How is prison life

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children of prisoners europe

Behind this page is a Europe-wide association of organizations that represent the interests of children of imprisoned parents.

Unfortunately, this page is only in English.

Monitoring agency for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child of the German Institute for Human Rights

The German Institute for Human Rights has been entrusted with monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and has set up the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to monitor this. In the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, protection, support and participation rights of children are laid down. At the center of the convention is the recognition of children as independent (right) subjects and thus as bearers of human rights.

The following video explains the tasks of the monitoring agency in simple language, in a nutshell.

Morning Tears

Morning tears provides support to children whose father or mother is in prison. This non-profit organization offers projects around the world to improve the living conditions of affected children.

Number against grief

Children, young people and parents can get free advice here.

The number is available anonymously and free of charge at certain times of the day for any worries, problems or educational questions.

Pure + - Eric has to go to jail

The program Pur + also took up the issue of prison. In the children's documentary, the moderator Eric spends a day in the Neustrelitz juvenile detention center. He gets to know the daily routine and the specific offers of the prison and speaks to inmates and employees.

You can watch the whole show here.

Show with the mouse

The show with the mouse has also visited a prison. The result is a great account of young Johnny's prison life. Ralf Caspers accompanies him in his everyday life in the Siegburg correctional facility.

You can watch the film here.

Sesame Street (American version)

Sesame Street in America addressed the issue of family incarceration.

Videos, worksheets and tips for parents can be found under the title “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration”.

Unfortunately, this page is only in English.

Here you will find a selection of books dealing with the topic of children of imprisoned parents. If you want to know where you can buy one of the books, ask us.

Visit to papa

“Hello, I'm Emma, ​​six years old and I'm going to school soon. My papa is in jail ... "

Available from: Tailwind - Help for relatives of inmates, Trierer Landstrasse 99, 54516 Wittlich, 2013 edition
Published by the Contact Point Tailwind Help for Relatives of Imprisoned, a joint production of the Contact Point Tailwind Help for Relatives of Imprisoned and the art group of the Wittlich correctional facility

The Adventure of the Ringelstock Raven

This book is made by women who are in prison. It is intended for their children and for all children who cannot be with their mom at the moment, for whatever reason.

Available from: District Association Aichach, Münchner Strasse 33, 86551 Aichach
Published by the Bavarian State Association for Prisoner Welfare and Probation Aid e.V.

The Marble Grower's Revenge

“The children from the settlement have long since got used to the fact that Carlotta's father, whom everyone calls“ Westewatt ”, is never with his family. On top of that, he also has the difficult and responsible job of a marble grower and anyone who has ever looked closely at a marble stone knows that marble does not grow so easily and especially not quickly. However, when a new housing estate is to be built on the playground of "Westewatt" and her club, unusual and imaginative measures have to be taken, even if help has to be requested from Venezuela. "(Manuela Haselberger)

Willy van Doorselaer and Mirjam Pressler
Carl Hanser Publishing 1998

A bridge made of smoke

“When Fernando was five years old, he found out that his father was not on a long journey but was in prison. From now on he goes to visit him every Sunday together with his mother and sister. The strange world scares him, but it is even more difficult to always have a glossing over explanation ready for classmates. Over the course of time, the boy painstakingly composes a picture of his father and recognizes the family reality. But in spite of everything, Fernando develops the courage to face the truth and on the threshold of growing up he tells a girl the whole story. Will she still want to be with him now? "(Brief description

Silvia Schujer (Author), Ilse Layer (Translator)
Altberliner Verlag 1997

Do prisoners have stripes?

“Now it has come out. Thomas and Lena's father is in prison. Somehow it is also good that everyone now knows, because now the two no longer need to pretend they have no father at all. On the contrary, they can now talk about him and even visit him in prison. But the reunion isn't that good after all. It's really difficult for everyone when one of you is in jail. "

Ida Koch and Barbara Swartz
Chance e.V. Münster 2000

In prison

The book accompanies the 8-year-old Sina, whose father has to serve a prison sentence. There are answers to questions such as: What does a detention room look like? What is the daily routine of the detainee? or also: Who works in prison?

