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Rest in Kuwait, best prices for tours to Kuwait. What are the holidays in kuwait and how to shop them and celebrate kuwait souvenirs

Why Kuwait?

This country is rarely chosen for a relaxed beach vacation. Usually the mother tourists who have seen many Arab states and are ready to replenish their piggy bank with the acquaintance of this colorful sheikhhood go here. An excellent choice for travel when you are tired of endless crowds of tourists and have attacked the annex - you won't meet any of that here. A trip to Kuwait is particularly attractive to wealthy tourists, as the prices of rest and accommodation here depend on the ambitions of vacationers. If desired, it is easy to find luxurious apartments that are worthy of the emir himself.

Since tourism is not developed here, prepare for not the best service and poor infrastructure in finding cheaper options. However, if you competently organize your vacation, you can have a very good time and get a lot of bright impressions from a trip to this country.

Characteristics of culture.

The main thing that you need to know to go to Kuwait is a ban on alcohol. In this state it is everywhere, but the solar can find a way out. However, it is necessary to do it carefully. The entire culture of the country is built on Islamic traditions, so women, including tourists, humble, humble, cover shoulders, legs, chest and, if possible, hair. 5 times a day through the streets of the cities, the call from Muzzin and most of the population becomes prayer. The land of the unpaid and local residents live, no one who does not reject. Therefore there are many different villas, houses, private, fenced-in USser.

Top 3 interesting places

Look in Kuwait has something. These are not only historical and cultural attractions, but also non-cracking nature, a wide variety of flora and fauna. For a complete picture of this country be sure to visit the city:

  1. - The capital of the state, which is home to countless museums, original architectural objects, majestic mosques. One of these cities deserves to live there for a month.
  2. El Ahmadi - will interest those who want to learn about the specifics of the oil industry.
  3. Al-JAHRA is the site of the Martial Glory of Kuwaitsev where they won the historic victory over Sauditi.

Of natural and cultural attractions, tourists traditionally recommend the Fayog Island, where they await a meeting with ancient ancient temples, unique excavations and an archaeological reserve. And if you want to immerse yourself in the world of unforgettable adventures, visit the park "City of Entertainment" - this is a lot of amazing attractions, divided into thematic zones. An excellent way to have an unforgettable time.

When it is better to relax

The optimal time for a comfortable stay - winter, when warm dry weather is installed on the bank of the Persian Gulf, almost without rain. If you want to see how the desert blooms, come here in October and be allowed - a wonderful and incredibly beautiful sight.

Safety regulations

The criminal atmosphere in Kuwait is relatively calm. The police work in good faith and quickly stop violating the order. There are no particular restrictions on the promotion of the land. However, generally accepted norms of behavior should be observed. Before traveling, it is recommended to have a typhoid and polio vaccination. This is not a mandatory requirement; it is desirable in order to perform. Also collect luggage carefully when entering the country - it is forbidden to bring alcohol, drugs, food, water, groceries, books, pork leather products, etc. The list of prohibited items is quite wide and needs to be studied.

There are holidays like this in Kuwait.

Normal New Year - January 1st.
Independence Day (from the British) - February 25th.
Liberation Day (from damn Iraq) - February 26th.
The holy month of Ramadan (28-30 days). The term depends on the position of the moon.
Eid Al-Fitr - Ramadan End Holiday (3-4 days). Deadlines depend on what the moon is seen on in the older sights.
Eid al-adha - 3-4 days. Holidays ends Holy Hajj - pilgrimage in Mecca and Medina. (In 1998 I received a more detailed explanation of Eid Al-Adha via email, but I lost it somewhere, didn't have time to paste it on my pages. As soon as I find it - paste it right away.)
Mount Arafat (WAFQA) - 0-1 day. It can move and cancel depending on the moon. In 1995, along with Eid Al-Adha, he was marked in one calendar in one row, and in the other - was not. And they took it - and canceled!
Islamic New Year.
Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed
The Ascension Day of the Prophet Mohammed
In general, in addition to the first three public holidays, all others are counted on the lunar calendar - Hijra, and each year each year has been moved about 10 days earlier in our calendar. The exact calculation of the date is impossible in advance, as it depends on which moon appears in the sky. Basically, the calendar shifts occur at the end of the lunar month of Ramadan, which can be 28, then 29 or even 30 days. However, the calendar shifts in one of the lunar months are possible.

