. So your loved ones can also get an idea of ​​him.

3. He writes: "Got home safe yesterday?"

You were out with your girls and this message is waiting for you the next day? Congratulations. He just couldn't get you out of his head - and he wants you to keep him on his radar. Your answer:Tell him how great the evening was so that he feels like he has missed something.

4. He writes: "I'm out and about with my buddies."

No, that's not a rebuff. He just wants to tell you that he doesn't have time to text you right now - so you don't worry. Now it is very important to stay calm and give him space.Just wish him a lot of fun and get back to you the next day - or wait until he answers. Because there's one thing guys don't like: jealousy.

5. He writes: "Would you like to come over spontaneously?"

No, no, and once again no! Because that means he just wants sex. And you're definitely not making it that easy for him! To find out if he's really serious about you, you shouldanswer politely that unfortunately you are up to something. If he gets in touch again in the next few days and wants to meet you in the café, cinema or ice cream parlor, there might be a little more seriousness behind it.

6. He writes: "Yes, we can do it"

He really means: Even if you want to do a certain thing - he really doesn't feel like doing it. But to avoid any argument with you, he doesn't give his opinion and complies. You shouldn't go into that right now - he'll notice that it was the right decision!

7. He writes: "The meeting with you was really nice."

You spent time together for the first time and now this message flutters onto your cell phone? Jackpot! Apparently he thinks you are really good and wants to meet you again soon! Now the motto is: don't reveal too much.Let him know that you enjoyed the evening too and that you had fun. This way you won't reveal anything about your feelings for him and he'll worry about whether you like him or not. So you keep staying interesting.

8. He writes: "I love you"

He really means: It takes a lot of work to get those three magical words out of a guy. And when he's finally said it, he usually can't get enough of it. But when he writes it to you - in black and white - then he really means it!

9. He writes: "Come on over too"

He really means: He's out with his people and writes you this sentence? Then his friends get on his nerves and he tries to encourage you to come to make his day more bearable. Good sign, because he wants you with him. You shouldn't hesitate any longer.

10. He writes: "Sorry, I completely forgot to write back"

He really means: Sorry, but if he really has feelings for you or if it is important to him to write to you, he would take the time to do it right away. This is a cheap excuse to explain the radio silence from his side. It is high time not to answer and to let him fidget from time to time!

11. He writes: "Where do we want to meet?"

You have a date, and now this question comes up. Great. That doesn’t speak for him - he didn’t seem to give a thought. Your answer:Write the place and time (because you don't have time for such an eternal back and forth!). Hopefully it'll tear his character out again ...