Can you become a billionaire in Canada?

Mysterious Murder in Canada - Who Killed the Billionaire Couple?

The double murder of billionaire pharmaceutical entrepreneur Barry Sherman and his wife has preoccupied Canada for three years. Now the investigators have come closer to the investigation.

Barry Sherman had thought about killing him before, a competitor, maybe a professional adversary. It was actually just a side note in a book the Canadian had written about his industry, the pharmaceutical industry. Sherman made a fortune manufacturing generic drugs. The book was published in 2001, 16 years before Sherman's body was found by the swimming pool of his Toronto property. Next to him lay his dead wife.

These murders have been preoccupying Canada for three years now, and the case has also made headlines internationally - it looks like a thriller from the pen of a daring screenwriter: with its twists and turns, unsolved puzzles and a victim on the Forbes list with a net worth of around three billion dollars had been listed as one of the richest men in Canada. When the Shermans were buried, 6,000 people attended, including Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And Linda Frum, a member of the Canadian Senate, said the two were among "the friendliest and most beloved members of Canada's Jewish community."

The couple's children doubted the suicide proposition

So who killed the couple? Investigator Jenifferjit Sidhu announced last Wednesday that a "person of special interest" had been identified. But there has not yet been an arrest.

When Barry Sherman (75) and his five years younger wife Honey were found dead in their home on December 15, 2017, the police assumed an extended suicide. Barry Sherman hanged his wife, then himself, it is believed. The four children of the two consider this to be impossible. They hired private detectives and in October 2018 they set out a reward of around 7.4 million Swiss francs for clues that help to find the murderers of their parents. A pathologist hired by the children found traces during an autopsy that indicated that the two were tied with ropes or cable ties before they died. Six weeks after the bodies were found, the police corrected their course. She starts an investigation and investigates the suspicion of a targeted double murder.

Enemies all over the world

Bernard "Barry" Sherman is the founder of the pharmaceutical company Apotex, which employs more than 8,000 people worldwide. He was "a cunning and contentious businessman," as the New York Times once described him. He was an aggressive businessman who was not too good for any lawsuit. On the other hand, the Shermans were among the most generous donors in Canada and donated millions of sums for schools, hospitals and charitable causes. Honey Sherman, the daughter of two Holocaust victims, was a passionate volunteer, and providing information about the Holocaust was her heartfelt concern.

Fred Waks, a real estate entrepreneur and friend of the Shermans, quoted the New York Times as saying: “Barry was involved in the pharmaceutical industry around the world. His litigation has been for billions of dollars, back and forth. If you are dealing with the size of this industry and the amounts we are talking about, then you are inevitably making enemies. Enemies all over the world. "

Canadians have puzzled over the past few years about motives for revenge, contract killers and similar theories. And they will continue to do so for the time being. Until there is finally clarity.

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