Why is diversity important in every country

"Tolerance and diversity should apply in every country in the world"

How did you perceive the first year in the network? Which highlights do you remember?

Right from the start, MORE * felt like something special. A great, diverse group with an incredible zest for action. It was impressive what we did, especially in the first half of the year, before Corona: the distribution of rainbow lanyards to our colleagues, the opening of our Rainbow Walk at the same time, the large number of visitors in our team channel, our founding celebration including a large rainbow cake, a lot has happened there. Even today I see so many rainbow ribbons on company ID cards and MORE * logos on laptops, even in Barcelona. It's just great how we've increased LGBTIQ * visibility at OTTO within a year!

How do you personally perceive the LGBTIQ * situation here at OTTO?

Personally, I feel very good - including my sexuality. However, I would like the same openness and self-evidentness that I experience here to be guaranteed internationally. It should not be the case that colleagues on business trips see the need to remove MORE * stickers or the like from their laptops for security reasons. Tolerance and diversity should apply in every country in the world. Here in Hamburg, too, I would like to see more diversity in all dimensions. That would definitely enrich my working day!