Thomas Engelhardt / Monika Osberghaus

Klett children's book 2018

Lucy's discoveries

“After her mother's untimely death, Lucy grew up with her grandparents. She loves living with them, is loved and cared for, but she senses that both of them have a secret from her. One day her world is shaken: a letter from her father arrives - from prison! His discharge is imminent and he would like to have his daughter with him in the future. Lucy is torn because she loves her grandparents very much, but she also wants to see and get to know her father. She can't talk to anyone about her worries until she meets Donald, a boy from the neighborhood. She can confide in him. Lucy has no more peace and quiet, she really wants to visit her father in prison. "

Patricia St. John
Bible Reading Alliance 2005

Mama in jail

“Elfie is shocked: her mother tries to kill herself and is arrested shortly afterwards. The accusations made by the police seem absurd ... What really happened? "(Brief description

Rex Luzern 1996

Mika MitGefangen and his friends

A coloring and handicraft booklet for affected children.

The teddy bear Mika provides the children with information, puzzles and coloring pictures in this booklet.

He wants to shorten the waiting time until his father is released from prison.

The magazine can be obtained free of charge from the association MitGefangen e.V. to order(maximum 5 pieces).

Nina gets dad out of jail

"It's Sunday. Nina feels like playing appendix surgery. But nobody has time to play. Not mom and Ingo and certainly not dad. He has to look for old Elvis records in the attic. Fortunately, Nina is allowed to search with me. Otherwise she certainly wouldn't have found the old, rusty padlock. And then of course she would not have been able to get dad out of "jail" ... "(Product description

Marcus Sauermann and Silke Brix-Henker
Publishing house Oetinger 1997

Just call me SUPER

“The snotty story of Walter, called Super - written down by himself. Again Walter is in a new school. It goes without saying that the class wants to know where he's from. But that's a topic that Walter doesn't love at all. “From the city, you villagers!” He says. And when asked about his father, he also has an answer ready. In reality he is in jail. Probably no one would have found out what was going on, had this strange thing not happened suddenly with the kidnapping and the police. "

Reinhold Ziegler
Beltz & Gelberg publishing house 1990

Ride the kite

“Jan heard by chance that his father is in prison. But he cannot share this knowledge with anyone. Since then there has been a dragon in Jan's belly that grows really big, especially at night. "
A book for children ages 5 and up, adults, educators and social workers.
To be ordered at:

Christine Hubka and Matthias Geist
Verlag der Apfel Wien, 2011

Rosie and Moussa: Papa's letter

A new poignant adventure for Rosie and Moussa, about secrets, lies and all the hardships Rosie has to endure because she can't tell mom that dad has reported to her from jail. Mama always told her he was on the other end of the world. Rosie secretly visits him in prison with Moussa. She is very happy. And all the happier when she can finally tell mom what happened. The book is lovingly designed with lots of beautiful pictures.

Author: Judith Vanistendael and Michael De Cock

Publisher: Gulliver

Tim and the secret of the blue paw

A picture book to help you talk about a parent's imprisonment.

You can download the children's book here as a pdf file.

Developed by UFRAMA - National Association for Relatives Assistance in France.

Publisher in German: European Forum for Applied Criminal Policy e.V., supported by the Catholic Prison Association Düsseldorf e.V.

Like chocolate pudding and spaghetti

Juki is sad. His papa is in jail. Juki is allowed to visit him there with mom.

The book accompanies him and describes the emotional chaos of children of prisoners. It shows the seeming little things that can help you get through the situation as a family. And what chocolate pudding and spaghetti actually have to do with it ...

Available from: Treffpunkt e.V., Fürther Straße 212, 90429 Nuremberg, Tel .: 0911 / 274769-0 or at [email protected] at a price of 4.99 euros including accompanying material (plus shipping costs).

We meet in a dream

“Alessa learns that her father has to go to jail. This not only changes dads, but also their everyday lives. "

Available at:

These materials are for professionals such as prison staff, police, child and youth welfare, teachers and social workers.

"We are not to blame" guide

The guide gives an overview of the situation of children of prisoners, highlights important aspects of the prison system and addresses children's rights. In the second part, various professional groups can get very practical tips on how to deal with the affected children.

Available from: Treffpunkt e.V., Fürther Straße 212, 90429 Nuremberg, Tel .: 0911 / 274769-0 or at [email protected] at a price of 4.99 euros plus shipping costs.