Should I marry an uneducated woman?

Women are increasingly marrying uneducated men

As a new study shows, the marriage market has rearranged itself: Men benefit economically, while women more often marry less educated people.
For men, getting married is more and more often an economic advancement, while women are therefore more likely to have a less educated husband. The change is mainly due to the growing adjustment of salaries. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Kansas.

The marriage market reorganized

"The pattern of marriage and its economic consequences have changed over time. Now women are more likely to marry a less educated man," explains study author Chang Hwan Kim.

In the study, the researchers analyzed gender changes among married people between the ages of 35 and 44. It first became apparent that there are more highly educated women on the marriage market than men. On the one hand, this is one reason why the spouse is increasingly contributing less or the same amount to household income as his wife.

The change is taking place, especially because women's wages have increased in recent years and there is therefore more interest in education. Meanwhile, men's wages are stagnating. According to the researchers, the standard of living for men is now improving much faster than it was a few years ago. The spouses' pay is often the same, if not better on the part of the wife in some cases. "That could explain why men don't really complain about it. It seems okay for men if the woman brings more income into the household than herself."

Comment now Uneducated women at a disadvantage

"However, this new finding also implies that marriage is very important to the economic well-being of men," said Kim. However, the changes do not only have positive effects. "For less well-educated women, on the other hand, the standard of living has deteriorated slightly, although their own incomes have increased. However, their husbands' contribution to the household has decreased slightly," emphasizes Kim.

The overall picture shows that men are now clearly benefiting from the progress made by women. (red) | Act:

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