Can we live without smartphones?

10 reasons why the pre-cell phone era was better

Are there really still people who live today without cell phones or smartphones? It's hard to imagine. But there are exactly these people. There are very few and fewer and fewer.

But if you live consciously and keep in mind that the mobile phone, freedom and availability do not necessarily have to go hand in hand, you will understand why it makes sense to forego the mobile phone, the availability and the supposed freedom.

Our ten reasons show the advantages of doing without.

1. Live more consciously
The smartphone significantly restricts our freedom because of its permanent availability. We are always available. We constantly look at the cell phone and we constantly check whether someone wants to speak to us.

This constant availability limits our freedom. If you want to live consciously, you should do without it.

2. Limit stress
Permanent availability does not bring us freedom, it creates stress. Additional stress that also reduces our self-confidence because we no longer dare to go out of the house without the cell phone.

3. Communicate better
Communication without a cell phone is much more intensive and effective. If you don't just send voice messages back and forth, you train your expression and convey emotions and humor much better.

A thing that we unlearn more and more and that also significantly restricts our freedom and ultimately also our accessibility.

4. Train spontaneity
Our creativity and spontaneity suffer as a result of the mobile phone. We are no longer able to search for ideas because we simply type our wishes into the mobile phone.

But if we use our freedom and think about things of our own that we cannot solve immediately, we are more independent, more spontaneous and also more creative.

5. Permanent availability is not a blessing
Anyone who thinks that permanent availability is important also makes themselves dependent on other people. We limit our own freedom by giving other people the right to control and patronize us permanently.

6. Clear your mind
With the smartphone we are permanently able to call up news from all over the world. That might be interesting on the one hand, but also frightening on the other.

Because every message, no matter how small, hits us and suggests that the world is getting worse and worse. But that's not the case. Without a mobile phone, we have the freedom to make selections and only let in the messages that are really important.

7. Smartphone cost trap
The cost of a smartphone is increasing every year. The acquisition costs alone are immense. Anyone who thinks about how expensive such a device is now, must also ask the question of whether they are really ready to go along with this madness.

8. Data theft
Spy apps on cell phones are not uncommon these days. Why expose yourself to such a risk when you can do it without a cell phone? Does this permanent availability have to mean at the same time that we allow our personal freedom to be restricted?

9. Assesider and at the same time more exciting the character
We humans are more and more in step. Everyone copies the other and wants to be just like the other. Wouldn't it be nice if you stood out from the crowd by not having a smartphone?

10. Find your own way
Doesn't that support your own freedom? Nobody has to offer permanent accessibility. We're so easy to reach too. In the analog world, so that you can definitely live without a mobile phone and without permanent availability.

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