Also in many companies it is unofficially allowed not to come to work during Christmas and Easter - for non-Musulman. There are no rounds or references about it, but everyone just doesn't come to work and no one asks them why?

On the days of liberation and independence, all of Kuwait leaves on the streets on the streets, particularly on the Arab Gulf Strait (Persian / Arab Bay Naberezhnya), and begins to ride back and forth and bibing at the same time. As the number of machines on the Gulf Street increases, the possibility of movement disappears and the machines start moving at a speed of 1 meter in 5 minutes. To roll or leave someone is impossible, because everything is clogged with machines everywhere. After 2-3 hours of driving hours at such a speed, the engines will overheat and overheat and they will stop in the middle of the road, the mark is completely complete.

In the month of Ramadan one cannot eat, drink or smoke in the light of the sun. But in the evening and at night you can eat and smoke for the dive that all Muslims do. For the convenience of Lake Kuwait eating all night, the start of work this month is carried over at 9:00 or 9:30 a.m. and ending at 1:30 p.m. or 2:30 p.m., and the working day is on 4- 5 hours reduced. All restaurants are only open at sunset. Branches work in the afternoon, but the police are carefully monitoring those who smoke or eat on the street in the street - they will be planted immediately in Zindan by the end of the month. Newspapers reported about a prisoner with a cigarette. In Ramadan, 1995 in the newspaper Araber Zeiten there was a note:

"A police patrol passed on the street and saw that he was smoking from the doors of a store. A police patrol entered the store and saw that the clerk of the Filipino nationality was smoking a cigarette. A police patrol questioned the manager of the store, that is, the one Filipino nationality vendor actively smokes cigarettes and creates cooler drinks on a bright day of the day. A police patrol crossed the Filipino nationality plumb line at the police station where it was defined for staying in Zindan before the end of the holy month of Ramadan. "

A special committee for observing the moon (Moon Watching Committee) has been established for the correct and absolutely precise determination of the time limits for the beginning and the end of Ramadan. It was shown on television. There is a person from 30 to 50. They sit on the sofas and he explain once a year when the beginning of Ramadan, then about the beginning of Ramadan, then explain, then - about its end and about the duration of the Events of the end of Ramadan Eid Al-Fitr. There are such committees in other Arab countries. They compete with each other in the accuracy of predicting the deadlines of Ramadan. In 1995 the Kuwaiti Committee accurately predicted the term, and Egyptian fell wrong one day.

In fact, the standard is the committee in Saudi Arabia: as it will say, so Ramadan and begins. But the rest of the committees do this from sports parts. What are these committees during the rest of the year, the television is not reported. Abu Dhabi, December 23. (CORR.ITAR-TASS VIKTOR LEBEDEV).

Saudi authorities officially allowed the use of observatories and technical means to observe the celestial bodies in order to spot Ramadan's Crucible Cruscent in the sky.

Depending on the printing, the decision will be made at yesterday's meeting of the Kingdom Cabinet. It is based on the recommendation of the Council of Shura, which in turn was led by Vaterwood (Religious Law) published by Saudi Ulemov.

The Muslim Post Offensive of Ramadan begins at the end of this period in the history of the kingdom for the first time in the history of the kingdom recorded by technical means of observing the sky.

Ramadan, a monthly morality and morality that the righteous should devote to cases when it begins food, drink, and marriage, not in all countries, begins at the same time. Islamic theologians believe that the beginning of Ramadan, in which the Koran was notes, cannot be calculated, but is determined visually in any particular country or region.

According to the arrangement of the Arab countries, the traditions of the post post can explain to each of their residents what is aimed at the nearest Sharia court that they saw the golden sickle of Ramadan.

