What do older people want or want

Life in old age

Many older people today want to lead an independent and responsible life in old age.

In doing so, they want to take advantage of the opportunities and freedoms that the "third age", which is released from family and professional obligations, can offer.

Seniors show a keen interest in using educational opportunities. Many make an important contribution to social life. They get involved in networks and self-help groups for older people or take on social responsibility by doing voluntary or honorary activities in municipalities, neighborhoods, clubs, associations and organizations.

Policy for older people must start with what older people themselves want. The most important key objective of the elderly policy in Hesse is therefore to support older people in leading their lives independently and to maintain and promote their participation in society.

How and what do older people get involved in?

The Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) launched the Monitor Engagement "How and for what do older people get involved?" released. The monitor shows the commitment potential and also takes care of the issue.

Elderly reports from the federal government

In every legislative period of the federal government, a report on the living situation of the elderly is prepared.

In November 2010 the 6th report on the elderly was published: Images of old age in society.