How do you deal with misinterpretations?

Oops ...
Dictionary of misinterpretations

Ambition, noun

A strong wish (mostly reserved for parents) that their children should one day be successful."Congratulations! And have you already decided which additional lessons the child should have - medicine or mechanical engineering? ”| Illustration: © Priya Kuriyan

Celebration, noun

A special social event, for example the annual school party, where you can screw something up to your heart's content on stage because you won't be recognized under the ridiculously thick make-up anyway.(Banner) NSS State School Anniversary | (Small speech bubble) Oops… | Illustration: © Priya Kuriyan

Tuition, noun

Usually extra hours or tutoring next to school, caused by prevailing peer pressure, with the aim of magically shooting up the falling grades again."Do not worry. He didn't get along with his math tutor, so we signed him up for another class so he could understand the first one. ”| (Notice board) parent-teacher talks | Mathematics Rohan Sharma: What is 52 3/2 | (Sheet on blackboard) Note | Illustration: © Priya Kuriyan

Assumption, noun

Something that is believed to be true or certain to come about with no evidence of any kind.“I thought I'd bring him here before it got any worse. Can you imagine, my boy seriously wants to get a degree in history! ”| Illustration: © Priya Kuriyan

Despair, noun

State of desperation, which occurs particularly during exams and often leads to careless or extreme behavior.Write five sentences about Satyajit Ray | * only the best film director of all time | Doodle, doodle! | 1. Satyajit Ray is a ray of light that breaks through the atmosphere. 2. | Just give the boy a few grades! | Illustration: © Priya Kuriyan

Detention, noun

Staying at school after class as a punishment. Most of the time, the proverbial detention is more like “standing in front of the classroom with arms raised”."Heeey! It's been a long time. ”-“ Right. ”-“ What did you eat up this time? ”-“ Got caught reading a comic. And you? ”-“ I was just chatting. ”-“ And, saw the game yesterday? ”| Class 10c, Class 11a | Illustration: © Priya Kurian

Breakout, noun

A sudden outburst of emotional states, such as anger. COMMON OUTBREAKS IN THE CLASSROOMQUIET! Is this a classroom or a fish market? | How did you forget your homework? Do you sometimes forget to eat something ?! | Out! Stand outside! And arms up! | I want to hear a pin drop! | Rest over there! I see everything!! | Illustration: © Priya Kuriyan