Some theologians believe that the newborn month appears in the night sky no later than 16 minutes after sunset. Now, with the most modern means of observing the sky, you may be able to see the sickle you want a little earlier.

Kuwait Cleaning Company - Kuwaiti Claim Company. There is a visit to the Filipinous and Bangladegesay. They live in barracks with 100-200 people, they are carried together to work and from working on such moving means, intermediate trailers in which passengers take passengers to the airport, and machines for the transport of rams on three levels. You usually pay them from 20 to 30 dinars per month (65-100 dollars). Kuwaitians receive a salary of 400-600 to 1500-2000 and about 3,000 dinars per month. (It seems that the average salary in Russia is $ 100?)

On all other holidays, Kuwaitz sleeps during the day and in the evening they fall with whole families on lawns and lawns, which take with them a huge amount of food. Until late at night, they are continually crushed and throwing litter on their backs. When they go home all sorts of philippines from the Kuwait cleaning company will collect their mud from the lawns.

In addition to the official salaries, the indigenous Kuwaitians have a large number of benefits, bonuses, bonuses, etc., no income from "business". For example, large families (and those with low legs - too) receive benefits for children, and lonely citizens receive benefits for the loss of loved ones. There are special benefits - for the head of the family, for the wife of the head of the family, for a family without a chapter, for school children, for children, for children, for students, for people with disabilities, for citizens of old age, For loss the serious winner in the war with damn Iraq, for material damage, for moral damage and for everything that only happens in (Arabic). It would be easier not to calculate it all, but to distribute money to all Kuwaiti citizens immediately, as they are still getting it from one article or - on the other.

What advantages established, for example, a decree on the right to receive, sizes and termination of general support.

In the name of Allah of the Meal, Merciful!
Article 2.
Install the main help for obtaining the following sizes:
60 dinars - for the head of a family or a person who has no family.
40 dinars - for spouses.
35 dinars - for a university student.
30 Dinars - for a student from an institution that does not award a degree in university education.
25 Dinars - for high school students.
20 dinars - for a graduate school.
15 dinars - to increase.
Assistance is provided to 15 members of a family.
In the absence of the family head, the commission provides the right to get it (IT) to help a family member.<...>

Article 3.
Everyone has the right to get help<...> Payment compensation for water and electricity consumption<...>
Article 5.
Anyone learning or improving the qualifications<...> Paid monthly 30 dinars<...> (It does not take into account the full payment of all costs to any Kuwaiti education to study at any university in the world, according to his personal choice. - S.K.)
Article 6.
<...> Raised one of the parents, round orphans and adopted<...> monthly receive 30 dinars<...>

For those who do not know or forget, I want to remind myself that special government agencies carefully monitor the maids, digs and other categories of workers, do not receive over 30 dinars ($ 100) per month. A very good salary for the road worker, who has worked 8 to 12 hours under the Scoring Sun, is the amount of 50-60 dinars (170-200 USD) per month. Only the most revealing bases of capitalist construction workers can count on 90-100 dinars ($ 300-330) a month, but such - units.

Kuwait The hotel is located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula and refers to Southwest Asia. The state includes the mainland of the country and the nine islands of the Persian Gulf, the largest of which is the file. In the north and north-west borders with Iraq, in the south and south-west - with Saudi Arabia, and in the east the waters of the Persian Gulf wash in the east.
Kuwait The earth is considered exotic legends with a rich history and culture. Extensive sandy beaches that stretch all over the coast of the Persian Gulf attract tourists with their chic hotels, modern shopping centers and entertainment complexes. In addition to modern buildings, architectural buildings of different eras, built long before our era, are interesting.
The combination of the modern lifespan of the population with the ancient traditions of the region will rest Kuwait Unforgettable and no rest in other countries.

Capital and major cities of Kuwait

Capital Kuwait It's the city of El Kuwait - the country's administrative and shopping center.
The other largest cities in the country include JAHRA, El Ahmadi, Salmia, Safat, Al-Jasra.
The state is divided into 6 provinces ("Mohafaz"), which in turn are divided into areas.
Kuwait It's part of the United Nations.

