Why is a diet harmful?

Diets: Losing weight can also be unhealthy - if dieting is dangerous

When it comes to losing weight, many people rely on a diet. But many are criticized because they should not work or be unhealthy. The Cheat Day diet, which is currently in vogue, has also been criticized by nutrition experts. Proper nutrition is ensured for six days - on the seventh, everything you want can be eaten.

Lars Selig, head of the nutrition team at the Leipzig University Hospital, criticizes this: "We generally do not recommend a Cheat Day, as a very restrictive diet before each Cheat Day can make cravings very big," he says. The danger for the famous yo-yo effect is great.

Lose Weight: Cheat Day Diet Can Be Unhealthy

The expert also criticizes that the Cheat Day diet can be unhealthy. Because on the seventh day, that could lead to people consuming large amounts of fatty food at once. This could, for example, lead to biliary colic, which is often observed in overweight people at Christmas.

In Selig's opinion, people with health problems should generally avoid diets that aim to lose weight quickly. This could have dangerous consequences, especially in the case of high blood pressure or problems with the metabolism. If you are in poor health and want to start a diet, you should definitely discuss this with a doctor.

Can the Cheat Day Diet also be designed to be effective and healthy? Margret Morlo, dietician at the Association for Nutrition and Dietetics in Aachen, says: "A cheat day should never be a day of gluttony". If you eat healthily for six days and then treat yourself to a visit to the restaurant or a glass of wine on the seventh time, then you can lose weight sensibly. Because even when losing weight, there has to be the right quality of life.

Experts also warn against many diet products. According to nutritionist Anne Fleck, powders and pills could be dangerous. Those who take them for a long time can develop circulatory problems or disturbances in the electrolyte balance. Anyone who decides on products here should find out more about them beforehand. You can read more about it here: Weight loss made easy: How dangerous are diet products?

Diet: This is how you can lose weight healthily if you are overweight

How can you lose weight without the diet being unhealthy? The experts agree that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are generally important. Then daily small sins are not a big problem either.

Selig believes that in order to do this, many people have to learn to enjoy. In the case of chips or gummy bears, the so-called taste saturation is already reached with a small amount - if you then stop eating, you are on the right track with losing weight. dpa