Are Russian women okay with racial mixtures?


The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman writes in his essay “Modernity and Ambivalence” that the perception of the “other” is determined by the existence of “friends”, “enemies” and “strangers”, with “friends” and “enemies” because of existence of "strangers" do not have a "symmetrical relationship":

“The stranger rebels against this familiar antagonism, this conflicting agreement of friends and enemies. The threat he brings is more terrible than what one fears from the enemy. The stranger endangers the socialization itself - the possibility of socialization in general. He shows the misleading antithesis of friend and foe as a complete mappa mundi, a difference that erases every difference and therefore does not allow anything beyond it. Since this opposition forms the basis of social life and all the differences that make it up and hold it together, the stranger endangers social life itself. And all this because the stranger is neither friend nor enemy; and because he could be both. " (Bauman 1998: 25)

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