Sightseeing Kuwaita.

Main attraction Kuwait Contains a number of amazing architectural wonders, including not only modern but also traditional Arabic architecture.

To travel the country visit the towers Kuwait, Freedom Tower, Rajab National Museum, Kuwait Mosque, entertainment fights, liberation monuments, communal gardens, music fountain and zoological park.

Famous towers Kuwait They are three towers, two of which are waterproof, and the third - lights the other two. You are in the capital of Al Kuwait, on the cape that goes into the Persian Gulf waters.

The Freedom Tower, named after triumphing in the war with Iraq in the Persian Gulf, reaches a height of 372 meters, the fifth in the height of the world's telecommunications tower and the tallest in the central eastern region. The tower offers a beautiful view of the city of El Kuwait.

National Museum Kuwait It is a must see for tourists interested in Islamic history and art. Rare Islamic manuscripts and books are kept here. The museum comprises four buildings with a beautiful garden.

The SIF Palace, built in the twentieth century, is the official residence of the Emirov court. A distinctive feature of the palace is a watchtower covered with blue tiles and decorated with a ceiling panel made of pure gold.

File Island is one of the most beautiful and famous historical islands in Kuwait. It combines an ancient and modern history of the country.The island is rich in cultural and historical attractions from different eras, since the end of the third millennium BC. e. and in modern times.

Popular with tourists and the Grand Park "Entertainment City" (20 kilometers from the city of Kuwait). It is the city of Ali-Baba and Sinbad with lots of sightseeing, fun festivals and all kinds of representations. The park has three thematic zones: "Arab World", "The Whole World" and "The World of the Future".

Climate and Weather Kuwait

Climate B. Kuwait Tropical dry. The year is divided into two seasons: relatively rainy winter and dry summer. The average daily air temperature in January is +13 ° C (maximum - +18 ° C), in July - +36 ° C (maximum can reach a maximum of +50 ° C). The temperature of the water in winter is about +16 ° C, and in summer - + 26 ... + 37 ° C. The rainy season usually occurs from October to April, and every 3-5 years in Kuwait Drought happen.
Best time to visit Kuwait - Autumn and spring (excluding the rainy season) when the weather in the country is not too hot.

Nature Kuwait

Natural attractions Kuwait Include a national park and two reserves that contain wetlands. The national park, which covers an area of ​​25,000 hectares, includes the elevation of the JAL-AZ-ZOR and the part of the north coast of the Persian Gulf with coastal or colored sponge and sand dunes.
The JAHRA reserve covers an area of ​​250 hectares and includes artificial wetlands with wastewater from lagoon and crow dickets in the far west of the bay.

The Doha Reserve, which is located on the peninsula in Sulaybihat Bay, is characterized by a wide variety of migratory birds.

Located on one of the most glorious coastlines in the Middle East, Kuwait The incredible beauty of the Persian Gulf can legally surprise you. The country's beaches will be a great place for those looking to relax and unwind, as well as enjoy the picturesque seascapes.

Messil's private beach - one of the best in Kuwait. By occupying one of the largest beach areas, it offers guests the option of being soaked in the purest of white sand and swimming in luxurious azure waters.

The Persian Gulf waters have a wide range of marine inhabitants, so for amateurs of outdoor activities, diving with diving with diving is at least a fascinating profession.
Another great way to take in the beauty of the coast is to take a boat trip. You can swim dhow on the traditional Arab boat or rent a yacht.

Culture and National Characteristics of Kuwait

All festive events. Kuwait associated with Muslim holidays according to the Islamic lunar calendar. Among them: the holy month of Ramadan, Aid Al-Fitr, Gadir-Hadr (Gadir-Hoj or Gadir-Hu - the holiday of the day of the appointment of Imam Ali from the Prophet's successor) and Rabi-Ul-Avval (birthday and Imam Sadeka ). These holidays are celebrated across the country.
Liberation Day (February 25th) is not considered an official holiday, but there are also notes across the country.

