Have you ever eaten candied bacon?

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Tornado potatoes with sausages

Is your motto "everyone can do it easily"? Then these special spiral potatoes are just right for you. It is time-consuming, but the result will convince you in terms of taste. It is also a real eye-catcher on the plate. Tornado potatoes - with [...]

Chili cheese fries out of the pan

Chips and cheese go perfectly together! If you don't believe us, then be sure to try this recipe with fresh potatoes! Chili Cheese Fries - simply to enjoy The fries are simply baked with lots of cheese and served with bacon, onions [...]

Moink balls with cheese filling

Moink Balls are part of a classic American BBQ. Basically it is nothing more than a meatball, but the name plays a special role and at the same time reveals the secret behind this specialty. Moink Balls - only perfect with two types of meat [...]

Pointed cabbage from the grill

Pointed cabbage is ideal to prepare and enjoy directly on the grill! We have a simple pointed cabbage recipe that you can prepare yourself. Grilling pointed cabbage - little work, great taste The outer leaves of the cabbage naturally get [...]

Onion pie from the grill - Our top 1 recipe with quark dough

This is how late summer tastes! When the grape harvest begins, it's time for new grilled wine and onion tarts. You can find out how to prepare the hearty autumn classic on the grill in our recipe. Have new wine ready and [...]

Alsatian tarte flambée

Flammkuchen are something very simple and delicious on the grill. Due to the high temperatures, the preparation is very quick. Alsatian tarte flambée - the classic recipe The Alsatian type of tarte flambée is a classic. With onions, bacon and a sour cream [...]


Spicy, smoky, super tasty! You have to try bacon jam or bacon jam. Bacon, whiskey and maple syrup prepare heaven on earth for you - we promise! Bacon Jam - the perfect bacon jam This bacon jam combines all five flavors: sweet, [...]

Tartiflette in the Dutch Oven

Tartiflette is a delicious potato and bacon casserole dish that originated in France. It is traditionally made with Reblochon cheese and is particularly easy to prepare with a Dutch oven. Tartiflette with Reblochon cheese Reblochon cheese also comes from France [...]

Bavarian potato salad with bacon cubes

A good potato salad from Bavaria tastes hearty and spicy. In this recipe we show you how to bring the Bavarian culinary joie de vivre into your home. Bavarian potato salad with bacon meat broth, onions and bacon give this salad its special taste. [...]

Fried egg with bacon and toasted toast

With the perfect breakfast you can start the day full of energy! Fried egg with bacon - the classic for breakfast In addition to a balanced diet, the taste must not be missing. Of course you can have a gourmet breakfast every now and then [...]

Stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese

Mushrooms are one of the most popular edible mushrooms. Also for us, because you can easily use them in a variety of ways for your dishes. Filled mushrooms - there are no limits to your imagination. You can fill mushrooms as you like and according to your personal taste. In […]

Candied bacon

Bacon is the essential ingredient to make every dish even better. During the preparation we always find ourselves nibbling on this crispy delicacy. Candied bacon - the perfect sweet and salty snack To order bacon as your own [...]

White sausage burger

Burgers are simply the perfect dish for everyone. Due to their infinite variability, you can prepare a new variant every day and always have variety. Weißwurst burger - fancy delicious You can not only enjoy this delicious burger recipe at Oktoberfest [...]

Bacon baked potatoes from the embers

For fans of the classic baked potato, there is a slightly different preparation method here. Bacon baked potatoes - with charcoal for enjoyment You simply place the so-called charcoal baked potatoes in the embers. The taste is very aromatic. With sour cream and [...]

Bacon cheese popcorn

Making popcorn is the perfect cinema snack. With this recipe you will get your star on the couch at the next movie night! Bacon Cheese Popcorn - the perfect snack Popcorn doesn't always have to be sweet - this delicious recipe proves it. [...]

Bacon watermelon

Anyone who complains about the boring taste of a watermelon will be delighted with this combination. Because the spicy bacon gives the sweet watermelon a great note. Bacon watermelon - the perfect snack Watermelon is the perfect snack, especially in warm temperatures [...]

Porridge with bacon, maple syrup and blueberries

Everyone knows gruel. Many find it boring and bland - but with our recipe you will love it! Porridge - a highlight with bacon and Co. The addition of bacon, maple syrup and blueberries really makes this typical breakfast a [...]

Bacon ice cream

This delicious bacon sundae only becomes perfect with crispy bacon. You don't believe us Just give it a try! Bacon ice cream - the perfect sundae The special thing is simply the flavor combination of walnut ice cream and bacon. The two components [...]

Bacon whiskey

Whiskey friends are always open to new types and flavors. If you are one of them, then you should try this whiskey recipe. Bacon Whiskey - the special aroma The preparation of this special drink takes some time. In the end you get [...]

Bacon Smores with Chocolate Chip Cookies

S’Mores are a classic campfire snack that is mainly known and loved in the USA. Once you've made them yourself, you won't want to eat anything else. Bacon S’Mores with chocolate biscuits For the classic variant you only need biscuits, chocolate [...]

Bacon jam

We melt away with this delicious jam! With this recipe you can add variety to your dining table! Bacon jam - the hearty alternative bacon makes everything better anyway. In this variation you will find the perfect dip, the tastiest spread and [...]

Bacon chocolate sticks

Bacon and chocolate are two taste buds that everyone has and likes to taste. Combining them is probably the best idea you will ever have! Bacon chocolate sticks - the most delicious recipe With these spicy chocolate sticks [...]

Rye pancakes with bacon and blueberries

The nice thing about pancakes is that you can enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition, they can be combined with anything you like! Rye pancakes - perfect with bacon and blueberries Our pancake recipe is thanks to the [...]

Cheesecake muffins with maple syrup and bacon

Cheesecake is a great dessert. In muffin form, they are also already bite-sized and a great dessert on hand. Cheesecake muffins - with bacon and maple syrup for the perfect dessert So that the classic cheesecake recipe gets a little variety, pep [...]