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Course sourceCurrent course+/-in %datetimeMoney letter
Xetra+15 min .: 313.45 EUR +2,85 +0,91% 308,950 / 312,100
StuttgartRealtime: 311.25 EUR +0,35 +0,11% Realtime: 309.350 / 309.950
Long & Black Excha ...Realtime: EUR 309.30 -1,50 -0,48% 309,300 / 310,550
TradegateRealtime: EUR 310.40 -1,50 -0,48% 308,950 / 310,350
Frankfurt+15 min .: 311.00 EUR -0,45 -0,14% 310,100 / 311,600
Hamburg+15 min .: EUR 310.90 -0,55 -0,17% 309,400 / 310,800
Berlin+15 min .: 310.85 EUR +0,60 +0,19% 309,450 / 310,800
Dusseldorf+15 min .: 309.65 EUR -1,30 -0,41% 309,150 / 311,100
Hanover+15 min .: EUR 310.90 -0,55 -0,17% 309,400 / 310,800
Munich+15 min .: EUR 311.60 0,00 0,00% 309,450 / 310,800
GettexRealtime: 311.65 EUR +0,90 +0,28% 309,000 / 310,500
London Stock Exchange ...+15 min .: $ 380.50 -5,57 -1,44% n / A. / n / A.
NasdaqTrading venue closed: $ 379.66 -3,15 -0,82% 377,000 / 381,000
QuotrixRealtime: 311.55 EUR +1,40 +0,45% 309,000 / 310,350
Baader BankRealtime: 309.85 EUR -2,05 -0,65% 309,000 / 310,500
Long & BlackRealtime: EUR 309.30 -1,45 -0,46% 309,300 / 310,550
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Fundamental and technical metrics for Costco Wholesale

market More information:Market capitalization:
The market capitalization indicates the current market value of a company and is calculated from the total number of shares multiplied by the current price.

Free float:
The free float is the amount of shares that are not in firm hands and that are traded on the market.
Market capitalization138,054.66 million EURnumber of stocks442,534,000 pcs.Free float74,83%
Fundamental More information:Earnings per share:
This figure stands for earnings per share after taxes.

Dividend per share:
Proportion of the net profit per share that is distributed to the shareholders.

Dividend yield:
The dividend yield relates the dividend paid by the company to the price of the shares.

P / E ratio:
In the "price-earnings ratio", the price per share is set in relation to earnings per share.

The "price-cash-flow ratio" is the quotient of cash flow per share and the share price.

The key figure Price-Earning to Growth-Ratio (PEG) sets the P / E ratio of a financial year in relation to the expected profit growth in the coming financial year.
21 / 22e20 / 21e19/2018/19
Earnings per share (in EUR)9,198,447,426,79
Dividend per share (in EUR)2,522,372,222,00
Dividend yield (in%)0,800,750,710,83
P / E ratio34,2537,2741,7735,58
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Technically More information:Volatility:
The volatility describes the fluctuations in a price trend. It indicates the range in which the actual price has moved in the past around a certain trend. The higher the volatility, the more risky a share is.

The momentum is a key figure for assessing the trend of the share price development. It is calculated from the current rate divided by the rate before n Days.

RSL Levy:
The relative strength (RSL) means that courses that have developed positively in the past will also develop positively in the future. A value greater than 1 means that the current performance is better than in the past.

Moving averages:
Moving averages are calculated as the arithmetic mean of a certain number of prices in the past.
Vola 30T (in%)16,47Momentum 250T1,25Eq. Average 38T305,68
Vola 250T (in%)18,51RSL (Levy) 30T1,01Eq. Average 100T292,41
Momentum 30T1,05RSL (Levy) 250T1,08Eq. Average 200T294,02
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Stock ratings on Costco Wholesale

More information:TheScreener's independent stock analyzes / ratings are created twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) using the closing prices on the previous day.
You can get a detailed description by navigating with the mouse over the values, symbols and texts.
You can find more information about the key figures that make up the ratings and the method behind the ratings here.
Revised profit forecastThe up arrow symbol means that analysts have revised their earnings expectations significantly upwards over the past seven weeks. The "arrow down" symbol, on the other hand, means that the estimates have been revised downwards significantly in the last seven weeks. If the revised profit forecast is between + 1% and −1%, the trend is classified as neutral ("arrow sideways").1=1Positive analyst attitude since May 7th, 2021Earnings per share projections are higher today than they were seven weeks ago. This positive trend started on May 7th, 2021 at a price of 384,32 used.
ratingThe "Valuation" rating indicates whether a security is trading at a relatively high or cheap price, based on its earnings potential. In order to assess the value of a share security in comparison to its current price, the evaluation rating is based on the following parameters:

