How can I regain my fitness motivation

Training motivation - 10 tips for more motivation during training


In my article last week, I talked about autosuggestion as a way to be more effective in training.

Today I would like to introduce you to 10 ways in which you can regain, increase or improve your training motivation.

The way to the self-set goal is often hard, rocky and with many motivation holes, but it is precisely or better, especially thanks to consistently high motivation, that those who reap the fruits of success, whose training motivation is unbroken high.

As a beginner, you are bursting with ambition and are “hot” for every training session. Yes, you even have to slow down so as not to do too much of a good thing.

However, over time, the motivation to exercise drops sharply. A struggle with yourself begins and questions arise. Don't worry, this is completely normal and everyone has a high or a low at some point.

Change is an important part of staying motivated. Boredom is the opponent and leads to a decrease in your training motivation. If it arises, you have to fight it and try to develop fun again with what was once your passion, training.

1.) New training plan

A new training plan is not only a good way to set new stimuli, but also represents a new challenge. You should definitely reconsider your training plan every 3 to 4 months and change it when the opportunity arises.

For example, this can be the training system itself, instead of volume now high-intensity training like HIT. Instead of 4 sets per exercise, now 2 sets. Well-known and proven bodybuilding exercises are particularly popular with me. Instead of doing the bench press with the barbell, you can now switch to the dumbbells, for example.

Changing the training times can also mean that you get out of a motivation hole. If you normally train after work, it can happen that the "power" is missing and with it the motivation. Just try to train before work or school. This can completely change your daily routine and make it more fun.

Or be completely crazy and design your training against the mainstream. This could mean, for example, that from now on you only do bench presses, squats or deadlifts. No more other exercises.

If you are still not motivated, just go to training and train completely without a plan. Yeah right! Do what you enjoy, what you feel like doing right now, even if that's just training your abs.

Freedom and creativity, as well as a lot of fun, will certainly trigger an incredible training motivation in you.

The possibilities to get out of boredom are enormous. Try it, be crazy and test!

2.) New fitness studio

As already indicated, a lack of motivation to exercise is the result of boredom. Always the same training, the same people, the same food ... at some point you just can't see it anymore.

Another way to avoid this point is to simply switch gyms. This is how you get to know new people. Maybe people who have the same attitude as you and are 100% behind the training. People who are so motivated that they just get carried away.

It doesn't necessarily have to be that you terminate your contract right away. One or two workouts in another gym are enough to awaken old strength.

3.) New sports nutrition

The market for sports nutrition is huge and the choice is almost overwhelming. For example, when I see a new, interesting product and test it, I have the right to get the most out of my investment.

I take a close look at the dietary supplement, analyze it and try to adhere to the specifications exactly. Since I deal so intensively with this topic, I can't help but give 100% in training.

The fun of discovering new possibilities is huge. The anticipation, but also the psychological effect of having something new that can increase the body's performance, is fantastic.

There is no question that sports nutrition can increase your motivation to exercise. The prerequisite is that you do not ONLY rely on the "middle" and always give full throttle.

4.) Music

Music arouses emotions, music stimulates and can spur you on to new achievements. Use driving music like techno or rock to increase your motivation. Hip Hop or R´n´B can also help you with that.

It is important that you love the music and also know it. If you associate certain feelings with a particular song, that's even better. Emotions guide your motivation. If you are able to wake them up with music, you can use them for yourself. It doesn't matter whether these are negative or positive feelings.

Slow music is rather unsuitable, because with the number of beats, your heart rate and the release of hormones also increase. Loud and fast music is an "alarm signal" for the body. It wakes you up and has a stimulating effect. Just the thing for more training motivation.

5.) Videos

There are countless videos on YouTube about motivation in training. The advantage over music is the moving pictures. Music and pictures in videos create even stronger emotions or bring out old feelings.

I often watch various training videos from top bodybuilders and get inspired. The music in connection with the images is anchored in my head, so that I only have to listen to the music during training in order to automatically call up the associated images.

Pick the videos that speak to you personally. Maybe from role models or very successful athletes ?! Look at them over and over and you will see that you can't help but go to training highly motivated.

