How many islands are countries

How many islands does ... actually have?

How many islands does Greece have? Or Spain? Or Japan? If you've asked yourself these or similar questions before, don't ask any further! We'll tell you how many islands ten of the world's most island-rich countries actually have, how many of these islands are inhabited and which of them you can fly to directly!

The islands at a glance:

1. Greece - 3,054 islands

We start strong: Greece with its unbelievable 3,054 islands, islets and reef islands is one of the absolute island winners in Europe, with the Greek islands making up 82% of all islands in the Mediterranean and 19% of the Greek land mass. On wonderful islets like Crete, Corfu and Kos you can not only immerse yourself in the fascinating history and mythology of the country during your vacation, here you will also find beautiful beaches and stunning natural landscapes.

Some airports in the Greek islands:

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2. Hawaii - 137 islands

Hawaii, which belongs to the USA and consists entirely of islands, has nine main islands with minor islands and a few other islets that are grouped together as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. There are also numerous reef islands or motus. Hawaii has a total of 137 islands, most of which are uninhabited - even the main islands are not all inhabited: Kaho’olawe, the smallest of them, is uninhabited. As a vacation spot, Hawaii offers everything you would expect from a dream vacation: white beaches, blue sea and plenty of sun and beautiful weather. Hawaii is also the only US state with a tropical rainforest and the only US state where coffee is grown. The largest volcano on earth, the Mauna Loa, is located in Hawaii, more precisely on the largest main island, which is generally referred to simply as Hawaii or the Big Island.

Some airports in the Hawaiian Islands:

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3. Spain - 164 islands

The Spanish islands are mostly spread over the Balearic Islands, for example Ibiza or Mallorca, or the Canary Islands, which include Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife. The special thing about the islands of Spain, especially the Canary Islands, is that there are mild temperatures all year round and they are therefore ideal for summer, sun and beach holidays at any time of the year. And apart from the beaches, there is also a lot to experience on the islands of Spain: from impressive rocky landscapes to lush green forests, including rich fauna and flora, you will find everything your nature-loving heart desires.

Some airports on the Spanish islands:

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4. Italy - 211 islands

When you think of Italian islands, the classics immediately come to mind: Sardinia, Sicily, Lampedusa, Elba and of course the wonderful Venice. These four islands are far from over: A total of 211 islands belong to Bella Italia, but most of them are very small and uninhabited. Due to their location, scattered along the north-south axis, you can expect completely different climates on the islands of Italy - from the typical Central European weather in Venice to Sicily, which is spring-like to summer all year round. What almost all Italian islands have in common, however, is that they will definitely cast a spell over you with their charm - be it because of their art, culture or wonderful natural landscapes.

Some airports on the Italian islands:

Venice of course also has an international airport, but this is located on the Venetian mainland and is therefore not included in our list.

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5. Indonesia - approximately 17,508 islands

If you took a close look at our table above, you might have noticed that we only gave an approximate figure for the number of islands in Indonesia - why? It's simple: Because even Indonesia doesn't know exactly how many islands actually belong to its huge island country. The current number of 17,508 islands is only an estimate based on satellite images - some other estimates even speak of more than 18,000 islands. Since last year there has been an initiative in Indonesia to find out how many islands and islets there actually are - until the number is clearly determined, however, you will unfortunately have to be satisfied with the fact that in any case, as good as every island you can visit in Indonesia definitely justifies a trip.

Some airports on the Indonesian islands:

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6. Croatia - 1,244 islands

If you want to go on an island or beach holiday in Europe, sooner or later you will inevitably be drawn to Croatia. The wonderful country is not only full of incredible natural landscapes, but also has some of the most beautiful coastlines on our continent to offer - including on its dreamy islands. The most popular of the total of 1,244 islands in Croatia are among others Cres, Krk and Rab, but many more lure with beautiful beaches on the turquoise blue sea. Unfortunately, you usually look in vain for airports on the islands of Croatia - instead you should fly to coastal locations such as Zadar, Split or Pula and continue from there to the appropriate ferry. The only island that you can currently fly to is Brač.

Airports on the Croatian islands:

islandAirportDirect flight from Germany
BračBol AirportNo

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7. Japan - 425 islands

Japan consists of a total of 425 islands, with 98% of its population living on the four main islands: Honshû, Hokkaido, Kyûshû and Shikoku. Most of the places in Japan that you've probably heard of are on the largest of these islands, Honshû, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. Japan stretches diagonally through all possible climate zones, which is why the weather can be very different depending on the region: While Hokkaido has a cold, temperate climate with cold, snowy winters and mild summer temperatures in the north, Okinawa, the seventh largest, prevails in the south Japanese island, which is also a popular resort, for example subtropical climate. When it comes to things to see, the attractions in Japan range from traditional temples and imperial palaces to uniquely beautiful natural areas and ultra-modern art and culture capitals such as Tokyo or Osaka, where technology and pop culture fans will also find plenty to marvel at.

Some airports in the Japanese Islands:

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8. Sweden - more than 221,831 islands

Anyone who read the number of Greek islands earlier and thought: “Wow, that’s a lot!” Will be knocked off the stool by the Swedish islands: The Scandinavian country has a total of 221,831 islands - and that includes only those islands that have at least one Size of 25 square meters - all the numerous small islands that exist in the sea around Sweden are not even included in this number. However, the only island that you can fly to directly in Sweden is Visby on the country's largest island, Gotland. Here you will find a medieval city including city walls, cobblestone streets and a cute harbor.

Airport on the Swedish islands:

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9. Denmark - 10,001 islands

Our northern neighbor Denmark has to offer not 1,001 nights, but 10,001 islands. Of the many islets, only 71 are inhabited - the largest of them is Zealand, on which the state capital Copenhagen is located and which is connected to the mainland via a sea bridge. Denmark is known for its untouched nature, including some wonderful and, above all, deserted beaches, but also for its rich culture and history, which can of course be experienced and admired extensively in Copenhagen. You can also fly directly to Copenhagen on Zealand - all other islands must be visited by land and water.

Airport in the Danish Islands:

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10. Germany - 92 islands

Finally, the Federal Republic itself should not be missing from this list, because in our own country there are also a lot of islands worth seeing, which are divided into the Baltic and North Sea - from the well-known holiday islands such as Rügen, Sylt or Helgoland to The choice is enough for the right tiny ones. If you want to vacation on one of the more famous islands, you can expect wonderful beaches without long journeys, beautiful natural landscapes or even pure party - depending on where you are going. In Germany you can only fly directly to the popular holiday island of Sylt, but the travel time to the other islands by car and ferry or even in combination with a short-haul flight to the next larger city is definitely pleasantly short.

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