Kuwait kitchen

To the Kuwait Characterized traditional Muslim cuisine. Therefore, beef, veal, Kozdyatin, poultry, various fish, vegetables and eggs are usually used in meat dishes. Rice is widely used as a side dish.
National dishes Kuwait We recommend that you have fried meatballs from Keba, lamb from Guzi, stuffed with nuts and rice. Different types of kebabs: tikka, kebab (made from pickled lamb or beef), tikka dazage (made from chicken) or shish kebab (made from LAMB); Traditional shawarma and a chicken with honey al-mandy.
Since the Koran forbids drinking alcohol, the drink alcoholic beverages is forbidden in public places and only allowed in some institutions. Alcohol can be bought in your hotel's restaurant or bar.

Shopping and souvenirs Kuwait

As souvenirs from Kuwait Usually bring jewelry, Persian and Afghan carpets, as well as various souvenirs in the form of camel figurines and elephants, glass bottles with perfume and many others.
B. KuwaitIt is necessary to visit the pleasant Friday bazaar-Arabic analogue of the flea market, in which you will surely give amazingly low prices on goods from all over the Middle East.
It should be noted that in Kuwait Before buying, the common practice is to bargain with bargains and get the price twice less than what you are ready to buy to start with.

Kuwait water and food

Tap water B. Kuwait It's chlorinated and relatively safe to drink. However, it is best to drink bottled water to drink.
Milk and dairy products in Kuwait usually pasteurize. Meat, fish, seafood, bird meat, fruits and vegetables can also be used without feet.

Kuwait currency exchange

Official currency Kuwait It is Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD), which is made up of 1000 Phils. Throughout the country there are banknotes in 250 and 500 phils, 1, 5, 10 and 20 dinars and coins with a face value of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 phils.
Exchange of foreign currency for Kuwaiti dinars can be done in banks, exchange offices and large stores. It should be remembered that in many banks the currency rate and the commission depend on the amount of the exchange amounts: the more the amount, the more profitable the rate. Therefore, it is necessary to find the presence of the commission and its percentage in each bank separately.
Banks work Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays until 11 a.m.
Calculated foreign currency in Kuwait Not accepted, however some small traders may exist in the market. Major bank and credit cards are accepted in all major banks, shops, hotels and hotels. You can remove cash in almost any ATM in the bank.

Communication and Internet Kuwait

Communication system B. Kuwait Developed at a high level. The country uses cellular communication of the GSM 900/1800 standard.
Belarusian cell systems (MTS, VELK) offer international roaming services. The cost of connecting this service must be declared in the offices of mobile operators.
With the help of a telephone card (prepaid card) you can make calls from any telephone. The card can be purchased in post kiosks and some shops as well as in petrol stations.
Internet cafe in. Kuwait Not very common The easiest way to get online is to contact a large hotel that always has computers with network access. Owners of laptops with a modem can buy a special prepayment card and connect to the phone line.
  • Calls from the country to Belarus from the mobile phone: + 375- (city code) - (phone number)
  • Calls from the country to Belarus from stationary: 8-10-375- (city code) - (phone number)
  • Calls from Belarus to the country from the mobile phone: + 965- (city code) - (phone number)
  • Calls from Belarus to the country from stationary: 8-10-965- (city code) - (phone number)

Kuwait's essential telephones

Visa Kuwait.

Visa opening: at the airport

To visit Kuwait It is necessary to have a visa. The visa opens on arrival in the country and is infected at the airport or at the border point. Visa opens for up to 30 days.

Visa type:

  • tourist visa at the border / arrival

Total number of documents for issuing a visa section


  • ! Must contain at least 2 pure pages that are intended for Visa
  • ! The period of validity should exceed the date of the alleged exit from the territory of the state at least 6 months

Color photo:

  • ! 2 photos are required
  • format 3.0x4.0 cm.

Documents confirming the purpose of travel and accommodation:

  • !Invitation
  • confirmation of hotel armor


  • valid travel documents or ticket booking at the end of the plane / train / bus (original and copy)

Confirmation of financial support and profession:

  • extract from a bank account


    If a tourist passport contains any stamps from the Customs Service of Israel, a visa will be refused. Women in addition to Kuwait, without paying their husbands, brothers or children, in the creation of preferred short-term entry visas, which as a rule reject each other.

