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06/18/07: Vegemite

After my vacation in Australia, I occasionally think of a few more stories on the subject. Today is supposed to be Vegemite walk.

Vegemite is an Australian spread made from yeast. The whole thing is probably eaten for breakfast. I noticed this first on Kangaroo Island, as it was right next to the jams at the breakfast buffet. Somehow the consistency of the whole thing didn't appeal to me that much, which is why I fortunately tried it on one corner of my toast. It's a good thing I didn't cover the whole toast with it. Because Vegemite is by far the most hideous thing I've ever put on my bread for breakfast. The good thing about it, however, is that the taste is very easy to describe: Vegemite tastes like a stock cube. Difficult to imagine? Yes, but still true! And this stuff even seems to be quite popular, because I found it on a few other breakfast buffets - but then I avoided it.

By the way: At you can even buy Vegemite in a 2.5 kilo pack. Quote: "This will elevate you from a Vegemite Kid to a Vegemite King!". So if you are planning to kill all of your taste buds, this could be a good solution.

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