At what age did your child move out?

When are children allowed to move out from home?

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When children want to move out

"As long as you have your feet under my table ...", how often do teenagers in particular listen to this well-known saying. The desire to move out at home germinates in almost every adolescent - especially when there is tension between parents and children. This normal process of cutting children off the cord from their parents is inevitably linked to conflicts that are usually resolved within the family. But what happens when underage children make the decisive decision to leave the safe home? Also read: What to do when children don't follow the rules

Move out at home at 18

As long as the child is under 18, the parents have the right to determine the place of residence. It allows them to decide where the child lives. Moving out at the age of 16 or 17 or moving out minor children without the consent of their parents is theoretically not possible. Only the family court is permitted to withdraw the parents' right of residence. However, this only happens in absolutely exceptional cases when the child's well-being is seriously endangered, for example through domestic violence. With the consent of a family court, young people can move out at the age of 16! The usual conflicts on the subject of more freedoms, Going out times or smoking and make-up are a classic part of growing up. In these cases, the law sees no need for action.

However, it is possible to live alone under the age of 18

If parents come to the conclusion that their underage child has the maturity to move out of home and agree to this, children under the age of 18 are also allowed to leave the parental home.

When can you move out?
With the consent of their parents, children in Germany can look out at home at the age of 16 or 17! Often this happens even if the parents and the child are on good terms if they accept an apprenticeship position outside their parents' place of residence. However, the child must be fine there. Ask that Youth Welfare Office realizes that the minor is in danger, he or she can move the child back into the parental home or place them in another facility such as a youth home or a supervised living group.
The sword of Damocles hovers unabated over this momentary freedom of the teenagers, because the parents still have the right of residence and can thus dictate to the teenager where and in what form they may live in the future. The dream of your own apartment in another city quickly turns into a nightmare in a shared apartment close to your parents' house. In addition, according to the law, underage children are not fully legally competent, that is, the signature of the parents or the legal representative under rental agreements or with a power supplier is required.
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Money for the new apartment:

Moving out at home - what should you watch out for?

Parents are required to provide maintenance for their underage children. If you agree to leave the parental home early, you should support the children financially accordingly. If they come of age and the son or daughter turns 18, they are free to move out at home. The parents still have to provide for the maintenance but are not obliged to provide it in the form of cash payments. Instead, the law grants parents the right to pay for their child in such a way that they provide him with living space and food, etc. freely. With all the pressure that parents can exert on their children in this way, however, according to the legislature, they must take into account the wishes and interests of their child. If this does not happen, the son or daughter has the chance to bring the maintenance provisions to a family court and have them changed. However, extremely serious reasons must be presented to the court for this.
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When children move out at home

The desire to master one's life independently and to become independent grows more and more as young people get older. When children move out at home, a new phase of life begins! It is not without reason that parents find it difficult to let go of a child, especially when they are still so young and cannot sketch a picture of many everyday problems. If the children set up their own household with the consent of their parents, they still need a lot of support and help, because the organization of everyday life and the household is a challenge. If a solution cannot be found between parents and child at home in the event of a conflict on the subject of "moving out early", the offer of a counseling center can be used. In a technically sound conversation with a third neutral person, such as at the youth welfare office or family welfare, so many unsolved problems find a good outcome.
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