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You are as you stand.

You are as you stand

Men often get the idea that their penis is small. Yeah yeah Seen from above, it doesn't look huge. But how is it from a different perspective, e.g. from below? We women have a similar issue with the bosom. From above it looks like it is hanging and not taut. Hey woman, stand naked in front of the mirror and raise your arms. And, oh wonder, your breasts are nicely tighter.

What has the same effect on both sexes is posture.

An upright, straight posture communicates to the outside world that “he / she is in life”, “he / she is self-confident” or “he / she is strong and courageous”.

I've never seen a winner or a heroine in a hunched posture…. Maybe okeoke, if he / she humbly bows and thanks.

Basically, winners stand upright!

Posture also has an effect on your inner being. You can even trick your mind here. Walk and always stand upright and straight and your mind says you are strong, confident, healthy and you are fine. Try to be happy when you have a sunken, sloping posture. It does not work!

An upright posture is also healthier for your skeleton, muscles and tendons.

So, take a deep breath and straighten up. And every day again and again!


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