What do boys find hot

25 Things Guys Find Sexy and Attractive About a Girl

There are a few sexy things girls do that guys just love! Read these 25 things guys find sexy and attractive in a girl to find out what they are.

Girls always have a way to get everyone's attention.

It's not always intentional, but it is!

A guy might be busy doing something but a girl walk past him and the likelihood is that he will be distracted.

Why guys find girls so attractive

Just a cute girl or group of girls having fun or doing something will always catch a guy's attention no matter where he is.

There is something about girls that is so cute, attractive, and just so sexy!

But do you ever wonder what makes a man turn around and take a second look at the street, or watch out for a girl when she walks past him?

Sexy things girls do that guys love

Some of the things guys love most about girls are involuntary and natural.

And a few others, well, those are traits and habits that a few girls pick up over time.

You don't really need to be part of all of these gestures you've mentioned here, nor do you need all of these qualities to impress a guy or get his attention. You just have to be yourself. But of course, if you think you can be a better version of who you are, then go ahead and choose a few tips from here. It would definitely help make you feel more confident and sexy.

25 things girls do that guys find sexy and attractive

Use these little details that guys find sexy and attractive to woo the guy you like and get his attention in no time.

# 1 your trust. Guys find a girl's confidence to be extremely sexy. The way you wear a guy or how you talk to him plays a big part in how much you admire him.

# 2 Your high heels. High heels make your legs look longer and more attractive. And if you walk past a guy, he won't be able to keep his eyes from wandering from your feet to your face.

# 3 Your adventurous streak. Guys love a girl who likes to have fun. Are you too uptight and shy? Let your hair down and have fun every now and then.

# 4 curves. This is evolutionary and a guy just can't resist staring at a girl who has the right curves in all the right places. When you have the curves, wear well-fitting clothes that accentuate them and you will see how easy it can be to get a man's attention.

# 5 When you look at him. If you like a guy or are trying to get his attention, don't just look away or blatantly stare at him. You may get his attention, but he'll soon get bored. Instead, learn to see him the right way. Seduce him with your eyes, let his heart skip a beat, and he will fall harder and faster than you think.

# 6 High energy. Guys are easily impressed by playful girls with high energy levels. If you show that childlike streak in you by exuding a tantrum, screaming or screaming excitedly for the smallest of things, a guy may cover his ears, but inside he would still find you adorable and lovable.

# 7 intelligence. If you're smart, show yourself. You don't have to embarrass yourself to impress a guy, even if most people say they'll feel intimidated going out with a girl who knows everything. As long as you're in no rush to stamp dumb guys under your heels, your intelligence will always be a spur for guys.

# 8 Sense of humor. You don't have to be a clown or a stand-up comedian with a sense of humor. Just enjoy the little things and take a positive outlook on life.

# 9 Respect yourself. Self-esteem plays a big role in a girl's attractiveness. If you don't respect yourself, the guys will inadvertently take you for granted or treat you like a doormat and walk around everywhere. And even if you're trying to get a guy's attention, he might just find you too easily and even ask you to introduce yourself to your sexy boyfriend who is teasing him instead of trying to open doors for him!

# 10 Your laugh and your smile. Smile and you can use it to light up a guy's mind easily! Guys are fools for girly laughs and cute smiles. Smile often, be happy, and the world will find you much more attractive.

# 11 mystery. Mystery is sexy. And men are always drawn to girls who cannot be read like an open book. Don't tell a guy all about yourself just to impress him faster because it won't work.

# 12 When you stretch. Even the most decent guys would have a hard time taking their eyes off a girl who * accidentally * shows a bit of skin. If you want to catch an eye, just look around casually, put your arms up in the air like you're bored, and reveal just a little bit of your belly.

# 13 Your hair. Your hair can be one of your greatest assets when it comes to attracting a man. Play with your hair or run your hands through it or move your long locks from shoulder to shoulder with your hands to reveal the back of your neck while making contact with a man.

# 14 Order a man's drink. It is almost irresistible that a guy hold back a big grin when he sees a cute girl ordering a man's drink and wearing it well. And you would definitely admire it!

# 15 Clothing that stimulates the imagination. One of the things guys find sexy and attractive in a girl is her clothes, especially when she's wearing something that isn't very revealing, but is on the verge of revealing a lot! Wear anything that looks like it's slipping off your shoulders or your body, or anything that gives away a trace of your underwear and you will see the magic work.

# 16 A band between your breasts. Do you carry a bag or a purse with a long strap? Position your wallet between your breasts and let the bag fall to one side of your body. It just makes you a lot nicer and sexier too!

# 17 Hearts of hands across the room. Are you the girl-girl who loves to sign characters from across the room or while taking photos? Many guys love girls who are cute. Use the reverse hand-heart gesture in front of a male guy and you'll see him melt like butter.

# 18 Flying kisses. Flying kisses can seem weird if not followed by another gesture. But it definitely looks attractive when you send a flying kiss from across the room and wrinkle your nose and smile or wink at the guy.

# 19 Touching flirting. Go behind the guy and slide your arm between his elbow and his body, and poke him with the shoulder or cling to his arm.

# 20 reading glasses. Guys find girls who wear reading glasses on occasion really sexy. It looks especially cute when the girl is wearing glasses and has her hair up, in a ponytail, or in a bun.

# 21 A group of girls. If you want to look a man in the eye while you are busy at the same time, hang out with another friend of yours or with a group of your friends. Guys can't take their eyes off a group of girls, especially if you and your friends are excited and screaming or holding each other's arms while they are doing something together.

# 22 When you say 'please'. Whenever you walk past a man or ask him to step aside, please say "Please" and follow him with a "thank you" while making eye contact. It seems casual, but it will still make you get to know yourself better, or at least learn your name.

# 23 Eat something. Guys think it's very cute when a girl eats something like this ice cream or a cupcake. It's even cuter when you drop some food and clumsily try to wipe it off your shirt. And it's a lot sexier when you eat something big and long!

# 24 blushing. Guys feel great when a girl is talking to them. The way a girl talks while shyly flirting back is hot. And if you blush and look away when he compliments you, well, you just made his day.

# 25 When a girl asks for help. If you want to grab a man's attention and caress his ego at the same time, ask him for help! When you ask a boy for help, he feels more like a man, because men intuitively feel more masculine when a girl acts like a virgin in need and asks for help. It could be something as simple as asking for a pen, or looking for something, or opening something.

There are so many other little things that guys find sexy and attractive about a girl. But for now, these 25 things about girls should be a good place to start reading a man's mind while getting his attention!