How do I regain hope in life

Less selfishness

Naïma Atabani, 24, paramedic & law student

"Above all, I personally just miss this carefree, carefree get-together - with friends, but also at work. That you can still sit together after the shift. There is a bit of hope that this will at least be done again with the vaccinations in summer or late summer is possible. That everything normalizes a bit and we get away from the crisis. That would be my greatest wish. But I don't expect that for January to August at the earliest. I really only hope that the people, even if the whole thing then Lasts for more than a year, will remain sensible or will and still pull together. My concern, especially for the first three to four months of next year, is that this will be a problem, especially because of the alleged compulsory vaccination, which many fear It was and is never mentioned. You can also feel this mood when you look at the social media posts of the emergency services, the comments under the pos ts. You get a little hostile and are afraid that it will spill over and also happen on the street. As a society, we have arrived in a blatant egoism, which is very noticeable through the Corona crisis. It's all about satisfying your own needs. I wish we could get a little more collective thinking back. That it's not always about us as individuals, but about us as a society. "

Just be together again

Richard Büttner, 39, supermarket employee in Ottobrunn

"I hope that after the lockdown the infection numbers will go down again, that the vaccine will soon be available and that there will be hope for a normal life. To this day, you have to discuss a lot with customers in the supermarket so that they can use the mask." Put on properly or keep your distance. Some react aggressively or feel misunderstood because they have been medically freed from the mask. Unfortunately, you can also see that despite the measures, the numbers continue to rise as people become impatient or careless. I have concerns that in some markets the discussions will increase again, because people don't feel like restricting themselves any more. In this sense, I hope that normality will return to normal at some point next year, everyone can just do their job again and we will experience the appreciation, which was always announced verbally. In my private sphere, I hope that I will soon be able to see all my friends again and my family too . I haven't seen them for a long time, my parents are a bit older too. I would be happy if you could just sit together again, celebrate together, meet in the beer garden. Everything that you couldn't do until now. However, I fear that it will all take a while. The willingness to vaccinate is not so pronounced, so I hope that some of the skeptical people will change their minds again. So that we can all get back to normal and maybe go without a mask again. "

Guys, relax

Antonia Waldner, 30, intensive care nurse at the Munich Third Order Clinic

"This year has made a lot possible for me personally. That's why I'm very happy with everything I have. I just wish that it stays that way and that all the people I know continue to do well. It looks pretty good off, there is a vaccine that is currently being distributed. Nevertheless, I think that the restrictions are still going on and Corona will be with us for the whole of next year. I would just wish that all people would be more relaxed. I think we should Don't take yourself too seriously. Unfortunately, you get the feeling that some people think they're the only ones who are affected and need to limit themselves, and if everyone takes a step back and gets less excited, it would make things easier.

Of course, I miss sitting together in large groups of friends, the spontaneous evenings when you have the best conversations. Or to go to the cinema or to cultural events from time to time. I would also like to be able to visit my family again, who do not live in Munich, without having to worry too much. To regain the lightheartedness would be nice. At work there is so much to do right now, more stress, more to organize. On the one hand, the situation has brought us a lot and some processes have been revised, but it would be nice for everything to return to normal and the workload to be a little less again. "

Successful vaccinations

Hans-Ulrich Braun, 54, doctor in Karlsfeld

"On a professional level, I wish that everything went well with the planned vaccination campaigns that we are now planning. I just hope that we will be able to vaccinate many people in a short time, especially those at risk over 80. There are the deaths right now This will hopefully reduce the burden on the population, the fear, the restrictions. There have always been pandemics such as the Spanish flu or the plague. Now we can do more about it, but we are still very burdened by it. This burden is reduced Hopefully off the whole system and medicine next year. That would be my wishes. I have no catastrophic visions that Corona will get out of hand for another year. I am of the opinion that we are now much better prepared, everything is better planned . This corona burden will slowly dissipate, but that will still take half a year. I believe that from next summer there will be significant relief will come. Because of the vaccinations and also because the numbers will definitely decrease again towards summer. Then hopefully the measures can be reduced and we can slowly return to an old normal. In my private environment, I definitely want physical contact again next year, which I have already missed this year - warmly hugging a good friend or going out to dinner. I would like my daughter to be able to apply personally to the universities again. I understand the measures, but still love the freedom and hope that we will get some of it back next year. "

Live normally

Beate Rexhäuser, 63, elementary and secondary school teacher in Erdweg

"In my professional situation, as a teacher, I don't think that we can just start school again in January. It will take a long time before it returns to normal. I'm a bit afraid of that, for the children's sake . I am not hopeless, but I just think that it still takes a little patience. Everything that has been thought about, with the air exchange systems and so on, will take a while until they are built in. The personal one is simply missing Contact, to the teachers and to the other students. I also notice that with my son, who is already studying. The children suffer from the situation, no matter how old they are. I fear that the normality of school will not return anytime soon next year. I don't expect the situation to improve until the summer, when there are already exams at school and we still haven't made up the gap from the first lockdown.

I feel safe in my private life, I'm fine. My husband and I are not afraid because we obey all the rules. But being able to move around normally again or travel without thinking would be nice. I always notice that when I watch films. This lightness of being, you sit down at a table or get an ice cream in town. The completely normal life - I miss that and I want it back. I hope that everything will become less complicated again when we regain a little more security. "

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