Why is Ivanka Trump Jewish

Israel-USA: Ivanka Trump ignites dangerous dispute

The list of topics Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has to discuss on his first visit to the White House with Donald Trump on Wednesday is long - from the nuclear treaty with Iran to settlement construction to relations with Europe and the Arab world. But for the first time a problem could arise that the leaders of both countries have never addressed. One that threatens Israel's very existence more than any Iranian bomb.

It's about the deepening rift between Israel's religious establishment and Judaism in the United States, which extends into the Oval Office. Israel's rabbinate is becoming more and more fundamentalist, alienating its fellow believers in the United States, not least one of Trump's closest advisers, his Orthodox Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner. His wife, convert Ivanka Trump, ignites a dangerous dispute for relations between the countries. Because for some Israeli rabbis, Trump's daughter is not kosher enough.

This accusation comes at an inopportune time, after all, after the eight-year long crisis under US President Barack Obama, the aim was to restore harmonious relations between the states. But the attack on Ivanka not only angered her father, but also alienated the US community, which is of the highest strategic importance for the Jewish state. Since the founding of the state, Israel has relied on their political influence. The pro-Israel AIPAC is one of the most important political organizations in America, along with the NRA weapons lobby.

Israel's rabbinate against the US diaspora