What is the psychology of ignoring

How to ignore him - Reverse psychology will drive him into your arms

It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

While it's nice to cook something for your crush or the guy you're in a relationship with, it doesn't help you tap into your ego.

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What helps is to ignore him to some extent until he's crazy about you.

Most women overreact when they feel their relationship is in danger. You don't have to fall into the same category.

There are other ways to regain his interest or to win him over even if you think there is nothing left to do.

Learn how to ignore it just enough to achieve your goal.

Ignore him step by step

Don't put your needs first

If you don't put his needs above yours, you are one step closer to properly mastering the art of ignoring him.

If the guy you're in love with gets used to having a shoulder to cry on or an accomplice at all times, he'll take you for granted.

So the next time he calls you to meet you without any prior plans, decline him. Don't make him believe that you are always available.

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Make him wonder why you can't meet him. Or the next time he calls to blow off steam, don't listen to him.

Tell him that you are sorry about what he is going through, but that you have your own business to attend to.

Focus on yourself

Don't just try to look busy to him; make sure that it really is you.

Instead of waiting on the phone and hoping he'll call, do something productive or relaxing.

Spend time with your friends, attend classes, pursue your passions or explore nature.

Your availability is important because if you are always free to hang out with him, he won't appreciate your presence as much.

The main idea is that he knows that you have your own life and that you are not available to him.

There is something very attractive about an independent woman who doesn't change her schedule just to accommodate others.

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However, you can also compromise from time to time. Just not every time.

Awaken the hunter in him

Men still love the hunt. That passion could be an instinctive reminder of her.

They love nothing more than chasing after what they want, especially when their prey is not easy to catch.

If you ignore the guy you like and make him feel like he can't have you, you will awaken his hunting instinct, which will make him want you even more.

It may sound like a game that kids play, but in a man's eyes, a woman who doesn't challenge him isn't very attractive.

For example, if you see this man at work or school every day, don't just walk over to him.

Look at him, smile, wave and move on. Or if he sends you a text message asking you out on a date, don't give him a direct response. Be mysterious and say “maybe” or “we'll see”.

Resist the urge to respond immediately.

When he calls you or text you, he'll likely put a smile on your face right away.

The joy you feel urges you to respond immediately. However, you should do the opposite. Make him wait a while.

For how long? you might ask. The wait can take anywhere from an hour to a day. It really depends on the situation. What is certain is that he will not feel well.

This is how it works, ignoring it to get it.

If you take the time to reply to him multiple times, he will wonder what has changed and why he is receiving less attention. His thoughts will bring him closer to you.

Hold him on the hook

Since you won't be able to play the role of Frozen all the time because you would seem completely uninterested, it is advisable to give him a few pointers to pay attention to from time to time.

For example, decide to answer his texts straight away for a day and then get cold again. Or, if you see him briefly, act flirtatious, interested and warm-hearted.

Be careful, however, that your behavior is not constant. Give him something to hold on to and then dash his hopes again.

Make him jealous.

Another effective way to pretend you don't care about the guy you're actually interested in is to make him jealous. Make him believe that you like someone else.

If you are going to a party together, don't hesitate to flirt, laugh, joke, and dance with other guys.

Make it clear to him that others like you too and that you can have a great time without him.

This will worry him and make him want to get your interest back.

If you make this man jealous, he will pay you more attention than ever before.

He will see the danger that someone could take you away from him. Therefore, he will try to surprise you and become more tender and attentive.

However, be careful not to go too far. Your goal is to make him jealous, not to push him out of your life.

Try not to be emotional around them.

Many women fail to get a man's attention because they admit their feelings too soon. They get too emotionally close to the man they like or have a crush on.

Such gestures usually put men off. The reason they become scared is because it takes men much longer to understand their own feelings and, most importantly, to express their feelings.

Even if your emotions are difficult to control, you need to hold back from not revealing them for now. Take a minute to calm down before reacting.


Once you start using the tips above, you will see what happens if you ignore him.

You will pull him towards you and hold him by the hook. Remember, however, that it is necessary to maintain a balance between hot and cold.