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These are the 10 hottest adtech booths from Germany

The founders of Adjust

Adjust offers a technology that can be used to analyze user behavior in apps. The technology is downloaded by the user as it were piggyback with the respective app and provides marketers with valuable information - such as where the app user comes from and how they behave within the app. Large providers such as Spotify, Universal Music, Lidl and Telekom use Adjust's services. At the beginning of 2017, the start-up expanded to China and has been an official partner of Whatsapp competitor Line and tech giant Tencent for a few months.

Founder:Paul H. Müller, Christian Henschel and Manuel Kniep
Founding year:2012

Applift boss Tim Koschella

Applift offers its customers the option of controlling app marketing at any time. In other words, advertisers can use an interface to the Applift platform to launch apps, acquire new customers and support existing customers. Applift reaches over a billion app users with its service, the company now generates more than 100 million euros in sales and, in addition to its Berlin offices, has locations in Seoul, Beijing, Singapore, Bangalore, São Paulo, San Francisco and New York. The investors behind the Berlin network are the Hitfox Group and Prime Ventures.

Founder:Tim Koschella
Founding year:2012

Crossengage founders Manuel Hinz and Markus Wübben

The start-up founded in 2015 by Manuel Hinz and Markus Wübben has set itself the task of simplifying the evaluation of user data. A cloud-based platform is to help, with which user data across all marketing channels (homepage, social media, shop, etc.) can be summarized and evaluated. This is to avoid data silos. With this idea, Cross Engage has almost become a kind of darling of the scene. The company is supported by a long list full of prominent investors - most recently with high seven-digit amounts. Among others, Project A Ventures got on board, and Capnamic Ventures and Earlybird Venture Capital are also among the main investors. For example, Deutsche Bahn is one of Crossengage's customers.

Founder:Manuel Hinz, Markus Wübben
Founding year:2015

Exactag founder Mario Szirniks

Exactag started to make marketing more effective and is now the leading provider of marketing attribution in Germany. The company, which was founded in 2010, basically offers an automated data analysis with which marketers get a precise overview of the value contributions of advertising channels, publishers and campaigns. The goal: adjust advertising budgets. The team around managing director Jörn Grunert can refer to a prominent list of customers: In addition to Deutsche Bahn, Sky, Tchibo and TUI, among others, rely on Exactag's solution. At the beginning of the year, the Duisburg-based company was even able to pull a manager of the competitor Neustar Marketshare with Matthias Cada for the new location in Hamburg.

Founder: Jörn Grunert, Mario Szirniks
Founding year:2010

Christian Geyer, founder and CEO of Nano Intearctive

The adtech start-up from Starnberg near Munich describes itself as Europe's leading search targeting provider and enables advertisers to individually control display, mobile and video advertising across channels based on the current search behavior of individual users. Nano Interactive was founded in 2014 by the former ValueClick managers (now Conversant) Christian Geyer and Carl White. The company works for more than 500 customers worldwide, including T-Mobile, Volkswagen and Media Markt and employs a total of 60 people at currently six locations in Europe.

Founder: Christian Geyer and Carl White
Founding year: 2014

The Opinary founders Cornelius and Pia Frey as well as Max Meran (left)

Many Internet users are probably familiar with the survey tools in the form of a speedometer, which are embedded in articles from Spiegel Online, Bild.de or Faz.net. "Would you still go on vacation to Turkey?" is something of a question that readers can give their opinion on. The technology behind it comes from the Berlin start-up Opinary, which was founded by siblings Pia and Cornelius Frey and Max Meran. The most famous tool is probably the press compass. Others are called "speed barometers" or "multiple choice tools". Due to the large number of votes and expressions of opinion, the Berliners have amassed a large mountain of data that can be easily monetized for tailor-made advertising. For example, with its algorithm, Opinary ensures that a voting tool on air quality paid for by Toyota is automatically placed in an article about green electricity. Those who vote will see an ad for Toyota's hybrid vehicles.

Founder: Pia Frey, Cornelius Frey, Max Meran
Founding year:2016

Christoph Schäfer, founder of Platform Lunar

So far, Platform Lunar, the name of Christoph Schäfer's latest project, should only be known to those who are familiar with the industry and who are closely observing it. Still. After holding positions at McKinsey and founding Performance Media (sold to Equistone), Esome Advertising (sold to Pro Sieben Sat 1), Unique Digital (sold to Syzygy) and Getgo (sold to Eventim), he built together with his old business partner Nico Shenawai launched the adtech company builder Platform Lunar at the end of 2016. The mission: to create adtech companies. Up to two companies a year, as Schäfer announced.

Founder:Christoph Schäfer, Nico Shenawai
Founding year:2016
Location:Hamburg, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Remerge founders Christian Wolter, Martin Karlsch, Pan Katsukis, Benedikt Boehm, Benjamin Beivers

App marketers can tell you a thing or two about it: Many users download an app and use it, but then leave it behind after just a few days. Remerge wants to help win back these customers once they have been won. To do this, Remerge places personalized advertising in other apps that are intended to lure customers back. The inventory includes more than 400,000 apps worldwide - most customers come from the games industry, but customers from the media and entertainment industries are also at the start. The Berlin-based company is now also represented with offices in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul.

Founder:Christian Liesegang, Martin Karlsch, Pan Katsukis, Benedikt Böhm and Benjamin Beivers
Founding year:2014
Location: Berlin

The Store2be founders

Store2be positions itself as an interface between the online and offline world. The company, founded in 2015, uses an online booking platform to broker stationary action and sales areas in around 3,500 locations - such as retail stores, concept stores, shopping centers, fitness studios, airports, universities and cinemas. The Berlin start-up was founded out of the Karlsruhe incubator Cyberlab by Marlon Braumann, Sven Wissebach, Peter Gundel and Emil Kabisch. With the business model they meet the interest of numerous agencies and advertisers. Only in March did the founders collect a seven-figure sum.

Founder:Marlon Braumann, Sven Wissebach, Peter Gundel and Emil Kabisch
Founding year:2015

The two Uberall founders David Federhen (left) and Florian Hübner

Regardless of the opening times of the post office or the location of the shopping center: More and more people are getting information about local retailers or local service providers on the Internet. Uberall was founded in 2013 by David Federhen and Florian Hübner as a response to this increasingly digital customer journey in local retail and has since developed into one of the largest location marketing providers. Nevertheless: There is (still) no way around the listed and market-leading US service provider Yext in this area. With its in-house developed Location Marketing Cloud, Uberall wants to support local retailers and service providers around the world in centrally managing, enriching and publishing data and information about their locations. Well-known customers such as Deutsche Post, Vodafone and Douglas rely on the service. In February, the start-up was able to raise 25 million US dollars in a financing round.

Founder:David Federhen and Florian Hübner
Founding year:2013