What's the best curry recipe

The scent against wanderlust! 10 ideas for curries

Red Thai curry with sweet potatoes and peanuts

The beginning is ... of course, how should it be otherwise - the classic among curries, the red Thai curry. And as always, with the particularly popular recipes, every hobby chef has his very own favorite recipe. The wonderful Elle likes her curry best with sweet potatoes and peanuts. A very wonderful duet! To the recipe

Lentil curry with fried tofu and ginger

So many buns of protein on your plate - chickpeas, lentils and tofu. Not just somehow, but in combination with turmeric, curry powder and coconut milk - as a creamy curry. Or as fitness food in Asian. Just the way you like it best. To the recipe

Chicken Curry Garam Masala

Hello tongue twisters, hello Indian cuisine, hello favorite dish! Try it once and you'll fall for the Indian classic. Do not you think? Then you should urgently indulge in the composition of black cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and cumin. More taste is hardly possible. To the recipe

Thai fish curry

Who wouldn't want to travel to the Far East with this play of colors, be seduced by coriander and be pampered by a Thai cook? Just! And for everyone who stayed at home, Sia shared her favorite recipe for a Thai fish curry with us. The only thing we miss now - the sea. And the beach. To the recipe

Indian cauliflower okra curry

The green vegetables are a bit like your favorite sweater - loved, forgotten and rediscovered. In this case not in the depths of your wardrobe, but in the midst of tomatoes, cauliflower and all kinds of spices - in an Indian curry. To the recipe

Mango and sweet potato curry

Pretty hip, the little tuber! At first nobody knew them, now they all want them - as fat fries, for example. Or in Asian curries. Particularly pretty and particularly tasty - the red version. In combination with mango, a fruity play of colors on your plate. To the recipe

Sweet potato and coconut pan with chicken

Cashew nuts make every dish a little better, coconut milk and sweet potatoes even more. Refined quickly with paprika, chilli and oregano and you can look forward to a wonderfully fragrant curry of the extra class. To the recipe

Vegan vegetable curry with rice

Oh you beautiful peppers. You have finally been given your very own dish. As a red, yellow, green pod you bring a fine sweetness and a pleasant flavor. So it's perfect for making yourself comfortable with carrots, garlic and coconut milk. To the recipe

Indian chicken curry

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best! With this wonderfully creamy curry everything comes from one pot - chicken breast, tomatoes and all kinds of spices. An aromatic taste explosion of the Indian kind. To the recipe

Eggplant and chickpea curry

What do you mean when the fashion world speaks of spice colors again? Perhaps the taste explosion of Sia's eggplant and chickpea curry. A pinch of coriander, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a touch of cumin heat up the Asian classic. To the recipe