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Street style photography

Street style photography is always looking for innovative fashion trends and trend-setting looks. Successful street style bloggers reach an audience of millions on their social channels and thus act as trendsetters from the very beginning. We introduce the phenomenon.

The beginnings of street style photography

Street style photography developed in America in the 1970s. Your pioneer, the former NY Times columnist Bill Cunningham, roamed the streets of New York with his analog camera in search of spontaneous situations and authentic motifs. The focus of his work were normal people in their everyday outfits, who nevertheless exude something extraordinarily individual: "The best fashion show takes place on the street," Cunningham is quoted by the New York Historic Society. He has since passed away and is still considered one of the city's most important fashion photographers. Numerous imitators followed his style.

The rise of street style blogs

Cunningham's credo works well for today's street style photographers. Most of them are trend-conscious private individuals in big cities. The emergence of weblogs and social media allows you to share your impressions with many other fashion enthusiasts. In the meantime, the blogosphere has produced its own subgenre for street style photography. The most famous addresses include the blogs Jak & Jil by Tommy Ton and Scott Schumann's The Satorialist. But well-known fashion magazines such as Vogue also know about the importance of street styles and regularly send their own photographers to the world's major metropolises to get current trends.

The online service Instagram has not least contributed to the success of numerous street style bloggers. Famous fashion bloggers as well as unknown amateur photographers share their impressions of the latest looks on the street with their fans, who are called followers on Instagram. Many street style bloggers achieved great popularity in this way at breakneck speed. Some of them now have more followers than some celebrities. Fashion blogger Kristina Bazan is followed by more than 1.5 million people. In the meantime, the only 22-year-old has been named the world's second most influential person in the “Art & Style” category by the US business magazine Forbes.

Profitable business

Many fashion companies have recognized the influence of some street style bloggers for their own purposes. On the occasion of the big fashion shows in Paris or Milan, they equip their models with pieces from the current collections and send them to the streets around the venues together with a photographer. Other street style photographers become aware of this and also keep their cameras on it. The fashion labels can use the reach of well-known street style bloggers to bring their collections even more into the focus of attention and thus increase the sales of their pieces. Meanwhile, what happens on the streets seems to be more important than what happens on the catwalks.

Then there are the numerous unknown models who hope to be noticed by established street style photographers. Often without an invitation of their own, they travel after the big shows, change clothes several times a day and walk repeatedly across the same street. This "hype" for attention is criticized by many people familiar with the scene, because it no longer has much to do with the original values ​​of authenticity and spontaneity. It has long been said: attract attention at all costs. In addition, people sometimes dress in weird, shrill outfits and pose in a bizarre way. Particularly hardened characters try to attract attention by wearing clothes that are not suitable for the weather. This includes wearing woolen coats in summer or showing bare skin in winter.

Tips for street style models and photographers

Many bloggers now want a trend back towards more naturalness. For aspiring street style models, this means dressing in a way that suits your own personality. Most photographers will eventually recognize when someone dresses up and looks unnatural as a result. The same principle applies to posing. A person is authentic when they adopt a natural posture when walking or standing and pretend that the photographer is not even there.


For those who want to prove themselves as a street style photographer, there are a few tips to keep in mind. In order to encounter interesting subjects, it is better to stay in highly frequented places in the city than in remote parts of the city. It is helpful to travel with as little photo equipment as possible. This makes it easier to move forward quickly. Most street style motifs are ultimately in motion and not static in one place. It is therefore advisable to choose the shortest possible exposure times so that important details in the image do not become blurred. Ideally, the correct camera settings are already preset. For natural shots, it is also advisable to forego the flash and artificial light and instead take pictures in daylight.

The personal rights of the persons depicted must also be observed, insofar as they can be recognized. The people depicted usually decide whether and in what form a picture can be taken and published. That is why photos are usually only allowed to be published if those depicted have given their consent.

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