Why is Tamil Nadu unique

The hidden pearls of Tamil Nadu

The temple of Madurai

This temple has fascinated me the most of all temples on my travels through India. Maybe because on my first trip through the country it was also the first Hindu temple that is actually still used as such. Nevertheless, and here numerous travelers agree with me, the Sri Minakshi Sundareshwara Temple in Madurai is a unique place on earth.

It's like a separate city within the city where life is restless day and night. I spent hours and days walking in this constant swarm and watched the never-ending and lively spectacle from a seat in a corner - time passed by in a flash! Everywhere you see processions, offerings, prayers ... And every second there is a very special magic. Don't miss this.

The beach at Mamallapuram

In the heart of Tamil Nandu and only an hour's drive from the capital, Chennai, there is a quiet place to spend a few relaxing days at the beginning or at the end of your journey through India. I've gotten into the habit of always spending the last weekend here before my return trip.

The village of Mamallapuram, originally a pure fishing village, has gradually developed into a small seaside resort, where wealthy strata of the population from the capital spend the weekend or backpackers spend a few days on the beach.

Nevertheless, there is still a very pleasant and relatively quiet atmosphere here and the beach is so large that you still meet more fishermen and individual cows than tourists. A few very cheap hotels and small but fine restaurants have settled here, so you are sure to spend a few nice moments.

Rameswaram, the mysterious

To get to Rameswaram, take the train across the sea! Just great! And then you reach this incredibly beautiful peninsula with the small village and the famous temple of Rameswaram: he is that most important place of pilgrimage in Tamil Nandu and is also called the Varanasi of the South.

You should definitely go to the tip of the peninsula, to the unbelievable 22 kilometers long sandbank - it is justifiably called "the end of the world". On one side you can bathe in the turbulent currents of the Arabian Sea, on the other side you will find the calm waters of the Bay of Bengal. This is sure to be a very special experience on your trip through India.

The film studios in Chennai

If you are traveling through the state of Tamil Nadu, you are sure to visit its capital, Chennai. I recommend that you live through a new experience and act in a Tamil film!

Tamil Nadu's film industry is a significant industry and the main studios are located in the capital, Chennai. The film crews regularly recruit extras from all over the world for their film scenes. You will only be rewarded with a meal or a few rupees, but you will also have a priceless memento of this interesting experience!

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Updated November 3, 2015