Usain Bolt is Catholic

Usain Bolt ran away from everyone in London again. It's unbelievable how fast this man is. And with what ease and joy he can celebrate his victories like a child. It's fun to watch him do it and I almost feel like trying again. No, not a 100 m run. That would be anything but Olympic-ready. But after a strenuous week, on the home straight today, just raise your arms, jump in the air and feel a bit like an Olympic champion - that would be something.
Did you run away from everyone this week too? Then treat yourself to this jump in the air and a relaxing weekend. Enjoy what you have achieved, even if you did not reach the finish line first. Maybe you will really be able to shift down a few gears. Take a long walk again - for example. Or look for a quiet place, just sit there and do nothing. Or you talk to your best friend on the phone again, with whom you can just laugh so wonderfully from time to time. In general, humor is an important elixir of life with which we can master our 100-meter runs in life and other difficult times. And after exhausting times, laughing with others gives us strength and wings for the next steps.
Actually, you could say that today just like a 100-meter runner:
I've made my run this week. Some things were easy for me and I ran away from others, but there were also situations in which I fell back. But I made it and arrived today.
I wish you can feel like an Olympic champion. Be excited like a Usain Bolt. Then you will also get new strength for what is coming up next week, when it means: On your marks, get set, go!