Which relative do you admire most

Which personalities the Germans admire

The list includes professional athletes, politicians and actors: In a recent survey, the YouGov Institute determined which personalities Germans admire most.

As in the previous year, Barack and Michelle Obama are again at the top of the list of “most admired people”: As the Statista chart shows, the former US president is number one for men (17.5 percent); his wife Michelle Obama impressed women the most (13.0 percent). More than one in ten men surveyed in Germany (10.5 percent) admires soccer coach Jürgen Klopp. In third place among men is the Dalai Lama (9.2 percent).

Angela Merkel is in second place for women this year, with eleven percent of those surveyed who admire her the most. The British Queen Elizabeth II (10.3 percent), the tennis player Steffi Graf (5.3 percent) and the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg (4.4 percent) also make a big impression on women in Germany.

For the international study, YouGov carried out more than 45,000 surveys in 42 countries, including 2,032 respondents in Germany. In an open question, the people who are admired were first identified. A list of the most frequently mentioned people was then compiled from which the respondents were asked in a second run to select the personalities they admire most.