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Walmart for Job Security and Promotion: Personnel Manager reviews in United States

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Walmart is a great company to work for. Many opportunities to advance within the company. Walmart holds a variety of positions and are located every where in case relocating is needed
When a complaint is filed at corporate level it goes directly to store manager so nothing happens. Corporate used to help, not any more. Once you say no, you're no longer appreciated.
Benefits if you can get full time
Upper Management store level Market level management and corporate
Meeting new people and learning the workings of retail. I enjoy helping associates and understand the needs of associates. I learned a lot from my HRM and enjoyed the meetings with my fellow HR management.
Walmart is a great place to work I have been there 16 going on 17 years retail is and can be difficult at times past 6 years I have been on hr dealing with more that 350 associates
If you're looking for benefits, this company offers benefts that other companies doesn't offer.The company is truly diverse and embraces the differences that everyone brings to the table.
Good honest company to work for. Must be flexible schedule and reliable.
Promotions are very likely for a hardworking honest reliable employee.
Team work is a must.
I can say during the 18 years of working for this company I have learned a lot in order to get me to where I am today as a leader. The company has changed throughout the current years and I felt it was time to further my career with another company. I wanted to try something different other than retail but more so where I can help others in the healthcare field.
though imperfect, a family oriented company. overall, a busy atomsphere. Management lacked in some areas. must be open to working in multiple areas. some good benefits.
Worked at entry level in 1992. Was promoted to sales associate for 6 months before being promoted again to Department Manager of Hardware. After 1 year I was promoted again to Domestics Department Manager. In 1999 I was offered the Personnel Manager position. I remained in that position until August of 2019 when my job was eliminated