An eagle is a wild animal

Germany's wild animals

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Where eagles, badgers and beavers live

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  • Unique portraits of the wild animals in our immediate vicinity.
  • Extraordinary photos and entertaining texts.
  • Recommended by the German Wildlife Foundation.
Cover / equipment: 240 color photos,

Product information "Germany's wild animals"

Our urban and rural neighborhoods are wilder than we think. There is a lot to discover and observe in all regions and regions: the hidden life of birds of prey, the return of wolves and lynxes or the spectacle of migratory birds when they start their journey south in huge flocks. This illustrated book shows the beauty and the special features of our wild animals in brilliant pictures and entertaining texts. Recommended by the German Wildlife Foundation.


Ekkehard Ophoven

Ekkehard Ophoven studied forest sciences and worked for many years as a forest and wildlife expert. He has been working as a freelance editor since 1988. In addition to various publications in specialist journals, he has written numerous academic book contributions and his own books. More about the person

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