Why did feudalism arise


Feudalism, also feudalism [from Latin feudum "fiefdom"], is the name for a social, political and economic order.

The term denotes in the narrower

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The origin of the feudal system

In the 5th and 6th centuries, new kingdoms emerged in Europe. In the event of war, all free men who were fit to fight went into battle for their kings. Only the wealthy could afford a horse. Most of the fighters were on foot. They advanced much more slowly than the riders. Therefore, foot troops were not suitable for the defense of a larger empire or long campaigns of conquest. In the realm of the Franks formed from this

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The distribution of the property

The king now owned most of the land. Large landowners such as secular princes and high ecclesiastical dignitaries such as archbishops, bishops and abbots of important monasteries also had it

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Feudal lords and vassals

A fief was awarded according to established rules. Since the 9th century, the recipient of a fief, the vassal or feudal man, took an oath to his liege lord. The vassal swore his loyalty by placing his hands in those of his liege lord. Through this

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Origin of the term "feudalism"

Lieutenants, vassals and even unfree peasants did not yet know the word "feudalism".

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