Visa Collection Payment:

  • The visa fee is paid upon arrival at the airport

For teenagers:

  • if a younger child is traveling without a parent / or with one of the parents / with a relative / accompanying person, a notarized copy of consent and its notarized translation into English should be provided

Kuwait border crossing

IN THE Kuwait Import and export of national and foreign currency is not limited. Duty free import of cigarettes is allowed - 500 pieces. Or tobacco - 500 gr., Objects and personal use things - within the limits of personal needs.
The importation of weapons, drugs, alcoholic beverages, soft beer, food, the pork, pork leather products, wild animals, pyrotechnic products, gas and pneumatic rifles and pistols, military and police uniforms are prohibited.
The export of narcotic substances, weapons, certain types of food and medicines, non-ferrous metals, antiquity and art that do not have an appropriate export license are prohibited.

Public transportation Kuwaita.

Get in Kuwait Can be on an airplane or watery. The international airport is 16 kilometers from the capital and the largest port is 50 kilometers south of the Persian Gulf.
Public transport in cities Kuwait Mainly presented by buses and taxis. Comforts are often crowded and sometimes run in chaotic mode, the best way to get around town is by taxi. There are three types of taxi in the country: a calling taxi, which must be ordered by phone, most often this type of taxi serves hotels, the tariff is higher than other taxi services; Taxis parked at the airport usually operate at a standard rate. And orange taxis that can be stopped on the road, travel expenses can be arranged with the driver.

Transport schedule from the Republic of Belarus in international communication

  • Schedule of the international passenger trains of the Republic of Belarus
  • Schedule of buses of international routes of the Republic of Belarus
  • Flights of flight Minsk-2 International Airport

Border crossings, border, customs:

  • Rules for crossing the state border of the Republic of Belarus

Rent a car Kuwaita

IN THE Kuwait Car rental service is available. Companies involved in car rental are located at both the airport and the airport and in the city (at the airport, the car will cost more). To rent you need an international driver's license, a credit card.

Properties of PDD Kuwaita

IN THE Kuwait Got the right traffic.
The speed mode is limited to 60-80 km / h in the city and 120 km / h on the tracks. In addition, automatic picture frames are installed on the streets.
Directions of all highways and highways in the country are free. In addition, the city has a sufficient amount of free parking spaces.

Medical aid and insurance from Kuwait

Health insurance
IN THE Kuwait medical service paid. You even have to pay for an emergency. Therefore, before traveling, be sure to take care of the acquisition more reliable health insurance policy..
If you have issued health insurance, the insurance company will organize emergency emergencies and compensate for medical expenses in the event of sudden illness and accident, medical evacuation, calls to the insurance or service companies.
When creating a medical insurance policy Chtup "Travel Industry" Provide information about the medical services you need to provide KuwaitAnd how they are paid. The careless attitude towards the design of health insurance can lead to large expenses in the event of illness, accident or transportation of the dead.
Research your health insurance. Remember that your health insurance only covers injuries and sudden illnesses that are chronic. If you have an acute chronic illness while traveling, then health insurance cannot help in this case. Cost of treatment that you have to pay for.
Insurance companies guarantee the provision of all medical care abroad within a certain amount of money insurance amount.
Determined based on the size of the insured sum and the number of days of travel insurance premium - The amount you pay to buy a policy (the fewer days the trip takes, the cheaper the insurance premium).
In the presence of an additional risk, you will be injured as a result of practicing dangerous sports, etc. When calculating the insurance premium improve the coefficient.
When an insured event has occurred
case of insurance - This is an event provided by the insurance contract, at which the insurance company gives the obligation to pay insurance compensation.
What should actions be? Kuwait When occurring case of insurance?
Suppose you suddenly have the temperature and need urgent help from the doctor. His insurance will tell you the phone you need to call for (this is the assistant company's phone). The dispatcher will ask for your insurance policy number, your last name, where you are and what happened to you. After that, call the phone number from which you are calling and waiting for the doctor.
It happens that establishing a preliminary diagnosis is very difficult, or urgent medical advice on the phone is required - in this case, a duty officer of the assistant company is counted. According to the named symptoms he will define to the doctor whose profile must be sent.
After receiving the necessary medical services, log on to the bill, which will then be sent to the insurance company for payment. At the same time, no money pays! The only thing you might have to pay for is to call. However, these expenses, the insurer, will reimburse you if you submit a paid account with an indication of the phone number.
There are cases regardless of the doctor. In such a situation, it is necessary to collect all the documents with an indication of the diagnosis and the amount paid. Returning to Belarus, these documents should be submitted to the insurance company, and within 15 days you will receive the costs incurred.
A more serious situation when a person is hospitalized. Then give the assistant company a call - be sure! Only in this case the victim is guaranteed in a good chamber, careful care, control over treatment.

