What causes sulfur-smelling belching and vomiting

Vomiting, diarrhea after belching with a rotten egg smell


Have had a big problem since November.

All of a sudden the smell of rotten eggs started. Always around 4 a.m. About 2-3 hours later the diarrhea started and a short time later vomiting occurred, sometimes at the same time as the diarrhea. Then I throw up about 2 times and then everything is done. No more smell, no more diarrhea as if nothing happened. Then I had a few days of rest until it started again, not always vomiting, but always with diarrhea.

I went to the doctor and they did various tests. Examine stool and blood. All the best.

In December I had a gastroscopy, which revealed that my esophagus and stomach were inflamed. So gastritis.

Later in February I was supposed to do a breath test Heliobakter pyril, because very few bacteria were found in the tissue samples that Heliobacter could not detect, because too little.

I was prescribed omniprazole 40 mg, which I should take for about 6 weeks, MCP and probiotics, which I should take for 3 months.

After I stopped omniprazole, I ordered Mujimo tablets, it is natural and has the same effect as omniprazole and I tolerated it well.

The whole thing made me rethink. Now eat crispbread early, in the evening wholemeal bread but no longer like a slice of low-fat poultry sausage, for lunch I also try to eat relatively low-fat, above all I chew much more slowly and eat more consciously and take at least a 4-hour break between meals. Drink a lot of tea, especially chamomile tea, green tea or ginger tea.

And then I felt very well, I lost weight, had no belching, no flatulence. Top bowel movements.

As I found out on Thursday, the breath test was negative, so no heliobacter.

As I said, 2.5 months now I had largely peace and quiet.

See you at 4 a.m. tonight. Then I woke up, suddenly had that belching again with the disgusting smell of rotten eggs. All the alarm bells went on for me. Immediately made chamomile tea and put a heating pad on my stomach and a tablet of MCP, which I haven't taken for a long time because I didn't need it, which is said to work against nausea and vomiting.

But unsuccessful, the diarrhea started again 2 hours later as before and shortly afterwards I had to vomit 2-3 times in a very short time, it was very thick and hardly came through my throat. I discovered pieces of apple and leftovers from wholemeal bread. After that everything was done again as if nothing had happened. Now it burns a bit in the stomach and throat and growls because there is nothing in it.

I have to say that during the day I ate a piece of apple pie around 2.30 p.m. and a little puff pastry. I haven't eaten a cake in ages.

The cake shouldn't have been in the stomach early, digested for up to 7 hours, even the wholemeal bread I ate at 7 p.m. should have been digested long ago, after which I didn't eat anything. At noon I had rice and Koenigsberger Klopse. In between a banana nothing else.

I'm a little disillusioned now after being really happy for 2 months.

I really don't know what else to do. Could the piece of apple pie have been the reason. Taking omniprazole again? Could it be the Mujimo?

Now I don't even know what else to eat.

Does anyone have similar problems.