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Here you can calculate the property value - easily, quickly, online without registration. With this market value calculator you can estimate the market value of the house yourself using the real value method. The real estate value calculator does not, of course, replace the work of an appraiser for individual cases. If used correctly, it can provide initial reference values ​​for the market value of the property.

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The market value, also known as the market value, is the average price that could be achieved at a sale at exactly this point in time. The market value is therefore dependent on the time, the current market situation, demand and supply, the actual properties, other properties and the location of the property.

You can find a detailed article about different valuation methods and details on them in the article Instructions for real estate valuation.

This online market value calculator is based on the standardized Real asset method the Real Estate Valuation Ordinance (ImmoWertV, property value method). This is a common real estate appraisal procedure that is also used by appraisers. It is mainly used to calculate the market value for owner-occupied real estate. The age of the building and wear and tear are taken into account and how much a restoration would cost. With the help of the market adjustment factor (real value factor), the calculated value is adjusted to the market situation.



Different calculators, different values. Since the result of an appraisal depends on many different factors, some of which are at the discretion of the appraiser, each appraisal calculator can give a different value. In addition, the calculator is based on simplified assumptions. Nevertheless, with this online calculator you have a first clue for the market value of your property. We do not assume any liability for the correctness.


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