Indian men have big penises

Who has the longest? The penis size in an international comparison

Fortunately, every woman knows that masculine concern for length is quite a nonsense. After all, much more important than the length are passion, dedication and technology. Nevertheless, the topic is apparently enormously important for men. Especially for German men.

Surprising but true: most of the penis extensions worldwide take place here in Germany. In 2013 there were an impressive 2786 extensions. Venezuela follows in second place with a comparatively measly 473 surgical interventions. At least that was the result of a study by the International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons, ISAPS.

Have the Germans really drawn such a short lot compared to the men in other countries that they have to use the knife? To find out, we have created an infographic with the average penis size in the various countries around the world, for informational purposes only. And lo and behold: the German man actually does not need an operation:

With all the numbers, the question arises: do you really have to be proud to have the largest penis? Does 14.48 centimeters mean that German men are worse lovers than the French, Egyptians or Turks just because they are a few millimeters short? And can you confidently cross South Korean lovers off the list because they bring up the rear in the world in terms of length?

A clear answer: of course not! Therefore dear men: Forget the infographic here and make us happy with what you have. To make a woman happy in bed really takes more than a few centimeters. We can safely do without them. Hopefully you too.

The most beautiful nicknames for the best piece (whether short or long):

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