Security Kuwait

Currently the security situation in Kuwait Very quiet. Law enforcement agencies control and create favorable conditions for both local residents and foreigners.
To be present Kuwait It is necessary to follow the preservation of personal belongings and documents (with it it is always better to have a photocopy of the passport). In places of high concentration of people, it is recommended to be extra vigilant as there is a chance of pocket theft and robbery. Values ​​and large amounts of money are best to leave at the hotel.
Before traveling B. Kuwait It is recommended to have the vaccination against poliomyelitis and typhoid.

Smoking kuwait

IN THE Kuwait Smoking is of course not permitted by the Qur'an, but there are still no strict prohibitions in this country.

A foreign tourist will need a visa. Unfortunately, tourism Kuwaita. It is not highly developed, although hopefully the country's government will raise more awareness of this area as other non-oil related areas are being developed at the state level today.

There is infrastructure, excellent and even luxurious hotels in the country, but experts cite two main reasons for the lack of tourist interest in Kuwait, firstly there are high costs and secondly a ban on alcohol in the country.

Resorts of Kuwait.

Little Emirates tourists are advised that they are designed for the Kuwaitts themselves rather than for foreigners. tourism The country is not that popular, and there are mostly seasoned tourists who have visited neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Kuwait ski resorts.

Most of the country is covered in deserts and the average daily newspaper temperature in January is + 13 ° C and the freezing only within the country here is rather an exception. Hence it is when skiing on sand vegans.Although local residents prefer sand dunes to conquer on jeeps.

Therapeutic resorts of Kuwaita

Specialized as such are absent when there are a number of health services, they are located in hotels or spas. The prices are high like anywhere else in the country.

Tours Kuwait.

The fair as such does not exist, but this region is considered to be one of the most promising as there are both the sights of Kuwait that deserve the attention of the distinguished public.

Rest in Kuwait

In the Asian countries, it is difficult to imagine a budget vacation option. According to travelers, it is noteworthy that there are no enclosures in front of tourists, citizens, citizens and precise subjects, naturally cautious and not trying to please foreigners, since it happens in the resorts of Egypt and Turkey.

Beaches Kuwait.

On the coast of the Persian Gulf where locals and travelers rest. Despite the fact that in the emirate they prefer traditional Muslim closed clothing, everything is the same on the beach and no one makes comments by resting Europeans in bikini.

Kuwaita Hotels.

Russian tour operators noted that travelers expect these guests with the Eastern welcome and generosity. Compared to the hotels in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, there is no wear luxury in Kuwait, but everything is imbued with incredible scope and grand sizes. Traditional Muslim forms, embodied in the most expensive materials in the world, you can also invite the well-being of state architects and builders with world names. In addition, Kuwait was almost completely restored after the "War in the Gulf" so there are no old buildings here. The indoor spaces are all high quality, good quality with the usual modern design.

Transport Kuwait

Due to the fact that there are no railroads in Kuwait, the main way to get around the country is by automobile transportation. In addition, in a country with cheap oil, the automobile remains the main type of movement. It should be noted that the roads in Kuwait are excellent.