Why are teachers more important than doctors

Over 70-year-olds, doctors, nurses, teachers, educators, police officers and people with previous illnesses - vaccination of a broad section of the population is now possible

The health policy spokesman for the CDU parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament, Dr. Ralf-Norbert Bartelt, on the corona vaccination registration for prioritization group 2:

“Vaccination saves lives. Thanks to outstanding research work, vaccines against the Covid virus have been developed worldwide in record time, which are available in sufficient quantities that around 1.5 million more people in Hessen can be vaccinated. All citizens over the age of 70 and people with certain previous illnesses can now register for a vaccination, as can nursing professions and police officers who require special protection due to their specific work. For primary and special school teachers and educators, the decision of the health ministers from yesterday opens up the earlier vaccination perspective.

There will be the so-called “practice days” on February 27th and 28th and March 6th and 7th especially for doctors and their medical staff. On these weekends you have the opportunity to get vaccinated against corona. The medical practices are informed directly via the vaccination centers, which are responsible for vaccination coordination and organization.

In general, vaccinating a really broad section of the population on a voluntary basis is another important step in our fight against the corona pandemic. "

Registration for the age group and people with certain pre-existing conditions can be done either by telephone from today 116117 or 0611-50592888 or online via www.impfterminservice.hessen.de. After that, vaccination appointments will be assigned from March 5th.


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