Why is the sea in Norway black

Norway at a glance

Norway fascinates with great natural spectacles: wildly rugged mountain ranges loom in the west next to the eternal surf of the North Sea, and glaciers reach far to the shore. The mightiest fjords in the world cut deep into the country, and the largest plateau in Europe, the Hardangervidda, spreads out in the immediate vicinity.

Natural spectacle of the midnight sun

Norway - these are bright as day nights at the time of the midnight sun above the Arctic Circle, these are vast landscapes, where you come across more moose and reindeer than people on hikes. Norway - these are salmon rolls on the fish market in the Hanseatic city, those are booming nights in the oil metropolis and extensive museum visits in the capital, these are blood-red wooden houses behind yellow rapeseed fields and picturesque fishing villages on the. Norway - canoe trips across lakes and rivers in summer and extensive trips across the snow-covered landscape in the long winter. Norway - that's big cod and sea salmon that wriggle on the fishing rod, or shrimp bought fresh from the fishing trawler and enjoyed right by the sea while the seagulls screech. Norway - that is a holiday in a cozy holiday apartment by the sea or in the mountains, but definitely away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Latefossen double waterfall near Odda

If you definitely want to go to the North Cape in summer and experience the spectacle of the midnight sun at the highest point in Europe, then you have around 2500 kilometers from Oslo without a detour. Instead, you can see the mighty sperm whales up close in front of Vesterålen, and further to the north there are certainly reindeer. On the other hand, it is a stone's throw to the archipelago in the south of the country, where the white towns line up like a string of pearls. From one of the numerous holiday apartments you can take a variety of day trips to the Telemark region, where the unique stave churches can be seen.

Norway - these are also trolls in the mountains, in the sea or in the lake, who like to play jokes - even with tourists.

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