What are the benefits of social work

social work - advantages and disadvantages?

social work - advantages and disadvantages?
hi, i would like to study social work at the fh ludwigsburg. I expect a grade between 2.8 and 3.1 in my Abi, can I study with it? and do i need any internships?

the other thing is that a lot of people around me have said that you earn little, that it is difficult to get a university place (or jobs afterwards). and that there are generally many disadvantages.
Money is not that important to me, but how much would you roughly earn?
and can one recommend social work and the subsequent professions?
HeavyP  πŸ“… 23.02.2010 17:16:05
Re: social work - advantages and disadvantages?
Benni14889 wrote:
> I'm counting on one
> cut between 2.8 and 3.1 in the Abi, I can
> study with it?

Yes. But you have to expect some waiting time (probably 2 years). Or you can file a hardship application or file a lawsuit. Then you can do it without waiting. Or you can show a lot of social commitment, which - depending on the university - is usually taken into account when selecting applicants.

> and do I need any
> internships?

It depends on the respective university and the study regulations there. As a rule, a three-month pre-study internship in the social field is required. Community service is usually considered sufficient. If you have completed this, you usually do not need a separate pre-study internship.

> the other thing is that many people live in
> people around me talked about the fact that one little
> earned

Right. At least if you work in the classic social area of ​​fringe group work and are paid by a church / independent agency. In the public sector the pay is better, but in my opinion it is still inadequate for an academic.

> that it is difficult to study places (or
> then jobs).

I wouldn't see it like that. One finds jobs, only the payment of these is a completely different question ...

> and that it
> there are generally many disadvantages.

In terms of what?

> Money is not that important to me, but how
> much would one earn roughly?

For tax class 1 roughly € 2250 gross. At least at the beginning.

> and you can do social work and the following
> Recommend professions?

I do not understand the question. Recommend in terms of what?

You can find more information here:

Benni_14889  πŸ“… 23.02.2010 20:45:52
Re: social work - advantages and disadvantages?
hey, thank you very much for the detailed answers, as they give me some clarity do you have opportunities for advancement? the recommendation refers to the pay and the disadvantages on the jobs, on the earnings etc. however i really want to study it, because with it I do my best and fulfill my little dream with it I only care about money because of whether studying and 13 years of school are worthwhile ^^ of the professional fields, however, it exactly corresponds to my wishes.
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