What does an IT consultant actually do

IT consultant

Well, what does an IT consultant do? In principle, there is no general answer to this question because the work environment is so infinitely diverse. From my point of view, however, the main thing (especially as a freshly baked graduate) is to actively support customers with drive, fresh ideas and methodological competence. Creativity and an unbiased view of topics, problems and goals to be achieved round off this and reinforce what defines the daily work as an IT consultant. There is no such thing as “the same thing every day” - which is what makes the diversity of the job description (positive!) For me.

Before I graduated, I got a job at an international, medium-sized IT consultancy with a focus on the automotive industry. I started there as a junior IT consultant and at the beginning was confronted with both understanding and understanding the customer's environment with all its systems, processes, etc., as well as seeing my knowledge from my studies put into practice bring. Of course, this cannot happen overnight and so I was trained with care. This requires a certain degree of independence and the will to constantly deal with changing requirements.

At that time I started in a long-term project at BMW in the ConnectedDrive department and am still working there - with a few smaller projects on the side. Part of my everyday business - the tasks of which have changed steadily over the years - today include analyzing and optimizing existing processes, as well as designing new processes in line with ITIL.

The exciting thing is not only to see the finished concept, but also to experience the products and services that will later inspire customers. One of my personal priorities is problem management, which means that I carry out end-2-end analyzes in search of a cause for a problem or a quality defect. Based on this, it is then necessary to define and implement measures for the best possible (sustainable) increase in quality. This then also means that you have direct contact with the vehicles and then try them out as part of a test drive and test the aforementioned services etc. from the perspective of the customer or the specialist department.

Since IT is now an integral part of every vehicle and topics such as autonomous driving and vehicle networking are global trends in the industry, you are close to the action when it comes to tomorrow's innovations. Being able to get involved here is absolutely exciting and shows what an important role one has as a business IT specialist: Only if the balancing act between IT and business administration succeeds in terms of the goal to be achieved can a satisfactory result be achieved in the end.

In addition, there is global networking. One always thinks globally and has lively contact with all relevant markets from Brazil to China and is always in lively exchange. Team work is the be-all and end-all and is an indispensable part of everyday consulting.

One of the properties that can possibly be interpreted as negative is the necessary flexibility and that sometimes it is not based on the clock, but on the result. A short-term change in plans and the willingness to work an hour longer if necessary shouldn't cause you any pain. This also means that a lot takes place on a level of trust and still has to be developed in a methodical and structured manner. So it's not a shame to make a mistake, but you have to be able to communicate it openly and honestly in order to then look for a solution together.

The fascination in IT consulting ultimately lies in the dynamics of the environment and the fascination to experience how, for example, IT permeates everyday life and that one can have a share in this development with one's work.