What are the Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern in the DCEU: What about the "Green Lantern Corps"?

It was the news that gave Green Lantern fans around the world hope that they would at some point see another real-life film about the adventures of the green-faced intergalactic heroes: In June 2018, DC guru Geoff Johns announced that he would be his management Leaving DC Entertainment and joining a start-up production company to work on a script for Green Lantern Corps.

Then Johns spoke at the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2018 about his ideas for "Green Lantern Corps" (that's the name of the intergalactic police force in DC comics, to which Green Lanterns from all corners of the universe belong). It wants don't just do DC's Guardians Of The Galaxyhe revealed Collider. And opposite IGN he emphasized that the "Green Lantern Corps" a completely new edition ("reimagining“) Of the Green Lantern mythology should be, something like the comic series "Green Lantern: Rebirth" written by him. In general, "Green Lantern Corps" should also be based on the comics written by Johns over the course of nine years.

Cast & crew are still missing

But since then there have not been many reliable reports on the Green Lantern Corps. So it is not known whether Johns has finished writing the script in the meantime. But one thing is certain: The originally announced US launch date on July 24, 2020 can of course no longer be metbecause apart from Johns no staff at all was hired in front of or behind the camera - neither the director nor the leading actor nor anyone else.

Even the director Christopher McQuarrie ("Mission: Impossible - Fallout"), who has been brought into play again and again, announced in a series of tweets that have since been deleted that he had submitted a proposal for a "Green Lantern" film to Warner, however, this was not accepted. I have to tell you, the chances that I will make a superhero movie are extremely slim“Says McQuarrie (via FlickeringMyth). After all, with Ricky Whittle (“American Gods”) there is already a possible actor for Green Lantern John Stewart, who should also appear in “Green Lantern Corps”. Whittle testified to SyFy Wire his interest and revealed that he had already spoken to Warner about the project.

So it will be a long time before “Green Lantern Corps” hits the cinemas. In addition to the missing script and the missing staff: In 2021 three DC films with “The Batman” and “Suicide Squad 2” as well as probably also “Shazam 2” will start. It is unlikely that Warner will release a fourth DC film (there have never been more than three MCU films a year, by the way).

Based on the current status, we do not expect the “Green Lantern Corps” to be published until 2022 at the earliest. But with a script written by Johns, we're pretty sure that the movie will actually come at some point.

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