- share price
- Current yield
- long-term earnings growth forecast

The rating for the company in question is created by combining these parameters. There are five ratings, ranging from severely undervalued ("arrow strongly upwards") to severely overrated ("arrow strongly downwards").
-1=0Slightly overratedBased on the growth potential and other measured values, the price currently appears to be slightly inflated.
Medium-term market trendThe "medium-term market trend" shows the current trend, which can be positive ("arrow strongly upwards") or negative ("arrow strongly downwards"). If the price is in the range of ± 1.75%, we consider the medium-term market trend as neutral ("sideways arrow").1=1Positive trend since March 26th, 2021The medium-term technical 40-day trend has been positive since March 26, 2021. The confirmed technical trend turning point of + 1.75% corresponds 358,57.
Rel. 4 weeks performanceThis indicator, shown as a percentage, measures the performance of a stock in relation to the corresponding national or regional index (during the last four weeks).+4,72%=1vs. SP500The relative outperformance of the last four weeks compared to the SP500 is + 4.72%.
P / E ratio 30,86 Expected P / E for 2023The expected price-earnings ratio (P / E) is for the year 2023.
G / PEThis is the estimated increase in future earnings (long-term growth) plus the expected dividend yield specified in%, divided by the estimated future price-earnings ratio. 0,70 + 27.57% premium relative to growth expectationsIs the ratio between growth plus estimated dividend and P / E ratio below 0.9, the course already includes one surcharge versus the normal price for the growth potential. Here: + 27.57% surcharge.
Dividend yield +0,84%Dividend well covered by profitFor the dividend expected over the next 12 months must be expected +26,01% of profit can be used.
Long-term growthExpressed as a percentage, it is the estimated average annual rate of increase in future earnings for the company, typically for the next two to three years.+20,93%Growth today until 2023 p.a.The average annual growth rates apply to profits from today through 2023.
Market capitalization in billion USD 169,45 Great market valueWith a market capitalization of> $ 5 billion, is Costco Wholesale a highly capitalized title.
Number of analyzes 22 Strong analyst interestIn the past seven weeks, an average of 22 analysts have given an estimate of the earnings per share for this stock.
Bear Market FactorThe "Bear Market Factor" is based on the analysis of price behavior in falling markets. The factor measures the difference between the movement of the share price and the movement of the overall market (reference index), only in times of declining markets.
The value measures in basis points the average deviation of the share price from the movement of the overall market (reference index) during a half-week. Only phases in which the markets have moved down during the last 52 weeks are taken into account. A negative value therefore indicates a previously defensive Bear Market profile for the share. The higher the factor, the greater the losses in negative market phases so far.
0Medium risk for index declinesThe stock tends to experience index declines to roughly the same extent.
Bad news factorThe "bad news factor" is based on the analysis of price drops in the share during generally rising stock markets over the past 12 months. In this purely quantitative analysis, the reasons for price drops are not relevant. If a stock goes down in absolute terms while its benchmark index rises, something company-specific is weighing on the stock price, hence the name.
The bad news factor shows the average negative deviation of the share in a bad news event compared to the reference index. The factor is measured in base points per half-week and represents the average value of the last 52 weeks. The higher the factor, the more sensitive the share has reacted to bad news. A lower factor, however, indicates that there has been little nervous reaction to negative things about the company in the past.
1Slight price declines for specific problemsIn the case of company-specific problems, the stock usually shows small price drops averaging + 2.38%.
beta 65Low susceptibility vs. SP500The stock tends to react with a deflection of + 0.65% for every 1% index movement.
Correlation 365 days 0,55Medium correlation with the SP500+ 55.99% of price fluctuations are caused by index movements.
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United States
Department stores
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Company profile for Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale Corporation (Costco) supplies small stores or businesses with special offers of limited and select branded products, ensuring that customers get quality products at low prices. The concept strives to achieve high sales revenues through high sales volumes and fast inventory turnover. This fast stock turnover is combined with an economical way of working such as bulk shopping, efficient distribution and lower wage costs through self-service department stores. This allows Costco to operate profitably at significantly lower margins than traditional wholesalers, discos and supermarkets. The company also operates warehouses for regional retail companies. A purchase requirement is a membership with Costco.

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Costco Wholesale increases dividend for the 16th year in a rowApril 15, 2021, 9:23 a.m. mydividends

The American wholesale chain Costco Wholesale Corporation (ISIN: US22160K1051, NASDAQ: COST) will distribute a quarterly dividend of $ 0.79 per share. This is an increase of 12.9 percent compared to the last quarter ...

Costco Wholesale keeps the dividend stableJanuary 22nd, 2021, 10:50 am mydividends

The American wholesale chain Costco Wholesale Corporation (ISIN: US22160K1051, NASDAQ: COST) will distribute an unchanged quarterly dividend of $ 0.70 per share. The next payment will be made on February 19, 2021 (Record ...

Costco Wholesale pays unchanged dividendOctober 15, 2020, 10:30 a.m. mydividends

The American wholesale chain Costco Wholesale Corporation (ISIN: US22160K1051, NASDAQ: COST) will distribute an unchanged quarterly dividend of $ 0.70 per share. The next payment will be made on November 13, 2020 (Record ...

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