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What should be considered when towing vehicles?

In a nutshell: towing

For what reason is a vehicle allowed to be towed?

If the police or the public order office commission towing services, there may be different reasons for this. Towing can be ordered, for example, if you are in a no-stopping zone, park on a zebra crossing or use a parking space for people with disabilities without having the appropriate usage authorization.

What does the towing cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle, region and towing company. If, for example, implementation is carried out by the police in Berlin, this costs 136 euros if it is a vehicle with a permissible total weight of up to 3.5 t.

Can I tow a vehicle myself?

You can also tow the vehicle yourself with the help of a friend or acquaintance if your car breaks down. Remember to turn on the hazard lights. Motorcycles are generally not allowed to be towed.

Specific information on towing:

Why does a vehicle have to be towed?

You have your Vehicle parked somewhere, return to this place and suddenly the car is gone - a horror performance. The disappearance can then two reasons have: The car was stolen or someone has it have it towed.

Option number two is annoying, but comparatively the lesser evil. But when is someone actually authorized to have your vehicle towed? The following guide gets to the bottom of this question and also tells you what to do when towing costs can arise.

Additionally, you will learn how to tow a vehicle yourself can if this no longer starts or has stopped. In addition, we also shed light on which costs can arise if you have a Towing service instruct.

When can the police have the car towed?

The Towing by the police is called "implementation". In the technical language it is ... the removal of a vehicle by the police to avert a danger to public safety and order by private towing companies or with the police's own resources from the previous location to another (permitted) parking space on public roads. " (Source: meant.

However, before this action is taken, it must also be checked whether a not so drastic step is possible. When towing, the Proportionality maintained become. We present some of them below Examples before where it the vehicle is often relocated:

  • Parking in no-parking areas
  • Vehicles parked at taxi ranks, bus stops or special stripes
  • Before entrances and exits
  • On cycle lanes
  • On sidewalks if this significantly obstructs pedestrians
  • Parking spaces for people with disabilities or special parking spaces for car sharing vehicles

Good to know: As a rule, the vehicles are then sent to a other place, which nearby is located towed away. The local police usually have their own telephone number for the information and search office. With a phone call, those affected can find out where the car was towed.

How much are towing costs?

If the police have to have a car towed away, there are costs that are imposed on the vehicle owner. Next to one Fine for the respective violation against the traffic rules, the person concerned must also for the Towing costs come up.

How high this may fail vary greatly from region to region. We want you to look at the Towing costs for vehicles in Berlin provide a brief overview. In the capital, it also depends on who initiated the towing.

There are three possible ways of doing this: BVG, police or public order office. The the former option is comparatively the cheapest. If the BVG leaves a vehicle with a permissible total weight up to 3.5 t implement, this usually costs 97 euros. If the measure is taken from the police caused, the costs amount to 136 euros, at the Public order office those affected pay proud 199 euros.

Was the Implementation just started, the costs are reduced a little. In the case of larger cars, combination vehicles or vans with a permissible total weight of 3.501 kg or more, towing is significantly more expensive and exceeds the 300 euros mark for the police and public order office.

Towing the car yourself: how does it work?

The towing does not always have to take place at the behest of the authorities. It can also happen that the Car just stays where it is. Affected people can then get away from one Let a friend or acquaintance move to a nearby workshop. However, there are a few things to consider.

First of all, you need to decide if you want one Tow rope or a tow bar want to use. The rod is considered to be a simpler and more stable variant, but it is also a bit more expensive to buy.

Before you can connect rod or rope, you must Tow hooks attached to both cars become. Is it a rope, this may no longer than five meters be. You must now use the Hazard warning lights and if necessary also that Switch on the lighting.

Please note the following for the defective vehicle: The ignition key got to turned to the first position, the Handbrakesolved become. You are also allowed to do not engage a gear. Let in Automatic car to tow, you have to switch the circuit on "N" put.

There is no speed limit when towing, but one is recommended Do not exceed a speed of 50 km / h. By the way: Motorcycles are generally not allowed to be towed.

Important: When towing with a rope or a bar, you must always both vehicles switch on the hazard warning lights. If this is no longer possible with the defective vehicle, you must not tow it! In this case it has to be loaded professionally.

Is towing allowed on the autobahn?

In principle, it can happen that a Vehicle breaks down on the motorway. In this case are special caution and quick action is required. In addition, if you tow a car, further rules according to the road traffic regulations (StVO) must be observed.

According to § 15a paragraphs 1 and 2 StVO the following applies:

(1) When towing a vehicle that has broken down on the motorway, leave the motorway (sign 330.1) at the next exit.

(2) When towing a vehicle that has broken down outside the motorway, it is not allowed to enter the motorway (sign 330.1).

This means: If the vehicle is on the motorway, you have to take the next exit when towing. If a towing process begins outside the motorway, it must not be driven on, as the combination would pose too high a safety risk.

What are the costs of a towing service?

If no one you know has time or you don't have the right tools to have the vehicle towed by yourself, that's often the only thing left to do Call a towing company.

The Implementation costs depend on different factorssuch as the type of vehicle or the distance from the destination. It is therefore not possible to make a general statement about the price.

Good to know: Are you a member of ADAC, membership usually includes that free towing of the vehicle to a workshop near you.

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What should be considered when towing vehicles?
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