What is dual diagnostic treatment

Dual diagnosis (comorbidity): a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge

Many do not manage to get out of their illness without professional help.


The Oberberg Kliniken specialize in the treatment of double diagnoses.


At the Oberberg Kliniken, we treat patients according to this principle:


  • 1. Quick or instant admission
  • 2. Individually organized therapy
  • 3. Intensive follow-up treatment of the patient and the relatives


The first priority is always a personal conversation with the family doctor, in an addiction counseling center or with our doctors. First of all, it must be clarified whether there is an addiction disorder and whether there is a desire to break the vicious circle of addiction through targeted treatment.


During acute treatment in addiction medicine, we not only carry out the physical withdrawal professionally, but also set the course for further measures together with the patient. Detoxification usually takes a few days, with appropriate medication and monitoring of body functions.


We also offer our patients an extensive therapy program. This includes, inter alia.


  • Individual and group discussions
  • Relaxation procedures including ear acupuncture
  • creative offers
  • Exercise for physical recovery
  • diverse social work and social therapeutic support