One of my favorites is this video with Kevin Levrone:

6.) The look in the mirror

A lack of training motivation can also result from satisfaction. If you are at peace with yourself and the world, then it can happen that you let yourself be dissuaded from your goals and everything doesn't matter.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am i happy with myself
  • Did I achieve exactly what I wanted to achieve?

The look in the mirror shows you the truth.

In 99% of all cases there is always something to be done or to improve. If you are an athlete with all your heart, you will NEVER be satisfied with yourself and will always strive for more.

7.) Distance

Once you are “caught” in training, it can happen that you lose yourself. The clarity of why you are actually doing this and why you are doing this to yourself is lost. The goals are suddenly no longer so important or even completely forgotten.

From this point on it is important to gain some distance. Every athlete, regardless of the sport, should take a break at regular intervals and do absolutely NOTHING.

This will certainly be difficult for you, but it can generate incredible motivation. A week off every 3 or 4 months is not only a good way to regenerate, but also a perfect way to switch off. It is important that you do not go to the gym, read magazines or do anything that reminds you of training.

This "cold withdrawal" creates a really guilty conscience, which drives you to be highly motivated to train again after a week at the latest. With a break you give your body AND your mind the necessary rest to get started again.

After tension (training), relaxation (recovery) must ALWAYS take place in order to be balanced. Too much tension and the body takes its break automatically. Either in the form of a lack of performance or in the form of a lack of training motivation, the latter being an obvious sign of overtraining.

8.) Self-reflection

Take the time to sit down and think about why you are actually going to exercise:

  • Is it the fun of the workout itself?
  • Is it the pursuit of better health?
  • Is it the will to have a great beach figure?
  • Or do you just want a few muscles to impress the girls?

With the wrong goals, you cannot maintain a consistently high level of training motivation.

“The journey is the goal!” That means that you have to like the training, that you enjoy it and you like to go there. Conversely, this automatically means that you stay on the ball and are permanently motivated.

Showing off or training as a means to an end are the worst possible motivators. Unfortunately, there is a lack of fun in sport and the passion to achieve something. Then try to build a new perspective on training yourself and make yourself aware that you ONLY look good as long as you are doing sports. This means that you have to live the training and it becomes a part of you.

There is no end goal, just the here and now, because "The journey is the goal!"

9.) Training partner

A training partner is an incredible help. If you have only trained alone until now, a partner can work wonders for acute training reluctance. But switching to a new training partner, perhaps in a new fitness studio, can also help increase your training motivation enormously.

The benefit of having a partner is that they complement and drive you. There are days when you just can't muster the motivation by yourself. A good training partner is not impressed by this, remains self-motivated and must be able to transfer training motivation to you.

It is also conceivable that a kind of competition will be built up among each other in order to pull together. You should only choose training partners who think at least as much about the training as you do, who can motivate themselves easily or, even better, who are already where you want to be.

Having a training beginner as a permanent partner is extremely bad, as is someone you have to drive yourself. The environment determines your motivation. If it is already highly motivated by itself, then you can't help but take on this "tension" and be successful.

10.) New challenges

I love to set myself goals and work towards them. New challenges are the key to lasting training motivation. They ensure that you always try to improve yourself, that you build up an ambition and successfully face the "unpleasurable devil".

Athletes who don't have clear goals will give up quickly. Therefore, it is ABSOLUTELY important that you write down your goals. In this article, I'll show you how to properly determine your goals in order to achieve them with certainty.

Goals offer you support and give you a clear path. They are tall enough to be reached and small enough to be challenging.

If your training has gotten boring, find an area in which you want to improve. Maybe you want to bench press 10kg more in the next 10 weeks? Or have 5kg less body fat?

With the help of clear goals, you build up challenges and, in connection with this, at the same time the pressure to achieve your goal. A competition with yourself is often the basis for permanent training motivation.

Only those who know what they want to achieve can stay on their path and become successful.

Closing words

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I hope you enjoyed my tips for more training motivation ...

What are you doing to motivate yourself? Which tricks help you particularly well?

I would be happy if you would write me your motivational tips in the comment field below.

Best wishes and see you soon


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