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Data protection center: prevent unwanted phone calls!

We have already reported on our blog several times about unwanted phone calls from mostly dubious companies such as Data protection center or Data erasure center reported. We have taken a comment from our reader “satire oracle” on the article “Attention, attention, this is the data protection center speaking!” As an opportunity to look in more detail at the defense options against dubious rip-off calls.

No chance against uninvited calls?

In many cases, consumers capitulate to the power of the undetected telephone terrorists. The companies disguise their identity, change the displayed phone numbers at short intervals and hide behind mailbox companies in distant countries.

So are you powerless? Can't the hustle and bustle be stopped somehow?

Prevention is the best way

As a rule, you are contacted because the fraudsters got hold of the consumer data somehow. Sweepstakes are a hot candidate for address generation. So whoever gives their name, address and telephone number for the vague prospect of winning anytime and anywhere shouldn't be surprised if they become the target of the telephone mafia.


A good alternative are services such as "", which offer a phone number free of charge that answers the advertising caller via a tape announcement. This phone number can always be specified when a phone number is requested in a form. "Frank" answers every call in a friendly but firm manner, relieving the consumer of annoying advertising calls.

The Robinson List

A preventive entry in the Robinson list can also provide help. The Robinson list collects data from consumers who generally do not want to receive advertising. At least reputable companies compare their advertising lists with this list before the marketing campaign.

When the child has fallen into the well ...

If you are already receiving unwanted calls, there are still a few ways to reduce the number of calls.

Blocking the caller

Many telephone systems and routers offer the option of blocking certain phone numbers and not putting incoming calls through. Many telephone providers also offer blocking options.

An interesting option, especially for older people, is the "Security Package Plus" from Telekom, where, for example, only known phone numbers are put through via a whitelist.

Software such as “Call Blocker”, which automatically rejects uninvited callers, is ideal for cell phone connections.

With the frequently changing numbers of the callers, however, this means is only of limited help. They also assume that the correct phone number is actually displayed, which is not always the case.

Federal Network Agency and consumer centers

Violations of phone numbers can also be reported on the Federal Network Agency's website, where you can find forms for various areas. A note to the consumer advice centers can also help.

The hard way

If none of that helps, there is only the radical option. Our reader "satire oracle" suggests the following procedure, among other things:

"It is also very effective if you speak very quietly to the telephone terrorists for a while and then, when they have turned up the headphones, continue the conversation with a whistle."

And as a tip for implementation:

"But it should be a whistle with trill balls, because the effect in the telephone is technically stronger."

Our lawyers point out that this can lead to personal injury, which can be expensive.

Perhaps it would be better to listen to the advice of the consumer advice centers and end every conversation right at the beginning by hanging up. The criminal police also advise not to engage in a conversation and in no case to enter into an argument in a friendly manner.


Data avoidance is once again the keyword: If you reveal as little of your personal data as possible, you increase your chance of not being bothered by advertising calls.

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