How do you hope

Translation of "was hoffst du" in English

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And what do you hope to be found in the house?
But first of all, even if I understand ... why you are so angry with the defendant ... what do you hope to achieve with if you sue him?
But for now, even though I understand why you might be angry at the defendant what do you hope to gain by suing him?
Wayne, I have to ask you what do you hope to achieve with it?
What do you hope to do in the summer vacation or in your future?
What do you hopeto achieve with this album?
And what do you hope to achieve with it yourself? When my colleagues and I started working together in the Radialsystem in 2012, we had the plan to bring electronic music paired with dance sequences and the baroque violinist Midori Seiler to the stage.
And what are you hoping to achieve using these spatial sound systems? When my colleagues and I at the Radialsystem started to work together in 2012, we knew we wanted to combine electronic music with dance and the baroque violin of Midori Seiler.
MJ What do you hopeto trigger the viewer with mihriban?
MJ How do you want to affect your viewers with Mihriban?
What do you hopeto actually reach here?
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