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KINO favorites: The ten best German actors

We have put together our very own list of the ten best German actors. It dates back to the 1930s and unites Oscar winners, audience favorites and cult figures. Ten very different personalities who embody the entire spectrum of male fascination. Some have great charisma and overwhelming expressiveness, others rely on weakness and vulnerability or give to the clever villains. And some are just very, very weird.

Our favorites: a personal selection

If you skim our list, you will quickly notice that we prefer the sensitive to the sex man and the fine spirit to the macho - so no Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer or Elyas M'Barek. The superstars of German mainstream cinema are not there. Our favorites are not about a competition of the audience's favorites, but about the personal selection of the KINO editorial team and the actors, who for us are among the defining screen faces of German cinema, even across national borders.

Many played Nazis ...

With the dark sides of history in mind, post-war German cinema often had a hard time dealing with male screen heroes. So it is not surprising that many of our favorite actors have dealt with figures from German contemporary history and have repeatedly played Nazis.

Our ten best German actors prefer difficult and complicated characters. They play murderers and maniacs, punks and bums and sometimes just "normal" types. Not superheroes, but those who are fully occupied with saving themselves.

Masterful character actors

Their style and their possibilities of expression are wide-ranging. Those who are also successful as theater actors have mastered the art of grand gestures and tell their characters with full physical effort. Others love to take a close-up, know the effects of every wrinkle in their face and what moving their head or raising an eyebrow can tell. And there is also the new type of actor who appears as if he were directly from our neighborhood: naturally-immediately-undisguised.

But they all have one thing in common: They are masters at merging with their characters in such a way that the actor and film character become one. That is what makes them so irresistible on screen.

And how do you like our selection? Is your favorite actor there or did we pass him over? Write to us about your top ten actors in German film at [email protected]